Saturday, June 11, 2011


Incident Date:
Thursday, June 9th 2011


There were no arrests today.

 Other incidents:       

1:30am      Unit Blk Fratessa Ct                         Vandalism
Officers Polovina and Pedersen were dispatched to a report of a vandalism of a vehicle.  The victim’s vehicle had been spray painted with obscenities.  Report 110467207

3:58am      600 Blk Portola Dr                               Burglary
Officers Brown and Baldovino responded to a report of a burglary.  Witnesses saw a suspect carrying bolt cutters walking around two construction trailers.  The suspect went up to one trailer and cut the lock.  The suspect entered the trailer.  The witness could not tell if the suspect was holding any items when he emerged.  The suspect fled prior to police arrival.  Report 110464617

7:00am      800 Blk Rutland St                               Burglary
Officer Ocreto responded to a report regarding a burglary.  The victim said a suspect entered his unsecured garage and removed several items.  Report 110464811

7:46am      1800 Blk Sunnydale Ave                     Robbery
Officers Apodaca and Trujillo were dispatched to a report of a robbery.  The victim said two suspects approached him, one on either side of him.  The suspects forcefully went though the victim’s pockets.  One of the suspects grabbed the victims backpack.  The suspects fled and the victim chased after them.  One of the suspects stopped and picked up a metal pipe from the ground.  The suspect waved the pipe around in a threatening manner.  The victim was sacred so he stopped chasing the suspects.  Report 110464758

2:19pm      Unit Blk Marietta Dr                                 Fraud
Officer Fung responded to check on the well being of a 911 caller.  The officer met with the victim who told him that she was just tricked out of giving someone several thousand dollars.  The victim stated she recently replaced a window on her home but that it was not installed properly.  The suspect drove up to the victim’s home and exited his vehicle.  The suspect told the victim he was there to make the necessary repairs to fix the window so it’s up to code.  The suspect told the victim he would need cash up front.  The victim got into the suspect’s vehicle and he drove her to two banks to withdraw cash.  The suspect brought the victim back to her home and dropped her off telling her he would make a u-turn and park.  The suspect fled in his vehicle.  Report 110465819

5:50pm      200 Blk Hahn St                                  Burglary
Officers Hart, Duncan and Obot responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim left his residence and secured all windows and doors except for one window to allow for some ventilation.  The victim returned home and found his front door and gate open an unlocked.  One item was missing from the residence.  Report 110466334

6:00pm      1900 Blk Sunnydale Ave                     Robbery
Officers Obot, Duncan and Hart responded to a report of a robbery.  Three victims were putting out fliers regarding an upcoming event.  The victims were approached by two suspects.  One of the suspects grabbed one of the victim’s cell phone out of her hand.  One of the suspects made a motion towards his waistband as if he was going to grab a gun.  The suspects fled.  Report 110466378

3:57pm      600 Blk Portola Dr                               Burglary
Officer Leong responded to a report of a burglary from a store.  The store clerk stated he saw a suspect walk out of the front door as the merchandise alarm went off.  The suspect was carrying a reusable store bag.  The clerk knew the suspect did not buy anything.  The clerk watched the surveillance video and saw the suspect put several items in the store bag.  He watched the suspect on the video leave the store with no attempt to pay for the items.  Report 110466118


  8:53pm                     Nevada & Cortland              Accident
10:34pm                    Unit Blk Cotter St                 Stolen vehicle