Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Incident Date:
Friday, December 3rd, 2010


05:13 am       5600 Mission                       Aggravated Assault
Officers Dilag and Lundy responded to a fight call.  The officers located the victim, her young children and a male adult.  The woman had suffered a serious facial injury and the man suffered deep scratches.  They had both been attacked by the males’ girlfriend who is friends with the female victim.  The suspect was later located by the officers and she stated that she attacked her boyfriend and her friend because she believed they were having sex.  The female victims’ three children witnessed the attack on their mother.  The group had been drinking heavily together and all were intoxicated.  The suspect was booked at County Jail and the female victim was cited for child endangerment.  Report number 101115504

09:40 pm       3300 blk Mission                 Theft, Shoplifting
Officers Pai and Araujo responded to a grocery store regarding a shoplifting suspect.  The officers met with the security guard who had the suspect in custody.  The guard told the officers that the suspect entered the store and concealed a bottle of liquor under his sweatshirt and then exited the store without paying for the merchandise.  The suspect did not have identification and was therefore taken to Ingleside Station where he was subsequently identified then cited and released.  Report number 101118746

11:20 pm       Unit blk Pasadena              Warrant Arrest
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca responded to a fight call.  The officers found that a father and son had been playing around when the intoxicated adult son became angry and punched his father in the face causing no injury.  The father refused to press charges against his son. The officers discovered that the son had a warrant for his arrest and therefore placed him under arrest. The suspect was taken into custody and booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101115184

Other incidents:

11:20 am       2800 blk Diamond              Theft from Merchant
Officer McMilton responded to a grocery store where a theft had just occurred.  The store manager was told by the store wine buyer that some bottles of wine had just been stolen.  The suspects were seen on video surveillance entering the store and walking to the liquor section.  One suspect held a basket while the other placed six bottles of wine in the basket.  Both suspects then walked to the rear of the store and a few moments later exited separately from the front door.  The basket was located, empty, in the back of the store.  Suspect 1: Hispanic male, 35-40 years old, 5’10, 210 lbs, with black hair and beard, wearing a black Nike baseball cap, blk leather jacket, green shirt, and brown pants. Suspect 2: Hispanic male, 5’6, 230 lbs, black hair, wearing a tan ball cap, black shirt, blue jeans, with red backpack.  Report number 101116502

05:30 pm       4600 blk Mission                 Theft, Pickpocket
PSA Guituan was approached at Ingleside Station by a victim who stated that her wallet was stolen from her jacket pocket while she shopped at a thrift shop.  The victim stated that an unknown race man and a Hispanic woman were both standing uncomfortably close to her while she was shopping.  The victim believed that one or both were responsible for the theft.  Report number 101119374

06:00 pm       500 blk Naples                    Burglary, Apartment, Force
Officers Tuimalu and Ritter responded to a burglary call.  The officers met with the victim who stated that she believed her father had broken into her apartment by forcing a door open, and stole items of clothing and other items of value from her residence.  She believed he was responsible because the clothing items stolen belonged to him.  Report number 101117180

08:00 pm       5000 blk Mission              Burglary, Hotel room, Unlawful
Officers Mora and Anderson responded to a burglary call.  The officers met with the victim who stated that she left her purse in her motel room and secured the door.  Upon her return several hours later she found the window wide open with the curtains billowing out.  She entered the room to find that her cash in her purse had been stolen and the contents of her purse spread out over the bed.  No suspect information was available.  Report number 101117390

08:05 pm       4300 blk Mission                 Threats
A man reported to Officers Ng and Hoang that his life had been threatened by his cousin.  The victim stated that his cousin was capable of carrying out the threats and that he feared for his life and that of his son who was also threatened.  The officers listened to the threatening messages on a voice message left by the suspect.  Report number 101117481

09:00 pm       200 blk Blythdale                Burglary, Residence, Force
Officers Reyes and Khan responded to a burglary call in the public housing complex.  The victim stated that her home had been burglarized and showed the officers a side window that had been shattered.  The victim stated that she found the back door to her residence open upon her return.  No witnesses were found.  Report number 101117629

Vehicle Incidents:

07:06 am        1500 blk Sunnydale                          Recovered Auto
08:00 am        Seneca/San Jose                             Stolen Auto
08:35 am        800 blk Huron                                    Recovered Auto
08:35 am        800 blk Huron                                    Recovered License Plate
09:24 am        4000 blk San Bruno                          Recovered Auto
12:09 pm        South Hill/Munich                              Traffic Collision
12:22 pm        30th St/Chenery                                 Traffic Collision
06:30 pm        100 blk Foote                                    Stolen Auto
04:35 pm        Portola/D. Heights                            Traffic Collision H/R
06:00 pm        3253 Harrison                                   Stolen Auto
10:46 pm        1200 blk Bosworth                            Stolen Auto