Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Incident Date:
Monday, June 20th, 2011


7:20am      200 Blk Blythdale                Agg. Assault
Officers Johnson and Bernard responded to a dispute where a woman was arguing with her roommate because the home was dirty.  Both parties became physical with each other and the police was called.  The gentleman had visible injuries and explained that during the argument his female roommate had begun throwing things at him.  He said he became physical only to resist her.  The officers assessed the situation and determined the woman to be the primary aggressor.  She was arrested and booked at Ingleside Station.  Report 110494642

5:10pm      100 Blk Cora                         Battery
Officers Blume and Pereira responded to a disturbance call along with various other Ingleside officers.  They detained a suspect in front of the residence who had a strong smell of alcohol coming from breath.  The suspect was uncooperative with the officers and refused to speak with them.  The officers entered the premise where they located a female friend of the suspect who stated they had had an argument and the suspect became agitated and punched her in the stomach and the cheek.  Other people in the residence attempted to remove the suspect but he refused to leave and they called the police.  The victim had complaint of pain and visible injuries.  Officers immediately summoned an ambulance and she was transported to the hospital for further medical treatment.  The suspect was arrested and booked at Ingleside Station.  Officers took pictures of the victim’s injuries and the scene and booked them into evidence.  Report 110496494

6:36pm      600 Blk Cortland                  Viol. Court Order
Officers Chang and Park were dispatched to investigate a fight call.  They met with officers who already had an intoxicated subject detained at the scene.  A record check of the individual revealed an active court order stating that the individual should stay away from the area.  Two other subjects were on scene and advised the officers that the suspect was yelling and screaming at people in the area and they were intimidated by him.  Because the individual was visibly intoxicated and in violation of the active stay away order he was taken into custody.  Report 110496557

Other incidents:        

12:30am    Chenery/Thor                       Robbery
Officers Lozano and Jones responded to investigate a robbery.  Victim advised she was walking on Diamond and felt she was being followed by someone.  The said that when she approached
Thor Avenue
suspect confronted her and said, "Give me everything you have." Victim gave the suspect her belongings and he told her not to move because he had someone around the corner that would "
"shoot her."  Victim was not injured and told the officers she would be able to identify the suspect if she saw him again.  Report 110497420

10:02am    200 Blk Peabody                 Theft
Officers Bernard and Johnson were on patrol when they were dispatched to the area regarding a person breaking into vehicles.  They met with several witnesses who stated that a male had been in the area carrying a backpack and looking into vehicles.  The officers then located two victims who stated that they had locked and secured their vehicles and when they returned found the doors to the vehicles unlocked and several items missing.  Officers radioed into dispatch a description of the suspect and several officers canvassed the area.  Both victims stated they were unsure if their vehicles were locked and officers found no forced entry into the vehicles.  The search for the suspect was unsuccessful.  Report 110494987

1:00pm      100 Blk Harvard                             Harassing Calls
Officers Blume and Pereira were dispatched to the call of annoying phone calls.  Reportee advised that a female friend of his had been repeatedly calling him and telling him to, "watch his back."  Reportee wanted the incident document to attempt to obtain a restraining order.  Report 110496284

1:45pm      1100 Blk Peralta                            Theft
Victim came to Ingleside station to report a theft.  He said that he was selling items at the flea market when he noticed one particular vest missing.  Victim did not see anyone take the item and was unable to provide any further information.  Report 110495402

2:55pm      200 Blk Juanita                    Robbery
Officers Goldsborough responded to a call of a robbery.  Victim stated that she had been robbed and was experiencing pain.  The officer summoned an ambulance immediately and proceeded to interview the victim.  He obtained a description of the two male suspects and various Ingleside units responded to the area in search of them.  Victim stated that she was walking on Juanita when two males approached her and pulled her to the ground.  The suspects repeatedly punched and kicked her until they were able to rip her purse off of her person.  Victim said that she would be able to identify the suspects should she see them again.  She was transported to the hospital by ambulance for further medical treatment.  Report 110495979

4:30pm      100 Blk Bradford                 Threats
Victim came to Ingleside station to report a threat.  He stated he had been arguing with one of his neighbors for quite some time regarding ongoing construction and noise at his home.  The neighbor told him he was tired of listening to victim complain and that "terrible things were going to happen to him and his family."  Victim wanted the incident documented should anything further happen.  Report 110494818

5:00pm      1600 Blk Dolores                 Burglary
Officer Martinez was dispatched to the call of a burglary.  Victim advised him that he left his bicycle secured in the garage area of his apartment building and when he returned found the bicycle missing.  Officers searched the area and noticed a padlock had been cut on one of the entry doors and determined this was the area where the suspects entered the building.  Victim was provided with follow up information and officers searched the area unsuccessfully for the missing bicycle.  Report 110494686


12:42am        900 Blk Ellsworth                 Recovered motorcycle
  1:45am         Precita/Folsom                     Traffic collision
  6:45am         John Yng/San Jose            Traffic collision
  9:20am         San Jose/30th                       Traffic collision
  4:45pm         1800 Blk Sunnydale            Recovered vehicle
  7:30pm         4300 Blk Mission                 Stolen license plate