Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Incident Date:
Saturday, June 18th, 2011


8:58am      500 Blk Monterey                Obstructing
Officers Sugitan responded to a dispute where a woman was refusing to allow new PG&E meters to be installed.  The woman refused to cooperate with officers and continuously jumped onto the installer’s truck causing some damage to it as well.  She told the officers, “Arrest me if you have to.  I’m willing to get arrested today."  Because of her continuous violations of the California Penal Code and her refusal to cooperate with officers she was booked for a continuous offense.  Report 110489580

4:30pm      50 Phelan                    Weapons
SFCCPD Officer Flood responded to the call of a Sonitrol alarm. Upon his arrival he observed a male suspect near where the alarm had been activated. The officer attempted to detain the suspect. The suspect saw the officer and began running. The officers Radioed  directions as other officers closed the net around the suspect .The suspect, literally ran into the arms of an SFCCPD Sergeant. A record check of the suspect returned clear, but a search of his person reviled weapons which are illegal to possess on school grounds. The suspect was arrested and booked for the illegal weapons and resisting arrest at Ingleside Station. Report 110490678. This is ****The Best Arrest of The Day****

5:41pm      4000 Blk Mission                 Narcotics
Officers Hurwitz, Daggett and Padilla were informed of a home where narcotics were possibly being sold.  After a short surveillance they observed an individual drive up to the home that they are familiar with for prior arrests and contacts regarding narcotics.  They were also aware that he was on probation with a search condition.  A few minutes later two women arrived and one was holding currency in her right hand while she spoke with the suspect.  Based on their training and experience the officers believed the women had arrived with money in hand to purchase narcotics.  The women were detained and released at the scene.  A search of the suspect’s person located a green leafy vegetable matter believed to be marijuana.  Officers later searched his vehicle and located various bottles of pills which they recognized as Oxycodone and Morphine.  The suspect was taken into custody and booked for the narcotics violations.  Report 110490872

8:00pm      3000 Blk Mission                 Shoplifting
Officers Turner and Chan responded to the call of a shoplifter.  They met with complainant who stated he observed the suspect enter the store, hide a bottle of alcohol in his jacket and exit the store without attempting to pay for the item.  The suspect was detained outside of the store and the complainant called the police.  Complainant signed a citizen’s arrest and the suspect was cited at the scene.  Report 110485011

Other incidents:        

4:00pm      200 Blk Edinburgh              Vandalism
Victim came to Ingleside station and reported that he parked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found various scratches which had not been there prior. Victim was unable to provide any further information. Report 110489687

5:10pm      Thor/Chenery                       Robbery
Officer Park was dispatched to a robbery. He met with reportee who told him he was walking on
Thor Avenue
when two suspects approached him in a black vehicle.  The suspects exited the vehicle and one of them grabbed his elbows and held his hands behind him.  The another one brandished a gun, pointing it at victim’s chest and said, "Give me all your stuff."  The suspects took various items from the victim, threw him down on the ground and told him not to look up.  Victim was unsure if he could identify the Suspects if he saw them again. The victim was not injured in the incident.  Various officers canvassed the area in search of the black vehicle with negative results. Report 110490800

5:15pm      Unit Blk Sears                      Burglary
Officers Chang and Park were dispatched to the call of a burglary.  They met with victim who advised that he left and secured his home only to discover when returned found the lock on the front door knob damaged.  Victim was unsure if anything had been taken.  The officers gave him follow up information and took pictures of the damage to the home which they booked into evidence. Report 110488021

6:00pm      100 Blk Molimo                    Harassing Calls
Victim came to Ingleside station to report that one of her family members was upset because she had been left out of a will of a relative who recently passed away. Victim stated that he family member is continuously calling the home and harassing them. Sometimes the calls are so repetitive that the victim stated she has to leave the phone off the hook. She wanted to report the incident should anything further happen.  Report 110487443

8:22pm      800 Blk Ellsworth                Threats
Officers Contreras and Hermosura were dispatched to a call of threats. They spoke with victim who told them one of her neighbors believed she was having an affair with her soon to be ex husband and asked her why she was messing with him. The neighbor said, "You’ll see what happens to you."  Victim believed this to be a credible threat and wanted to report the incident because she has had problems in the past with the same neighbor. Report 110488770

9:10pm      100 Blk Blythdale                Burglary
Officers Dudley and Antonian were dispatched to a burglary.  They spoke with a neighbor who stated she heard a loud noise and believed someone may have entered a unit which was under repair.  The officers cleared the home and found no one inside.  The resident arrived on scene and said that she was unsure if anything was missing.  Officers gave her follow up information and took pictures of the damaged front door which they booked into evidence.  Report 110491284

9:21pm      Arleta/Alpha                         Robbery
Officers Jones and Kneuker responded to the call of a robbery which had just occurred.  They met with victim who had two visible lacerations to his facial area.  Officers summoned an ambulance for him.  They were able to get a description of the suspects from the victim which they radioed in to dispatch immediately.  Additional Ingleside officers responded and began searching for the suspects.  Victim told the officers he exited the 8X Muni bus on Bayshore when an unknown voice came from behind and said, "Give us your money or kill you."  The victim said he turned around and saw three males standing behind him and one was carrying a knife and displaying it at him.  The victim handed the valuables he had to them males and one proceeded to punch him in the face.  All three males left the area toward Arleta.  The victim was treated by the medics but refused to be transported.  A search of the area for the suspects was negative.  Report 110488651

11:23pm   Montcalm/York                    Robbery
Officers Ferronato and Jones responded to a robbery.  They met with victim who said he was picking up a friend when they were approached by two males who brandished pistols and told them to give them their wallets and cellular phones.  The victims complied out of fear and told the officers they would not be able to identify the suspects if they saw them again.  All of the victims were not injured.  Officers searched the area for surveillance video and the suspect’s vehicle but were unable to locate either.  Report 110491717


1:42am           Cortland/Winfield                 Traffic collision
2:16am           Cortland/Gates                     Traffic collision
2:48am           100 Blk Seneca                    Traffic collision