Friday, July 1, 2011

June 30, 2011

Incident Date:
Thursday, June 30th, 2011


7:48am      200 Block Melrose                 Theft
Officers Frisk and Martinez were on patrol at this location when they spotted an individual walking with two large garbage bags. Both garbage bags appeared to contain large plants and small trees.  Officer Frisk was aware of the fact that plants and newly planted trees had been being stolen from City Parks in that area. Officers detained the man and questioned him about the items in his possession.  The suspect ultimately confessed that he had, in fact, removed some of the plants from the nearby Park and others from the Glen Park area. Park Officials were able to confirm that the plants were recently planted on city property within the Parks. The suspect was taken into custody without incident and booked in at Ingleside Station.    Report Number 110525269

9:18pm      300 Block Duncan                  Robbery
Ingleside Units were dispatched to the area regarding a Robbery that had just occurred. Several units were in a nearby location and quickly responded, locating a large group of people standing in the street.  Witnesses reported that a female had been robbed and was last seen chasing after the male suspect.  Both witnesses and dispatch had given officers a detailed suspect description.  A male that matched the description was seen traveling down 29th Street. Upon seeing officers heading towards him, the suspect immediately fled on foot towards Mission Street.  After a brief foot pursuit, the suspect was stopped and detained.  One witness who had followed the suspect from the incident, immediately positively identified him.  The female Victim was located and told officers that she had been approached while walking up toher front door.  As she retrieved housekeys from a purse, a male came up behind her, reached across her body and grabbed her cell phone out of her left hand.  The suspect ran off and Victim began to chase him.  The Victim was brought to the scene of the detention and also positively identified the suspect as the male that had robbed her.  The suspect was taken into custody and booked in at Ingleside Station.   Report Number 110527572

Other incidents:

10:20am    50 Phelan Ave                       Vandalism
A Victim that wished to remain anonymous reported that an elevator within the student commons area had been vandalized.  An unknown suspect had written racial epithets in black ink on one of the inside walls. Victim was unsure as to exactly when the vandalism occurred.   Report Number  110525720

11:00am     Cambridge at John Shelly Dr.      Threats
Officers Johnson and Bernard responded to this location regarding possible threats.  They met with the Victim, a dog walker, who was walking numerous dogs at the time of the incident.  An unknown male approached the victim and threatened to physically harm him if he continued to bring his dogs to that location.  Victim felt that the threats were credible and said that the suspect had scared him.  Victim did not wish any further police action at this time but wanted the incident documented.   Report Number  110522635

2:00pm      400 Block Excelsior              Vandalism
Officer Ocreto responded to this location regarding the report of a vandalism.  The victim reported that upon exiting his residence, he saw his neighbor standing suspiciously along the driver’s side of his vehicle.  He witnessed the subject run from the front of the car, all the way to the rear of the car and then run into a nearby residence.  The victim inspected his vehicle and discovered a six foot scratch along the side of the car.  The victim further reported that he and his uncle had been having an ongoing dispute with this individual.  Several weeks prior to this incident, the same suspect had vandalized his uncle’s car.  The suspect had left the area prior to police arrival.  Photographs were taken on scene and further investigation was referred to the Station Investigative Unit.    Report Number  110526433

5:03pm      400 Block Wilde                  Robbery
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were dispatched to this location regarding a robbery with a gun.  The victim told officers that he had responded to a Craigslist advertisement regarding the sale of video equipment.  After several correspondences, the Victim agreed to pay the suspect $2000.00 and meet with him at the set location.  Upon arrival, victim noticed an unknown male with a bag that was not big enough for the agreed upon equipment.  He was suddenly attacked from behind by a second suspect while the first male pulled out a small handgun. Suspect #1pointed the gun at the victim’s stomach and demanded his cell phone as well as the cash he had been instructed to bring.  Victim feared for his life and handed over the items.  The victim’s wallet was then ripped from the chain attached to his pants. The victim did not sustain any injuries during the robbery and refused any medical assistance.  The victim felt that he could identify Suspect #1 if he saw him again.  Two suspects that matched the initial description were detained in the area, however the victim told officers that they were not the suspects involved.  Report Number 110526897

6:00pm     Unit Block Paulding           Identity Theft        
Victim came to Ingleside Station to report an identity theft.  She told officers that she received two credit cards from an electronics store that she did not apply for.  Upon contacting the stores Fraud Division, she discovered that an unknown individual had opened the two accounts using her personal information.  The suspect had purchased two computers and a video game from store locations in Southern California. There was no further suspect information.  She was advised to file a police report so that the store’s Fraud Investigative unit could begin an investigation.  Report Number 110526897

9:00pm      50 Phelan Avenue             Vandalism
Victim reported to Campus Police that she locked and left her vehicle within the parking lot.  Upon returning to the vehicle, she discovered that someone had smashed her passenger-side front window.  She had no suspect information.   Report Number 110526706

9:30pm      Unit Block Camellia           Theft
Officer Larocca was contacted by the victim when taking a separate report at this location.  The Victim told the officer that he had parked and locked his truck the night before. Upon returning to the truck, he discovered that a diamond plated tool box he had left attached to the rear bed had been stolen.  An unknown suspect had cut off the two metal locks that had been securing the tool box. Suspect removed the tool box along with numerous tools that had been locked within it. Victim had no suspect information and there was no camera surveillance in that area.  Report Number 110522118


12:45am        1800 Block Sunnydale       Stolen Vehicle
  3:40am         1800 Block Sunnydale      Stolen Vehicle
  9:00am         300 Block Alemany            Stolen Vehicle
  9:00am         Mission/San Juan               Traffic Collision
  2:15pm        1800 Block Sunnydale       Recovered Vehicle
  7:30pm        300 Block Harkness           Stolen Vehicle
  9:11pm        Mission/Fair                          Traffic Collision
10:42pm        300 Block Circular               Recovered Vehicle
11:00pm        1600 Alemany                      Stolen Vehicle