Friday, June 17, 2011


Incident Date:
Tuesday, June 14th, 2011


12:50am    400 Blk Miguel St             Suspended License
Officers Blume, Pereira, Paras and Archilla responded to a report of a suspect breaking into a vehicle.  The officers responded to the area in an attempt to locate the suspect.  The officers spotted a vehicle leaving the area with expired registration.  The officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver.  The driver was driving with a suspended license.  The driver also had false proof of registration.  The driver was cited for the offenses and released at the scene.  There was a passenger in the vehicle that matched the description of the suspect that the officers were looking for.  The passenger did not have identification on him so he was detained and brought back to the station for identification purposes.  At the station, the passenger was identified and it was revealed that he had an outstanding warrant.  The passenger was booked.  Report 110480049

3:41am      900 Blk Geneva Ave         Trespassing
Officers Polovina and Seavey responded to a report of a trespasser.  The victims returned home to find a suspect sitting on their front steps behind a locked gate.  They recognized the suspect from a prior trespassing incident.  The victim’s wanted to press charges and the suspect was arrested.  Report 110474728

10:18am    Unit Blk Phelan Ave         Narcotics
SFCCPD Officer Sanchez was on a foot patrol when he noticed a suspect holding what appeared to be a colored glass pipe in one hand and a lighter in the other hand.  The officer contacted the suspect and asked him what he was smoking.  The suspect had bloodshot eyes and appeared to be nervous.  The suspect handed the officer the glass pipe from his hand, and the officer immediately recognized it as suspect marijuana.  The suspect told the officer he had hash in his backpack.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 110465216

10:40am    200 Blk Judson Ave        Burglary
Officer Preston was dispatched to a call regarding the theft of a dog.  The victim was awoken by her roommate who told her that a known suspect had entered her garage and taken her dog.  The suspect was not supposed to have any contact with the dog per an agreement with ACC of San Francisco.  The suspect returned to the residence with the dog.  The suspect was on active parole and also had an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was taken into custody.  Report 110476220

11:29am    Judson & Gennessee     Lit Cigarette
SFCCPD Officer Sanchez was on duty in a marked patrol vehicle observing pedestrian traffic.  The officer saw a suspect in a vehicle stopped at the stop sign.  The driver of the vehicle threw a lit cigarette out of the vehicle window.  The officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and notified her of the violation.  The driver told the officer she didn’t know throwing a lit cigarette out of the car was against the law and told him that she did not have an ash tray in the car.  The driver also did not have insurance on the vehicle.  The driver was cited.  Report 110478129

1:30pm      Unit Blk Phelan Ave        Battery
SFCCPD Officers Chang and Sanchez responded to a report of a battery where they located the suspect and victim.  The suspect told the officers that she asked the victim what time it was because she couldn’t see the clock.  She said the victim told her the time and asked why she couldn’t see the clock.  The suspect told the victim that there were people blocking the clock.  An argument ensued and the suspect claimed the victim rolled up his sleeve, which scared her so she spit in his face.  The victim told the officers that the suspect became combative and accused him of lying about the time.  The victim said the suspect threatened to fight him.  The victim wanted to press charges and the suspect was arrested.  Report 110478420

4:26pm      Unit Blk Phelan Ave         Warrant
SFCCPD Officer Burlyga was on patrol when he saw a suspect urinating on the ground between two buildings.  The officer contacted the suspect.  The suspect had an outstanding warrant and was taken into custody.  Report 110476383

5:00pm      Alemany & Mt. Vernon     Warrant
Officer Johnson was on patrol when she saw a suspect peering into the window of a vehicle.  The officer watched the suspect for several minutes as he walked down the street.  The suspect peered into several more vehicles.  The officer contacted the suspect and asked him if the vehicle’s he was looking into belonged to him.  The suspect told her “no” and said he thought they belonged to his friends. The officer ran records check on the suspect and discovered he had an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was taken into custody.  Report 110352391
5:19pm      600 Blk Lisbon St             Suspended License
Officers Paras and Archilla were on patrol when they noticed a vehicle in front of them that had a brake light that was not functioning.  The officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.  The officers contacted the driver and advised him of the violation.  The driver did not have a driver’s license in his possession.  A records check revealed that the driver’s license was suspended.  The officers removed the driver from the vehicle and placed him in handcuffs.  When the officers attempted to conduct an arrest search of the driver, he positioned himself so that the officers could not search him.  As the officers walked the suspect to the patrol car, he began to pull away.  The driver continued to resist and refused to get into the patrol vehicle.  At this point the driver began screaming obscenities at the officers.  The driver began to fight the officers.  The officers finally subdued the driver and he was transported to the station.  The driver was arrested for driving on a suspended license and resisting arrest.  Report 110479177

5:28pm      200 Blk Blanken St          Stolen vehicle
Officers Antonian and Dudley were on patrol when they were flagged down by a victim regarding a stolen vehicle.  The victim told the officers that a friend informed him that his stolen vehicle was parked on the 200 Blk of Blanken St.  The victim verified that his vehicle was parked there and that an unknown suspect was sitting in the front passenger seat.  The officers responded to the area the victim referred to and saw the vehicle.  The officers approached the suspect and placed him in handcuffs pending further investigation.  The suspect was in possession of a silver key that was able to open the doors and trunk of the stolen vehicle.  The officers looked in the vehicle and found an orange county jail bracelet with the suspects name on it in the open glove box.  The suspect was taken into custody.  Report 110196274

8:12pm      Sunnydale & Schwerin      Firearm
Officers Dudley and Antonian were on patrol when they noticed a suspect that was known to them from prior police contact.  A records check revealed that the suspect had an outstanding warrant.  The officers pulled up next to the suspect in their marked patrol vehicle.  The suspect turned from them and fled.  One officer gave chase on foot while the other followed in the patrol vehicle.  As the suspect ran, he kept his hands near his waistband, consistent with suspects who have a firearm tucked in their waistband area.  The officer on foot caught up with the suspect and performed a “take down” technique learned in training.  The momentum of running caused the officer and the suspect to fall onto a vehicle before they both fell to the ground.  The suspect was handcuffed.  A handgun was located under the above vehicle and the suspect possessed narcotics.  The suspect was taken into custody for several charges and his outstanding warrant.  Report 110479575 ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY!!***

Other incidents:        

6:30am      2100 Blk Sunnydale            Vandalism
Officers Bernard and Johnson responded to a report of vandalism.  The victim told the officers that a suspect had used some sand pit rakes to damage the greens of the golf course and write in an obscenity.  There were also three rakes broken in half.  Report 110478298

7:00am      Unit Blk Cora St                   Vandalism
Officers Trail and Peregoy were flagged down by a victim regarding vandalism to his vehicle.  The victim’s passenger side window was smashed and there was damage to the ignition.  Report 110478828

8:00am      200 Blk Blythdale Ave         Theft
PSA Cato took a report regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim stated that all four of his tires and rims were removed from his vehicle.  There were also several dents and scratches on the vehicle.  The victim also claimed that that there were bullet holes in his vehicle and that he removed a casing from it, but he did not have the casing with him.  Report 110479111

8:00am      300 Blk Munich St               Vandalism
Officer Morgante took a report regarding vandalism to a vehicle.  The victim’s vehicle had several scratches on the hood.  Report 110478038

12:00pm   100 Blk Peabody St             Fraud
PSA Cato took a report regarding a fraud.  The victim said there were several unauthorized charges to his business account.  Report 110478953

12:00pm   Unknown Location               Fraud
Officer Morgante took a report regarding credit application fraud.  The victim stated that an account had been opened in his name.  The open account negatively affected his credit score.  Report 110478458

4:00pm      Unit Blk El Serano Ct         Elder Abuse
Officer Marino responded to a report of elder abuse and robbery.  The victim stated that a known suspect demanded that she write him a check in a threatening manner.  The suspect claimed he would pay the victim back.  On a later date, the suspect approached the victim again and demanded even more money.  The victim refused and asked when he was going to pay her back the initial money she gave him.  The suspect laughed and called her an obscenity.  Report 110478630

10:32pm   Unit Blk Brookdale Ave      Assault
Officer Seavey and numerous other units responded to a report of victim who had been shot.  The victim changed his story several times as officers tried to determine what happened.  The victim finally admitted to the officers that he had gone to the Brookdale area to buy cocaine from two suspects.  The victim said the suspects got into his vehicle with them and they all drank alcohol.  The victim told the suspects he was going to buy cocaine from someone else and the suspects became angry.  The suspects grabbed the victim and pulled him out of the vehicle.  One suspect had a handgun.  The suspects punched the victim several times and hit him with the handgun.  The victim was never actually shot and the suspects were not located.  Report 110479785


  2:00am         Bosworth & Diamond          Vehicle accident, hit & run
  8:30am         3300 Blk Mission St             Recovered stolen vehicle
  9:44am         600 Blk Paris St                    Recovered stolen motorcycle
11:00am        Oxford & Felton                     Vehicle accident, hit & run
  8:30pm         200 Blk Justin                       Recovered stolen vehicle