Friday, June 17, 2011


Incident Date:
Monday, June 13th, 2011


3:41 am     900 blk Geneva                    Trespassing
Officers Polovina and Seavey were sent to investigate a person trespassing. The officers arrived to find the two reporting parties and the suspect. The officers were told that the suspect had gained entry to the entrance of the front of the building and refused to leave. The suspect had done this in the past. The victims wanted the suspect arrested. The suspect was how she had gained entry to the property; she replied “the door was open. The suspect was asked to leave, and refused. The officers arrested, and then cited the suspect for trespassing. Report number 110474728

10:18 am   50 Phelan                              Drug Violation
SFCCPD Officer Sanchez was patrolling the campus on foot, when a male smoking a glass caught his eye. The officer went to investigate further and discovered that the suspect was smoking marijuana on school property. The officer asked the suspect for the pipe and the suspect complied. It is illegal to use or possess drugs on school property the suspect was arrested. The officer learned that the suspect had more contraband on his person, which the suspect gave to the officer. The suspect was issued a citation to appear in court and released at the scene. Report number 110465216

10:30 am   Judson/Edna                        Burglary Arrest
Officer Preston was sent to investigate a theft of a dog. The owner of the dog told the officer that while she was still sleeping a known suspect and former owner of the dog came to her home, and without permission opened the garage door and removed the dog. The victim told the officer that this was witnessed by a roommate. The suspect then walked away with the dog ignoring the witnesses plead to leave the dog. As the officer was interviewing the victim, the suspect called the home and asked for the victim to come and get the dog. The officer was able to locate the suspect and take him into custody without incident. The dog was not harmed. The suspect transported to the station where the officers discovered that the suspect had an outstanding drug warrant for $25,000. Report number 110476220

4:26 pm     50 Phelan                                  Warrant Arrest
SFCCPD Officers Burlyga and Wong were patrolling the campus when they noticed a male suspect between building peeping. As the officers stopped to investigate they activated the emergency lights.  The suspect immediately pulled up his zipper.  The officers realized that the suspect was urinating in public. The officers conducted a warrant check and discovered that the suspect had an outstanding No Bail warrant for an assault. The suspect was arrested and booked for the warrant. Report number 110476383

5:00 pm     Alemany/Mt. Vernon                  Warrant Arrest
Officer Johnson was on patrol when she noticed a male suspect looking into parked cars. The suspect walked along and continued looking into cars. The officer decided to make contact with the suspect and ask why he was looking into parked cars. The suspect told the officer that he thought ALL the cars looked like his friends cars. The officer asked the suspect for identification and conducted a warrant check and discovered that the suspect had an outstanding warrant for $10,000. The suspect was booked for the warrant. Report number 110352391

Other incidents:        

7:15am      Unit Blk Cielito Dr                Battery
Officers Campion-Healy, Araujo, Pai and Muro responded to a report of a battery.  The victim told the officers she got into an argument with the suspect regarding toothpaste.  The suspect grabbed the victim’s hair and pushed her.  The officers interviewed the suspect who denied the victim’s claims.  The victim did not want to press charges against the suspect.  Report 110474860

9:00am      800 Blk Cayuga Ave            Vandalism
Officer Giannini took a report regarding vandalism to a vehicle.  The victim stated the glass portion of his side view mirror had been broken out of its casing.  Report 110475200

2:10pm      Unit Blk Oliver St                 Fraud
PSA Cato took a report regarding fraud.  The victim stated that she realized the balance on her checking account was low.  She contacted her bank and discovered over $2,000 in charges had been made that she did not authorize.  Report 110476286

3:10pm      Sunnydale & Sawyer          Theft
PSA Cato took a report regarding theft from a vehicle. The victim said he parked and locked his vehicle.  When he returned to the vehicle, the front passenger window was smashed and several items were missing from inside.  Report 110476010

5:50pm      3900 Blk Folsom St             Burglary
Officers Paras and Archilla responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim secured her home and left.  When she returned, she found her front door closed, but unlocked.  The victim realized her laptop was missing.  She then discovered a window leading into her bedroom had been pried open.  Report 110476587


   7:00am         Mission & Geneva               Stolen vehicle
   8:45am         Diamond & 29th St               Recovered stolen vehicle
   9:00am         Bosworth & Lippard             Vehicle accident, Hit & Run         
   9:45am        100 Blk Arlington St             Recovered stolen vehicle
 10:14am        100 Blk Beacon St               Recovered stolen vehicle
 10:30am        Heart & Ridgewood             Stolen vehicle
   9:00pm        Mansell & San Bruno          Vehicle accident, Hit & Run
 10:34pm        Edna & Staples                    Vehicle accident, Hit & Run