Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Incident Date:
Saturday, December 11th, 2010


12:29 pm       4900 blk Mission                 Trespassing
Officer Curry responded to a grocery store. The store manager had a man in custody for trespassing.  Officer Curry took the suspect into custody and transported to Ingleside Station as he did not have identification.  Once identified the suspect was cited and released.  Report number 101140216

10:54 pm       100 blk Santos                    Warrant Arrest
Officers Antonian and Dudley observed a vehicle driving without headlights on and no front license plate.  The officers stopped the vehicle and found the driver had a suspended license.  The passenger in the vehicle had a warrant for her arrest.  The driver was cited and the passenger was booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101141753

Other incidents:

09:30 am       400 blk Monterey                Vandalism to Vehicle
Sgt Escobar responded to a vandalism call and met with the victim.  The victim stated that she found the windshield of her vehicle damaged by an unknown person and a large rock next to the vehicle.  No witnesses were present and no suspect information was available.  Report number 101139946

11:34 am       1800 blk Sunnydale           Agg Assault w/ Gun/ Burglary
Officers Obot, Trail and Hopkins responded to a shooting call.  Numerous other officers responded as well and searched the area for the suspect to no avail.  The officers found that the victim had been shot by an unidentified suspect while laying in bed.  The victim was shot in the wrist and upper torso.  The incident was investigated by the gang task force unit as well.  Report number 101140034

02:35 pm       Geneva/Naples                   Vandalism to Property
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded to a newly constructed park and met with the landscaping supervisor who told the officers that someone had damaged six of the newly planted trees that were installed in the park.  There was no suspect information provided.  Report number 101140614

04:16 pm       400 blk Munich                    Battery
Officer Kneuker was approached at Ingleside Station by a woman who stated that she was attacked by a man with whom she is acquainted.  The victim stated that the suspect knocked on her door and she let him into her home.  She stated that he began to call her names and then battered her. She stated that she was able to get away from him and ran out of her home.  She did not know the reason for the attack.  Report number 101141101

05:30 pm       400 blk Hearst                   Agg Assault w/ Other Weapon
A man responded to Ingleside Station and told Officer Kneuker that he had been struck with a vehicle after a parking dispute and felt the contact was intentional.  The victim stated that he had a parking space dispute with another parent of his childs’ school and that the suspect pulled out of the spot and intentionally struck him with the side of the vehicle out of anger. Report number 101141418

09:17 pm       100 blk Moreland                Theft from Locked Auto
Officers Padilla and Reyes responded to an auto boost call.  The officers met with the victims who stated that they heard a loud noise and looked out of their window and saw an unknown race male breaking the passenger window of their vehicle.  They went to call the police and upon their return found that the suspect had fled the scene.  The victims found that a purse was stolen from the vehicle.  Report number 101141496

09:30 pm       400 blk Ocean                     Robbery w/ Force
Officer Hermosura responded to a purse snatch call and met with the victim.  The victim told the officer that she was walking to her car with her purse over her shoulder when she felt as though someone was following her.  She turned to see an African American male, 20-25 years old, 5’11, 150 lbs, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, and dark pants walking up behind her.  Believing she was about to be victimized she began to run toward her car.  The suspect ran up behind her and grabbed her purse with such force she fell to the ground.  The suspect pulled the purse from her grasp and ran away westbound on Ocean Ave toward City College.  Report number 101141571                     

Vehicle Incidents:

08:11 am       Sanchez/ 30th St                  Stolen/Recovered Auto
08:30 am       200 blk Hahn                         Traffic Collision H/R
09:00 am       400 blk Athens                     Stolen Auto
09:31 am       Cortland/Mission                  Unlicensed Driver
10:30 am       Cesar Chavez/Harrison      Stolen Auto
10:35 am       Vienna/Excelsior                 Traffic Collision
11:00 am       Persia/Naples                       Stolen Auto
02:09 pm       Persia/Paris                          Traffic Collision
04:30 pm       Peralta/Esmeralda               Stolen Auto
04:45 pm       Unit blk Richland                 Stolen Auto
07:00 pm       200 blk College                    Stolen Auto
07:51 pm       200 blk Blythdale                 Recovered Auto