Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Incident Date:
Sunday, December 12th, 2010


08:55 pm       Unit blk Blythdale               Elder Abuse/Battery of PO
Officers Leong, Castillo and Conceicao responded to a juvenile beyond control call.  The officers learned that the out of control subject was really 23 years old prior to their arrival.  The caller was the subjects’ 87 year old great grandmother.  The officers found the very agitated subject in the home and, upon entering, located the elderly victim upstairs cowering and terrified.  The officers found the subject behavior to be so erratic that they determined that they should place him into handcuffs during the investigation.  The subject resisted the officers’ commands and injured one of the officers while trying to avoid being handcuffed.  The officers found that the suspect had been terrorizing his grandmother and that she had been living in constant fear of him.  The officers conducted a computer query and found that the suspect had a warrant for his arrest and was in violation of his parole.  He was taken to County Jail and booked.  Adult Protective Services was notified of the incident.  Report number 101144274

Other incidents:

02:19 am       4500 blk Mission                 Agg Assault w/ Knife
Officer Hermosura with numerous other Ingleside Station officers responded to a stabbing call.  The officer located two victims, one unconscious suffering from a wound in the abdomen and the other with a wound on the lower back. The officers found that the victims were both intoxicated and walking home when they entered a restaurant and caused a disturbance. After leaving the restaurant the men were accosted and injured by two unknown suspects.  The victims were unable to provide any suspect information.  Both men were transported to SFGH where they were deemed in stable condition.  Report number 101142143

09:22 am       100 blk Del Val                    Theft from Locked Vehicle
Officer Curry located a vehicle that appeared to have been boosted while he was on patrol.  The officer was approached by the vehicle owner who told him that she had left her vehicle secured overnight and found the damage in the morning.  The victim told the officer that her GPS, Radar Detector, and charging cords were stolen from the vehicle. 
Report number 101142676

12:39 pm       1100 blk Peralta                  Theft from Merchant
A merchant at the farmers market stated that she was selling jewelry at a stand when someone stole a gold ring with diamonds.  Officer Fung responded and prepared a report.  No suspect information was provided.  Report number 101143000

04:44 pm       2100 blk Geneva                 Theft from Person
Officer Gomez was flagged down by a young woman who told the officer that her cell phone had been stolen by an African American boy who was with two other boys.  The victim and her friend were waiting for the bus.  The three boys, 12-14 years old, were standing behind the girls and were flirting with them.  A bus approached and as the victim stepped off of the sidewalk to get on the bus, one of the boys grabbed her cell phone from her hand and the three boys ran off together, northbound on Santos, then east on Velasco.  The victims provided a detailed description of the suspects but they were not located.  Report number 101143533

07:15 pm       300 blk Justin                      Robbery w/ Force
Officers Castillo and Shugars responded to a strong arm robbery call.  The victim told the officers that as she was walking home she was approached by two African American males, 20-30 years old. The victim stated that the suspects blocked her path and began to go through her pockets finding nothing.  One of the suspects then yanked a bag she had over her shoulder with enough force to pull it from the victim as she attempted to retain her belongings.  The victim was afraid of the suspects.  The suspect then ran away with her belongings toward the freeway.  The victim was not injured.  A search for the suspects was conducted to no avail.  Report number 101144133

09:08 pm       400 blk Cortland                 Drunk in Public
Officer Gomez responded to a call of an intoxicated person.  The officer was directed to the intoxicated man by employees of a nearby grocery store.  The officer found that the suspect was intoxicated to the level of being unable to care for himself and took the suspect into custody.  The suspect was taken to Ingleside Station to sober up, but while there he attempted to damage the holding cell and in-so-doing injured his arm.  He was taken to SFGH where he was treated and released.  Report number 101144644

Vehicle Incidents:

09:38 am       Unit blk Crescent                 Recovered Auto
09:51 am       Alemany/Ottawa                  Traffic Collision
02:00 pm       Unit blk Teddy                      Stolen Auto
04:45 pm       100 blk Parque                     Traffic Collision H/R
05:30 pm       Kern/Diamond                      Traffic Collision H/R
11:42 pm       1300 blk Bernal Hts             Recovered Auto