Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7/1/11 and 7/2/11

Incident Date:
July 1st & 2nd, 2011

Arrests: 7/1/11

7:07 pm     100 blk Cortland                  Drug arrest
Officers Barajas and Shugars were on patrol when they noticed a car with tinted windows. The officers stopped the car to issue a citation for the tinted windows. The officers soon found out that the driver was on probation for drugs and had a warrantless search condition because of that. The officer searched the car and located residue of methamphetamines on the floor of the back seat area.  The suspect told the officers that there was more stuff in the car, and that it was for his personal consumption.  The officers located a scale with residue and over $1000 in cash, mostly $20 dollar bills. The suspect was arrested and booked. The suspect was transferred to City Prison and thought that he had gotten off easy. The Sherriff searching the suspect located a plastic bag that was secreted in an orifice under his clothing. It was discovered to be cocaine. This was not a smart move, because now the suspect faced charges for bringing drugs into a jail facility, which is a FELONY! Oh well. Report number 110529960. This is "The Best Arrest of the Day"

Other incidents: 7/1/11

8:00 am     200 blk Winfield                  Theft from Auto
Sgt Miller responded to an auto boost case. The victim told the Sgt he parked and locked his car and when he returned, discovered that someone had broken in and removed an iPad and other electronics. The victim told Sgt Miller that he had an application that can locate the device. The GPS was engaged and they were able to see its location. The officers responded and were able to get an address to where the device was last located at. This case is under investigation. Report  number 110531915

Vehicle: 7/1/11

8:45 am   Ottawa/Delano                        Traffic Accident     
3:30 pm     Mission/Sickles                        Traffic Accident
5:00 pm     300 blk College                         Att Stolen Auto

Arrests: 7/2/11

12:55 am   Alemany/San Juan             Warrant Arrest
Officers Turner and Bloom were patrolling when they saw a car with a broken stop light. The officer stopped the car for the violation. The officer soon learned that the driver had a warrant for vandalism in the amount of $5000. The suspect was arrested and booked. Report number 110530757
2:50 am     200 blk Monterey               Aggravated Assault
Offices Anderson and Pedersen were sent to investigate an assault case. When the officers were told the following story:  the victim said that the suspect did not take his medication and would hear voices. The officers determined that the subject had struck the victim and arrested him. He was arrested and booked. Report number 110530923

Other incidents: 7/2/11

12:37 am   400 blk Laidley                     Burglary
Officer Morgante was sent to investigate a burglary incident.  The victim told the officer that he left his home and that he observed someone on his monitor picking his front gate lock. The victim provided this as evidence for the officer. The officer took the DVD as evidence and booked it. There was no loss. Report number 1105316363

10:15 am   4300 blk Mission Threats                       
Officer Tammy responded to an spoke to the victim regarding a  theft incident. The victim told the officers that the was threatened with death by the suspect, report number 110531341    
11:30 am   4700 blk Mission           Theft
Officers Chew and Lim prepared a report regarding a theft case. The victim told the officers that she noticed that there was a laptop missing from the front counter. When the victim played the video she noticed that a laptop was missing. The victim gave a description of the suspect to the police as well as the DVD as evidence. Report number 110532402

8:00 pm     900 blk Rockdale                Vandalism        
Sgt Miller prepared a report regarding a vandalism incident. The victim old the officer that they noticed paint peeling off their car and saw that someone had thrown a caustic substance on the car. This caused the paint to peel.  The victim told the officer that this was the second time this has happened. Report number 110534709

9:58 pm      400 blk Cortland                  Vandalism
Officers Altamirano and Thompson responded to a vandalism call. The victim told the officers that he closed the business last night and saw no damage on the door. When he opened the door this morning he discovered that someone had put firecrackers on the door causing damage. No suspects were seen. Report number 110534602           

10:00 pm 200 blk Prague                     Theft from Auto
Officer Fung prepared a report regarding an auto boost. The victim told the officers that when he came to his car this morning he noticed that it was ransacked. The victim left his GPS and other property in the car and it was now missing. Report number 110534715

Vehicle: 7/2/11

None reported