Monday, November 15, 2010


Incident Date:
Friday, November 12th, 2010


10:38 pm       5000 blk Mission                 Methamphetamine Offense
Due to complaints regarding narcotics related activity, Officers Hauscarriague and Almaguer were conducting a passing call of the area.  The officers contacted one man who told them that he was on probation.  The officers confirmed that the subject had a search condition and then conducted a search of the man.  The officers found that the man was in possession of methamphetamine.  He was later booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101053534

10:50 pm       Peru/Felton                          Warrant Arrest
Officers Robinson and Pereira observed a suspicious vehicle in the area.  The officers contacted the occupants of the vehicle.  The officers found that one of the occupants was wanted for a narcotics warrant.  The suspect was later booked at Ingleside Station.

Other incidents:

03:32 pm       100 blk Prentiss                  Vandalism to Vehicle
A victim reported to Officers Hermosura and Contreras that he interrupted two suspects who were breaking into his van.  The victim heard a noise and looked outside, seeing two figures near his vehicle.  The victim yelled out of the window and scared off the suspects who had broken out the vent wing window on the van.  Report number 101050762

01:20 pm       4900 blk Mission                 Battery
A man reported to Officers Barajas and Chew that he had been punched in the face by an unknown Hispanic male who he had never seen before.  The victim suffered a bruised eye.  The suspect was not located.  Report number 101054902

06:22 pm       300 blk Crescent                Arson of Vehicle
Officers Yuen and Paras responded to a vehicle fire that was extinguished by SFFD.  The officers met with the owner of the vehicle.  He stated that he has been in a parking dispute with his neighbors and believes that they are responsible for the damage to his vehicle.  The officers were told by the fire department that the vehicle appeared to have been set on fire with a flammable liquid.  Report number 101055803

07:00 pm       Unit blk Southwood          Vehicle Tampering
Officer Jones met with a victim who stated that she believed that her neighbor moved her vehicle in some manner in order to park his own vehicle in a spot the suspect likes to park in.  She stated that she left the vehicle unattended and secured and returned to find no visible damage, but that the vehicle was moved forward from where she had left it parked.  Report number 101043864

07:05 pm       5200 Mission                       Battery/Threats
A known customer at a market battered and threatened an employee when the employee was busy with another customer and asked him to wait.  The suspect threatened the victim with harm when he leaves work.  The suspect was not located.  Report number 101055869

07:55 pm       1800 blk Sunnydale           Burglary, Att/Weapon
A father and son were home when they heard a knock at the door.  The son, a known gang member, opened the door and found a young African American male at his door pointing a gun at him.  One other suspect was standing behind the first.  The victim attempted to close the door on the suspect, who then kicked the door open leaving a footprint.  The victim threw a stool at the suspects and closed and locked the door.  The suspects fled the scene and the father called for the police.  The victims were uncooperative with the investigation.  Report number 101052984

Vehicle Incidents:

02:00 am       900 blk Prague                               Stolen Lic Plate
07:30 am       200 blk Nevada                              Stolen Truck
08:05 am       4000 blk Mission                            Stolen/Recovered Auto
08:18 am       Alemany/Santa Rosa                    Traffic Collision
10:00 am       5400 blk Diamond Hts                  Stolen Auto
04:00 pm       400 blk Holly Park                          Stolen Auto
04:35 pm       Alemany/San Juan                        Unlicensed Driver
07:45 pm       Mission/Geneva                             Suspended Driver
10:48 pm       Mission/Italy                                    Unlicensed Driver
11:50 pm       Mission/Excelsior                            Suspended Driver