Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Incident Date:
Monday, June 6th, 2011


12:46 am   200 blk Trumbull      Drug Arrest
Officers Archilla and Paras were on patrol in the district looking to do traffic enforcement. The officers observed a car in front of them change lanes without signaling. The officers positioned their car behind the traffic offenders car in order to stop and cite. The car made a turn without signaling right in front of the officers. The officers continued to follow the car until it was safe to stop and pulled it over.  The officers made contact with the driver and noticed that he appeared very nervous and sweating profusely on a cool San Francisco night. The officers asked the driver if he was ok and were told by him that he was nervous. The officers found out the reason of his nervousness as soon as they requested he present his license. The driver told the officers that he did not have one. The officers soon discovered that the driver had a suspended license and an outstanding warrant for...driving with a suspended license!  Even with this being the case, the driver was still acting very strange. The officers told the driver he was under arrest and quickly handcuffed him.  The true reason the driver was so nervous was because he had cocaine in his pocket, which was located when the officers searched him.  The driver was arrest and booked on the warrant, the traffic violations and drug possession. Because of a simple traffic violation, the officers stumbled on a repeat traffic offender showing no respect for the laws and community. This is ****The Best Arrest of the day****. Report number 110458858

3:00 pm     200 blk Alpha          Hot Prowl Burglary Arrest
Officer Phillips heard a call on the radio of a burglary call in progress where the residents were in the home at the time. Officers Phillips was close by and got there within a minute. The officer made his way to the address and saw a suspect standing at the front door. The officer identified himself to the suspect and ordered him to step away from the door.  The suspect seemed to be complying until officer Phillips made physical contact. The suspect pushed the officer away and began to run! By this time several other Ingleside units were arriving and saw Officer Phillips chasing the suspect and joined. The suspect ran from Officer Phillips for several blocks, but by this time Officers Uang and Hopkins were running along Phillips and officer Peregoy was following in a patrol car. The suspect continued running and eventually tried to hide. The officers never lost sight of the suspect and saw when he tried to hide under a car that was parked in a driveway. As the suspect was being pulled out of his hiding spot, he was still not ready to give up. Again, as Officer Phillips grabbed the suspect by the arm, he pulled away and tensed up. Officers Uang and Hopkins came to help Officer Phillips finally arrest the suspect. Back at the scene a pair of gloves and a crowbar was found. The suspect was arrested and booked for 1st degree burglary, 2 counts of delaying /resisting arrest and burglary tools. This is also ****The Best Arrest of the day****. Report number 110457559

5:00 pm     Brookdale/Hahn          Drug Arrest
Officers Hurwitz and Daggett were conducting an investigation regarding drug sales. The officers were on surveillance at a location when they observed a car pull up. The officers had never seen this vehicle there or the person driving it. The officers watched as the driver went into an apartment and stayed for an hour. While the driver was inside the officers checked out the car and saw numerous mechanical violations on the car so when the driver came out the officers stopped the car. The officer spoke to the driver who told them that he was on probation and did not have a license. When asked who the owner of the car was, the driver refused to tell the officers. The officers continued their investigation and discovered that the car was registered out of South San Francisco. The registered owner told the officers that he did not give anyone permission to drive the car. The officers searched the car and found methamphetamines! The driver of the car was arrested and booked for all the charges. Report number 110457822 

Other Incidents:        

1:25 am     Russia/London           Found Property
Officers Morse and Seavey were on patrol in the district when they noticed an object in the street near a parked car. As the officers got closer were able to make out what the object was, it was a gun and it was loaded! The officers collected the gun and treated it as evidence. After the gun was secured the officers responded to the station to continue their investigation. At the station the officers discovered that the serial number was filed off and they were unable to find out if the gun was stolen. The gun was sent to CSI for processing. Report number 110458892

10:00 am   Unit blk Garrison         Burglary
Officers Mur and Campion-Healy were sent to investigate a burglary case. Officer Muro prepared a report after interviewing the victim. The victims told the officer that they left home in the morning to work locking and securing it. When they returned they discovered their home had been ransacked and electronic equipment taken. The officer checked the scene for physical evidence and determined that CSI should be notified. Report number 110456896

 3:22 pm    Unit blk Blythdale        Assault/Gun
Officers Peregoy, Hopkins and Uang were sent to investigate a shooting case. The officers responded and spoke to the victim. The victim told the officers that he was at home and decided to go outside and smoke a cigarette. While he was outside an unknown suspect ran up to him, grabbed him and told him the he was going to run through his house. The victim pulled away from the suspect and noticed that he had a gun in his hand. the victim made a dash to get into his house and push the door closed, but the suspect was pushing on the door trying to get in. the victim told the officers that he heard a loud "Bang" and he felt the pushing on the door stop. It was at this point that the victim noticed that he had been shot. The victim was transported to SF General Hospital. CSI was notified and responded to process the scene. The case was assigned to Inspector Hutchings who is continuing the investigation. Report number 110457515

9:00 pm     Faxon/Monterey          Vandalism
Officer Marino prepared a report regarding a vandalism case. The victim told the officer that she parked her car several blacks away from her home to avoid damage by a known suspect. The victim told the officer that it did not work because the car was damaged again. The victim gave the officer that suspect information for her report. The information has been forwarded to the investigating unit for follow up. Report number 110456727

9:30 pm     100 blk Westwood     Theft from Auto
Officers Seavey and Morse were sent to investigate a theft case from an auto. The victim told the officers that when he got home from work, he parked his car in his driveway and forgot to lock it. The victim told the officers that he went to get something out of the car and noticed that there was someone inside his car. The victim said that when the suspect saw him he ran off towards Ocean Ave. the victim told the officers that he has surveillance and that he will be able to get the video at a later time. Report number 110458535

10:00 pm 100 blk Cayuga            Vandalism
Officers Apodaca and Frisk were sent to investigate a vandalism case. the victim told the officers that he was home when he heard a loud crash. The victim told the officers that by the time he got to the room the crash came from to investigate there was no one outside. The victim did see a brick in living room. The victim told the officers that he did not have any enemies and could not think of any reason someone would want to do this. Report number 110456692


  6:44 am        200 blk Seneca                    Recovered Auto
  7:40 am        1800 blk Alemany                Recovered Auto
12:30 pm        Unit blk Wilder                      Stolen Auto
  4:00 pm        700 blk London                    Stolen Auto
  4:56 pm        300 blk Still                           Recovered Auto
10:00 pm        Mission/College                   Traffic Accident