Thursday, December 9, 2010


Incident Date:
Tuesday, December 7th, 2010


02:16 am       4000 blk Mission                 Warrant Arrest
Officers Hermosura and Contreras assisted Sgts. Turner and Daniele with an intoxicated man that they located while searching for a suspect in an unrelated incident.  The officers, upon viewing the man, recognized him from a mug shot profile that had been posted at Ingleside Station.  The profile indicated that the man was wanted for a robbery in the Taraval District.  The officers confirmed the man’s identity and the validity of the warrant.  The officers took the suspect into custody. Due to his high level of intoxication the suspect was taken to SFGH prior to booking.  Report number 101092021

07:23 am       1100 blk Cayuga                 Driving Under Influence
Officers Johnson and Bernard responded to a head-on traffic collision.  They soon observed that the driver of the vehicle responsible for the collision had an odor of alcohol from her breath and admitted to drinking at a friends’ home.  Due to the injuries that the driver sustained she was taken to SFGH where a blood draw was conducted.  The driver of the other vehicle was also taken to the hospital, her two toddlers were uninjured.  Report number 101129975

Other incidents:

08:59 am       Geneva/Mission                  Theft from Person
Officer Coles responded to a theft call.  The officer met with the victim who stated that she had been seated on an 8X Muni coach with her iPhone in her hand.  As the bus stopped at Geneva and Mission a Hispanic male about 20 years old, walked past her, grabbed the phone from her hand and ran off of the bus.  The victim attempted to run after the suspect, then returned to the bus and informed the driver of the incident who then called for the police.  Report number 101135289

09:00 am       900 blk Geneva                   Vandalism to Property
Officer Barajas responded to a broken window call.  A storefront window of a business under construction had been shattered overnight by an unknown suspect.  The victim told the officer that he resides in the unit over the business and did not hear or see anything.  Report number 101130358

04:54 pm       Unit blk Phelan                   Theft from Building
SFCCPD Officer Bermudez was approached by a library employee who stated that she found that a man, who she had seen seated at a computer terminal, stole the computer mouse from the work station.  Report number 101131522

07:36 pm       Cayuga/Lamartine             Robbery w/ Gun
Officer Archilla responded to a robbery call with numerous other Ingleside Station officers.  The officers met with the victim who told them that he was walking home from Glen Park Bart, carrying his laptop bag, when he passed two African American men on the corner.  The men ran up behind the victim and grabbed his arms then pointed a handgun at him and demanded all of his property.  The victim complied and was made to lay on the ground while the suspects fled toward the Bart Station.  The area was searched for the suspects to no avail.  Report number 101131942

01:35 am       100 blk Coleridge               Aggravated Assault w/Knife
Officer Morse responded to a stabbing call with numerous other Ingleside Station Officers.  They located the victim, suffering from multiple stab wounds, along with a second victim.  Officers searched the area for the suspects to no avail.   The victims stated that they were approached by a group of four Hispanic males that they had encountered earlier in the evening at a bar in the Mission District.  The victims avoided a confrontation at that time with the suspects by leaving the area.   The suspects apparently located the victims and asked them if they were members of a particular gang.  The victims replied that they were not involved in a gang.  The suspects pushed the victims around and then one of the suspects stabbed the victim.  The suspects then ran away together on Coleridge toward Cesar Chavez.  Report number 101132699

Vehicle Incidents:

01:05 am       Cesar Chavez/Folsom                    Unlicensed Driver
07:00 am       800 blk Athens                                 Stolen Auto
09:00 am       Unit blk Amber                                 Stolen Auto
10:00 am       100 blk Peru                                     Stolen Auto
10:00 am       Concord/Morse                                Stolen License Plate
01:05 pm       Alemany/Ellsworth                          Unlicensed Driver
01:40 pm       1500 blk Sunnydale                        Stolen License Plate
02:47 pm       Unit blk Amber                                 Recovered Vehicle
05:14 pm       Geneva/Stoneridge                        Traffic Collision H/R
08:30pm        Geneva/Naples                               Unlicensed Driver
10:17 pm       400 blk Athens                                Recovered Auto
10:50 pm       Mission/Randall                               Suspended Driver