Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Incident Date:
Monday, December 13th, 2010


01:45 pm       5300 blk Diamond Hgts.     Agg Assault w/ Force
Officer Giannini with Officers Curry and Muro responded to an assault call.  They met with the victim and her brother who witnessed the attack.  The victim stated that she went to her mothers’ home  and was attacked by her mothers’ live-in boyfriend.  The victim suffered trauma to her head and was transported to the hospital for treatment.  The suspect was located nearby and was taken into custody.  He was booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101146305

Other incidents:

02:05 am       4900 blk Mission                Robbery, Chain Store, w/Force
Officers Lundy and Dilag responded to a shoplifter call at a grocery store.  The officer found that the suspects had fled the scene prior to their arrival.  Other officers searched for the suspects to no avail.  The security guard at the store told the officers that a Hispanic couple attempted to purchase a bottle of Vodka and were told that it was after 2am and that they would not be sold the liquor.  The man then grabbed the bottle and attempted to walk out of the store when the security guard intervened.  The guard was pushed by the male suspect and the female got between them.  The male suspect then grabbed at his waistband indicating that he had a weapon, though none was seen.  The guard then backed away and the suspects got into a black Honda and sped away.  Report number 101144810

04:50 am       Unit blk Burnside               Theft from Locked Auto
Officer Curry responded to an auto boost call.  A witness had called and stated that two African American men were seen breaking into the vehicle and then fleeing in a black Honda.  The victim stated that only $2.00 in coins was taken.  Report number 101145125

07:00 am       Unit blk Melrose                  Vandalism to Vehicle
Officer Wong responded to an auto boost call. Upon viewing the various surfaces the suspect likely touched the officer called for Officer Curry to respond to process the vehicle for fingerprints.  The officer found several prints.  Report number 101145705

10:30 am       3400 blk Mission                 Att. Burglary, Store, Force
Officer Curry responded to an attempted burglary call.  The officer met with the victim/business owner who stated that the front door to the business was damaged by an unknown suspect.  The business was not entered and only the door was damaged.  Report number 101145589

11:30 am       700 blk Velasco                  Graffiti/ Threats
Officers Fung and Sugitan responded to a graffiti call.  They met with the victim homeowner who showed the officers that the front of the house had been spray painted with a graffiti tag and a note left with the graffiti threatened some ones’ life.  Report number 101146076

12:45 pm       300 blk Flood                      Att. Theft from Locked Auto
Officer Sullivan responded to a theft call.  The victim told the office that he observed a Hispanic male, 18-20 years old, bent down behind the victims vehicle.  The victim yelled to the suspect and saw him stand up with a screwdriver in his hand.  The suspect then walked away, dropping the screwdriver in his haste.  The officer seized the screwdriver.  It appeared that the suspect was attempting to steal the license plate from the victims’ vehicle.  The suspect was wearing a black beanie hat, black jacket, and black pants. Report number 101146010

04:20 pm       Unit blk Peralta                   Vehicle Tampering
Officer Hornstein responded to an auto boost call.  The witness stated that she heard the sound of glass breaking and looked out of the window.  She observed an unknown Caucasian male, 30-35 years old, wearing wire rimmed glasses, inside of a family members vehicle.  The witness yelled at the suspect to get out of the car and saw him run away.  The vehicle owner reported that the car stereo was damaged by the suspect along with the smashed window and damaged door lock.  Numerous officers searched the area for the suspect to no avail. Report number 101146822

08:00 pm       Unit blk Phelan                   Theft from Building
A student reported to SFCCPD Officer Russo that she left her cell phone somewhere in one of the buildings are could not find it so she decided it must have been stolen.  Report number 101447808

Vehicle Incidents:

08:45 am       100 blk Hahn                        Recovered Auto
09:43 am       Geneva/Mission                   Suspended Driver
10:08 am       Juanita/Evelyn                      Traffic Collision
10:12 am       1100 blk Cayuga                  Recovered Auto
12:40 pm       200 blk Mateo                      Traffic Collision H/R
01:30 pm       4200 blk Folsom                  Traffic Collision H/R
02:05 pm       Rutland/Visitacion               Traffic Collision
05:15 pm       Unit blk Persia                      Stolen Auto