Thursday, June 23, 2011


Incident Date:
Tuesday, June 21st, 2011


11:53am    200 Blk Tingley          Poss. Stolen Property
Officers Johnson and Bernard were sent to investigate a male subject who was suspiciously looking into homes.  They arrived on scene and detained a subject matching the description, who was carrying a package that was addressed to a home on that street.  The suspect told the officers that he lived at the address.  The officers responded to the address and confirmed that the suspect did not live there and that the package should not be in his possession.  The officers arrested and booked him for being in possession of stolen property at Ingleside Station.  Report number 110498478

1:50pm      3100 Blk Mission       Robbery
Officers Seavey and Ferronato were dispatched to investigate a robbery.  They located the victim who told them that he had been robbed by two males. The victim gave a description to the officers and they radioed the information to dispatch. Numerous Ingleside units responded to the area to search for the suspects.  The victim stated he was not injured and believed he could identify the suspects if he saw them again.  The victim’s Iphone had been taken and he told the officers there was a tracking device on the system. One of the officers had the same tracking system on his phone and got the victims information. The officer was now tracking the victim’s phone and directing other Ingleside officers to the location where the phone was. The officers surrounded the signal and tightened the dragnet.  Officers located two subjects and detained them.  The victim was taken to identify the suspects and was able to positively identify them.  A search of the suspects revealed the victim’s stolen property which was identified at the scene.  The two suspects were arrested and transported to Ingleside Police Station for booking.  it was later learned that each of the suspects also had outstanding warrants.  They were booked for the robbery as well as the warrants.  Report number 110497549.  This is ****The Best Arrest of the Day****

Other incidents:        

9:01am      300 Blk Silver              Trespass
Officer Marino was to investigate a trespasser.  She spoke with the security supervisor who advised that a male suspect had entered the property without permission.  After repeatedly escorting the suspect from the premises videotape footage showed the suspect remaining in the area.  The supervisor wanted the incident documented should the individual be casing the area to trespass again in the future.  Report number 110488280

11:23am    5200 Blk Mission       Shoplifting
Officers Sullivan and Padilla were dispatched to investigate a theft case. The victim told the officers that a male and female suspect had entered the store and asked to view cellular phones.  While looking at several phones the male suspect grabbed a phone and ran out of the store without paying.  Both suspects then entered a black vehicle and fled.  The victim gave the officers video footage of the incident.  The officers searched the area for the suspects to no avail.  Report number 110498713

12:30pm   300 Blk Chenery        Threats
Officer Marino was dispatched to investigate a threats incident.  the victim told the officers that a known male suspect drove up in front of his home. The suspect began yelling at the victim that "They were going to catch him and get him".  Another suspect in the car got out and motioned to the victim as if he had a gun in his waistband.  The victim said that there have been ongoing disputes with both suspect and wanted the incident document because he believes the suspects harm him in the future.  Officers searched the area for the vehicle and anyone matching the suspects’ descriptions but were unsuccessful.  Report number 110498519

1:40pm      Sickles/Alemany        Robbery
Officers Gonzalez and Archilla were on patrol when they were flagged down by a victim who said he had just been robbed.  The victim told the officers that he was walking down the street when three suspects exited a grey vehicle in front of him. The victim told the officers that the suspects told him, in Spanish, to give them everything he had or they harm him up.  The suspects then began going through the victim’s pockets and removing his belongings.  The suspects back in the car and fled.  The victim was not injured and stated he could not recognize the suspects if he saw them again.  Officers canvassed the area for the vehicle and suspects without success.  Report number 110500528

2:00pm      800 Blk Peralta           Theft
Officer LaRocca responded to investigate a theft case.  Victim advised that she parked and secured her vehicle and when she returned noticed a window had been broken and items taken.  She was unable to provide any further information on the suspect and there were no witnesses.   Report number110497812

5:00pm      2200 Blk Bayshore    Battery
Officers Blume and Pereira were dispatched to investigate a battery case.  Victim advised that she has had an ongoing dispute with another person and that the person had confronted her in front of the store.  Victim stated that suspect pushed then punched her and left the area.  She provided the officers with a description of the suspect and officers unsuccessfully canvassed the area for the suspect.  Victim stated she was not injured and refused medical assistance.  Report number 110499620

5:30pm      100 Blk Rutledge       Theft
Officer LaRocca responded to investigate a theft case.  The victim advised that she parked and secured her vehicle and when she returned found a window smashed and items missing.  She was unable to provide the officer with any further information.  Report number 110495640

10:50pm   5700 Blk Mission       Counterfeit
Officer Ferronato was dispatched to investigate a counterfeit currency case.  The victim
 Told the officer that a female suspect entered the bar and asked for change for a twenty dollar bill.  He provided her with change and the woman went to use the restroom.  When the bartender noticed the money felt strange, he went to look for the suspect who had already left the bar.  The officers took custody of the counterfeit bill and booked it into evidence at the station.  Report number 110497339


12:30pm        O’Shaughnessy/Malta                    Traffic collision
  2:02pm         Alabama/Montcalm                         Traffic collision
  4:25pm         Hahn/Sunnydale                             Traffic collision
  5:10pm         Diamond Hts/Bosworth                  Traffic collision