Monday, June 20, 2011

June 16, 2011

Incident Date:
Thursday, June 16th, 2011


11:16am    300 Blk Valley                       Trespass
Officers Chiu and Lim responded to the call of a trespass.  They searched the area and located an individual who matched the description provided to dispatch.  They located the reportee who identified the individual and signed a citizen’s arrest.  The individual was taken into custody without incident.  Report 110487017

1:55pm      Unit Blk Phelan Ave            Warrant
SFCCPD Officer Chang was on patrol when he noticed a vehicle without a front license plate.  The officer conducted a traffic stop and notified the driver of the violation.  The driver did not have a valid license and also had an outstanding warrant.  The driver was taken into custody.  Report 110481489

2:35pm      1700 Blk Sunnydale            Warrant
Officers Almaguer, Burke and McMilton were on patrol in the Sunnydale Housing Projects when they observed an individual exit a unit where narcotics are known to be bought and sold.  They detained the individual when he told the officers his name and it was learned he had an active felony warrant.  He was taken into custody without incident.  Report 110488253

3:02pm      100 Blk Highland                 Narcotics
Officers Gabriel, Apodaca and Shugars were on patrol when they passed a vehicle which was emitting the strong smell of what the officers recognize as marijuana.  The vehicle parked at the end of the block and the officers parked behind the vehicle.  They approached the vehicle and in clear view noticed a plastic bag containing a green leafy substance known by the officers to be marijuana.  The individuals in the vehicle were cited for the narcotics.  Report 110487722

6:03pm      Unit Blk Santa Ynez            Warrant
Sgt. Lozada and several other Ingleside officers were on patrol when they noticed a group of males sitting in a bus stop.  The males remained in the bus stop area without boarding several buses which passed.  Approximately an hour later two of the males walked into an alley area and were seen dumping contents into a brown paper (swisher) which is used as known by the officers to roll marijuana cigarettes.  The officers detained the individuals and a record check revealed an active felony warrant for one of them.  While doing a search of the other individual officers located suspected cocaine.  Both individuals were taken into custody without incident.  Report 110488247

Other incidents:        

2:00pm      600 Blk London                   Fraud
Victim came to Ingleside Police Station and reported that an account with Dish Network had been opened in her name.  She was unable to provide any further information and stated she did not give permission for anyone to open this account.  Report 110487396


  6:17am         200 Blk Schwerin                Stolen vehicle
  1:05pm         200 Blk Brookdale               Recovered vehicle
  1:26pm         Portola/Glenview                 Vehicle accident
  4:30pm         Phelan/Ocean                      H&R
  5:30pm         1000 Blk Cayuga                 Stolen vehicle
  6:00pm         Geneva/Prague                    H&R