Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Food Delivery Safety Flyer



Recently, there have been several robberies in which an employee of a restaurant has delivered food to a location, only to be robbed of his money and belongings. We urge restaraunts, food delivery businesses and delivery persons to exercise caution when responding to calls.

Food/Pizza Delivery Safety and Security Tips
Suggested Tips for Businesses:
  • Develop protocols for driver cash-handling and money transfer routines – establish limit for minimal amount of cash to be carried to make change.  Drivers should carry no more than $20.00 to make change (varies with business guidelines).   
  • Call the police if you get a suspicious request, such as “Bring change for a $100 bill”
  • Develop protocols for driver check-in with dispatch/home base
  • Businesses should identify service areas that may present an unreasonable risk of harm to employees making deliveries (no-go areas), and create policies and procedures designed to assess the degree of risk involved in making deliveries to a specific area
  • Develop protocols for reporting incidents – attacks, assaults, robbery, vehicle accidents, etc.
  • Businesses should consider contracting with cell phone companies that provide inexpensive units – phones should provide local service only with adequate coverage to the delivery area
  • Provide trainings to educate delivery drivers on best practices for safety and security

Suggested Tips for Drivers:
  • Never ignore their instinct or sixth sense – avoid being lured and/or ambushed, if possible
  • If possible, ride two persons to a car when delivering to questionable areas
  • Never wear or carry expensive personal items that may present a potential target – only carry those items necessary for the performance of the job (do not wear expensive jewelry or sunglasses and avoid carrying expensive cell phones, ipods or anything that might be inviting) 
  • Never park where vehicles can be blocked-in and keep vehicle interiors clear of items that attract attention  
  • Keep vehicles fueled and cell phones charged – check cell phone coverage in areas before exiting vehicles and consider which cell phone service will be most reliable
  • Carry minimal amounts of cash to make change – ideally no more than $20.00 (avoid carrying excessive amounts of personal cash and credit cards, don’t expose money)
  • Carry mini keychain LED flashlights to illuminate dimly lit areas or in case of power failure.  Also try to carry a whistle.
  • Avoid references to cash on hand when communicating by cell phone – use code words as appropriate
  • Never talk or boast of cash experiences

More Public Safety Advisories and Tips
SAFE offers a variety of crime prevention and public safety awareness services, including safety trainings for businesses.  Contact us at (415) 553-1984 or info@sfsafe.org, or visit our website at www.sfsafe.org for more information and safety tips.