Saturday, June 11, 2011


Incident Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 2011


9:45 am     Campbell/Rutland                    Burglary Arrest
Officers Morrow and Smethurst were sent to investigate a burglary in progress. While responding the officers were informed that the victim homeowner was following the suspect in his car. Officers Marino and Sgt Cahn located the victim who told them that he followed the suspect and lost sight of him in the area and as the victim scanned the area and noticed a guy in the park. The victim took a second look and “that’s the guy right there”. Officers Marino and Sgt Chan contacted the suspect and took him into custody. The victim then relayed the events as they transpired to the officers. The victim was at home in his garage with the door loading his car. The victim felt someone standing behind him mumbling. The victim turned to see who it was and saw the suspect. The victim told the officers that he became frightened.  The suspect did not appear to have any weapons on him so the victim turned towards him.  The victim asked the suspect what he was doing in his garage.  The suspect left the garage and the victim shut it.  Later, the victim got into his car and backed out of his garage.  The suspect appeared again and approached the passenger door of the car.  The suspect locked the doors to the car and the suspect fled.  The victim followed the suspect in his car until police arrived.  Report 110462122 ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY***

9:50am      Unit Blk Phelan Ave                           Weapons
SFCCPD Officers Chang and Boyko were on foot patrol when they noticed a suspect on campus smoking.  The officers approached and smelled a strong odor of suspected marijuana.  The suspect told the officers he had marijuana on his person.  The suspect fidgeted and kept putting his hands in his pockets.  The officers attempted to search the suspect for weapons due to his behavior.  The suspect broke free from the officers and began to run from them. The officers caught up to the suspect who continued to resist arrest by fighting with the officers.  A witness came forward and said he saw the suspect throw an object into some shrubs as he was running from the officers.  The officers located a knife with a four inch blade in the shrub.  Report 110462138

1:11pm      Unit Blk Santos St                 Stay Away Order
Officers Uang, Peregoy and Hopkins were on patrol when they observed a suspect they recognized from prior police contact.  The officers knew the suspect had an active stay away order from the area he was in.  The suspect admitted he was aware of the stay away order but that he was allowed to be there for work.  The suspect had no court documents to support his claim and he was arrested.  Report 110462605

7:15pm      Unit Blk Bishop St                 Stay Away Order
Officers Leong and Hom responded to a call regarding a fight.  The victim had an emergency protective order against the suspect.  The suspect was located and taken into custody.  Report 110461124

10:39pm   Unit Blk Castillo St                                Warrant
Officers Duffin, Hart and Obot responded to an address in an attempt locate a suspect with a warrant for his arrest.  The suspect was contacted and taken into custody with no further incident. Report 110464247

 Other incidents:       

8:00am      2000 Blk Castro St                                    Theft
Sgt. Miller responded to a report of a grand theft.  The victim kept a box of expensive items in her room.  She noticed the items missing recently but there were no signs of forced entry.  There is only one person who has access to the victim’s home.  Report 110462796

8:29am      1900 Blk San Jose Ave       False Personation
PSA Flynn took a report regarding a false personation.  The victim was notified by her bank that suspicious activity had occurred on her account regarding online purchases.  The victim did not authorize any purchases.  Report 110463067

11:33am    800 Blk Vienna St                                    Fraud
Officer Marino responded to a report of a fraud.  A suspect had been ordering packages from all over the world and from several companies in the name of the church where the victims work.  The victims never authorized any of these purchases.  Report 110462627

3:00pm      200 Blk Schwerin St                            Burglary
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim returned home and discovered several items missing.  There were no signs of forced entry even though the victim claimed to have locked all his doors and windows.  Report 110462956

3:46pm      Unit Blk Desmond St                               Fraud
Officers Fung and Sugitan were dispatched to a report of a fraud.  The victim said that she was expecting a government assistance card in the mail but never received it.  When she contacted the government about the card, she discovered her card had been used at several locations to withdraw hundreds of dollars.  The suspect is unknown.  Report 110463095

4:00pm      Unit Blk Blythdale Ave                              Theft
Officers Pedersen and Kneuker responded to a report of a theft.  The victim said someone had gone into his closet and taken ammunition he bought to go to the shooting range.  The victim said that people go in and out of the residence all of the time and the backdoor is often left unlocked.  Report 110464322

5:00pm      4000 Blk Folsom St                                  Theft
Officers Paras and Castillo responded to a report of a theft.  The victim kept her bicycle in a garage that is a common area to everyone in the building.  Her bicycle went missing and there were no signs of forced entry into the garage. Report 110463437

6:15pm      4700 Blk Mission St                                  Theft
Officer Seavey responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim stated some things were missing from his room.  There were no signs of forced entry into the premise and it is shared by several different residents.  Report 110461259

10:30pm   Naples & Geneva Ave                               Theft
PSA Flynn took a report regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked his vehicle, locked it and left.  A short time later, he returned to his vehicle and discovered his rear window was smashed.  Several items were missing from the vehicle.  Report 110464219


  1:25am        Italy & London St                 Accident, Hit & Run
  7:30am         3600 Blk San Bruno            Recovered vehicle
  8:00am         100 Blk Farragut Ave          Accident, Hit & Run
  9:00am         1500 Blk Church St             Recovered vehicle
12:35pm         200 Blk Sawyer St               Recovered vehicle
  1:49pm         1400 Blk Cayuga St             Recovered vehicle
  2:10pm         Cayuga & Geneva                Accident
  2:31pm         San Jose & 30th St               Accident
  6:47pm         200 Blk Day St                      Recovered vehicle