Friday, June 17, 2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, June 15th, 2011


8:35am      Unit Blk Brookdale Ave      Warrant
Officers Johnson and Bernard were dispatched regarding a robbery.  The officers arrived on scene and detained a suspect.  A records check revealed that the suspect had two outstanding warrants and was on active parole.  There were no victims of a robbery.  Report 110480500

8:47pm      700 Blk Geneva Ave           Warrant
Officers Cassinelli and Hom were on patrol when they noticed a vehicle with a large crack on its windshield.  The officers conducted a traffic stop and informed the driver of the violation.  The officers noticed that there was a strong smell of suspected marijuana coming from the car.  The driver and passenger had medical marijuana cards.  The passenger had an outstanding warrant and was taken into custody.  The driver was cited for the windshield.  Report 110482647

1:55pm      Unit Blk Phelan Ave            Warrant
SFCCPD Officer Chang was on patrol when he noticed a vehicle without a front license plate.  The officer conducted a traffic stop and notified the driver of the violation.  The driver did not have a valid license and also had an outstanding warrant.  The driver was taken into custody.  Report 110481489

Other incidents:        

12:36am    100 Blk Highland Ave        Graffiti
Officer Anderson responded to a report regarding graffiti.  The officer located red spray pain along a fence near the residence of the victim.  The victim did not see the suspect who caused the graffiti but she wanted the incident documented.  Report 110480011

1:30am      400 Blk Excelsior Ave        Burglary
Officer Ocreto responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim looked outside his window and saw two suspects attempting to gain entry into his residence through a door leading into the garage.  The victim ran downstairs to his garage and found the door slightly ajar.  The suspects were spooked and they fled.  Report 110481241

7:00am      200 Blk Blythdale St           Theft
Officer Marino and several other SFPD officers responded to a report of a verbal argument.  The victim said there had been an argument between two neighbors regarding the victim’s vehicle being broken into.  There were several items taken from the vehicle.  A witness told the victim was told that one of his neighbors had broken into the vehicle.  The officers attempted to speak to the witness who refused to cooperate. Report 110480378
8:00am      200 Blk Santos St               Robbery
Officer Morgante responded to a report of a robbery.  The victim was walking her two children to the MUNI bus stop when a suspect approached her.  The victim had her purse over her shoulder.  The suspect yanked on the victim’s purse so hard, she fell to the ground.  The suspect fled.  Report 110480481

1:00pm      Holly Park & Appleton        Theft
Officer Duffin was flagged down by a victim regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim returned to her vehicle to find that a passenger window had been smashed and the stereo was missing from inside.  Report 110481564

10:55pm   Unit Blk Curtis St                 Theft
Officers Dilag and Lundy were dispatched to a report of a theft from a building.  The victim discovered several items missing from his room.  His room was left unlocked and the residence has several tenants.  Report 110482910

11:10pm   1200 Blk Sunnydale Ave     Vandalism
Officers Benavidez and Seavey were on patrol when they were flagged down by a victim regarding vandalism to her vehicle.  The vehicle’s window was smashed but nothing was missing from inside.  Report 110482960


  8:00am         100 Blk Farragut                  Vehicle accident, hit & run
  9:45am          5600 Blk Diamond Hgts     Stolen vehicle
12:10am         Mission & Powers                 Vehicle accident, hit & run
 12:38pm        100 Blk Elliot St                    Recovered stolen vehicle
  6:00pm         1700 Blk Sunnydale             Vehicle accident, hit & run