Saturday, June 11, 2011


Incident Date:
Friday, June 10th, 2011


2:15am      4400 Blk Mission St                      Disturbance
Officers Hermosura and Contreras were on patrol when they were dispatched to a report of a noise complaint.  Upon the officer’s arrival, they heard loud music coming from one of the units.  The victim said that she has had ongoing issues with two other tenants in the building who are constantly having loud parties and blasting music.  The victim wanted to press charges against each of the tenants and signed citizen’s arrests for each of them.  The officers made contact with the tenants and they were arrested for disturbing the peace.  Report 110469952

5:24pm      4600 Blk Mission St                             Warrant
Officers Barajas and Shugars were on patrol when they were alerted that a wanted suspect was on a MUNI bus.  The officers detained the suspect at the next bus stop.  The suspect was wanted for several outstanding warrants.  Report 110220594 ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY***   

 Other incidents:       

3:00am      500 Blk Huron Ave                           Vandalism
Officer Sullivan was dispatched to a report of vandalism to a vehicle.  The victim said she has two vehicles, both parked in front of her residence.  The victim discovered that two of the tires on each vehicle had been punctured.  Report 110468368

10:00am    400 Blk Marietta Dr                      Vehicle Strip
A victim reported that two of the tires on his vehicle were stolen.  This is the second incident he has had with his vehicle.  Report 116073395

11:30am    Unit Blk Peralta St                           Vandalism
Officer Sanchez responded to a report of vandalism to her vehicle.  The victim reported that the antenna on her vehicle was bent and there was a small scratch on the driver side door.  Report 110467661

12:04pm   500 Blk Peralta St                                      Theft
A victim reported that his vehicle had been broken into.  The vehicle is a convertible.  The convertible top had been cut and his iPod was stolen. Report 116073408

2:00pm      2600 Blk Diamond St                       Vandalism
A victim reported the window on his vehicle had been smashed.  He did not think anything was taken.  Report 116073367

4:00pm      200 Blk Rey St                                 Vandalism
Officers Chew and Lim were on patrol when they were flagged down by a victim.  The victim stated that his vehicle had been scratched along the passenger side.  Report 110467768

4:30pm      3700 Blk Folsom St                       Disturbance
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding a noise complaint.  The victim said that a suspect who lives next to her blasts his television so loud, she can hear it through the walls of her residence.  The victim has had issues with this suspect in the past.  The victim has attempted to contact the suspect personally to remedy the situation but he refuses to talk to her.  Report 110465756

4:30pm      1000 Blk Naples St                       Personation
A victim reported that a suspect opened a Dish Network account using her social security number.  The account was opened out of Texas.  The victim said she lived in Texas when she was younger and that she had been the victim of identity theft then as well by a known suspect.  The victim believes the same suspect is responsible for this incident.  Report 110643443

5:30pm      5200 Blk Diamond Hghts                         Theft
A victim reported that he parked his vehicle in his community garage.  The victim discovered that his vehicle window had been smashed and items taken from inside.  Report 116073351


  6:40am         3500 Blk Santa Marina       Stolen vehicle
  8:50am         2400 Blk San Jose              Recovered vehicle
  9:07am         600 Lisbon                            Recovered vehicle