Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Incident Date:
Sunday, November 14th, 2010


2:04 am         3100 blk Mission     Drug Arrest
Officers Crispin and Khan were patrolling the Ingleside district when they observed a vehicle go through a red light without stopping. The officers positioned themselves to stop the vehicle only to have the vehicle pull over before the officers could activate their lights. Officer Crispin approached the driver of the vehicle and discovered that the driver has never had a License issued. While at the driver side window the officer could smell Marijuana. The car was searched and a substantial amount of Marijuana was found. The officers also discovered that the driver had 4 suspension of her license. The driver was cited, the car towed and the Marijuana was booked. Report number 101053807

10:10 am       3300 Blk Mission    Theft Arrest
Officer Bernard was sent to investigate a theft case. The victim told the officer that he observed the suspect walk into the store and then take items off the shelf and stuff them into a bag. The victim told the officer that he followed the suspect as he walked by the cash register and then outside. The victim stopped the suspect then called the police. The suspect was taken into custody, and because he had prior convictions was booked on a felony. Report number 101054394

9:25 pm         300 blk Raymond   Vandalism Arrest
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were sent to investigate a vandalism report. The officers were met at the scene by officers Padilla and Seavey with a suspect detained. A witness approached the officers and told them that he had observed the suspect in custody do the damage to the vehicle. The victim of the vandalism also came out and wanted to press charges. The victim signed a complaint and the suspect was arrested and then cited at the scene. Report number 101056221

Other incidents:

7:00 pm         900 blk Teresita      Theft from Auto
Reserve Officer Martinez and Officer Morgante were sent to investigate a theft case. The victim told the officers that he parked his car in front of his home only to discover that someone had broken a window. The victim could not tell if anything was missing. No suspects were observed. Report number 101054247

10:00 pm       Judson @ Edna      Robbery with Force
Officer Ma was sent to investigate a robbery case that just occurred. The victim told the officer that while he was on the bus an unidentified male suspect asked him if he wanted to hang out with him at a party. The victim agreed and got off the bus with the suspect. The suspect led the victim to a secluded area and proceeded to hit him until he lost consciousness. The suspect removed the victim’s belongings and fled. The victim was treated for non-life threatening injuries. No witnesses were available. Report number 101056431

11:00 pm       200 blk Valley          Threats
Officers Vizcay and Morse were sent to investigate a battery that occurred. The victim told the officers that a known suspect was being reprimanded by them and became angry and pushed the victim down to the ground and threatened with bodily harm. The suspect then left the house. This case is still under investigation. Report number 101056469

11:45 pm       3800 blk Mission     Burglary
Officer Ma was sent to investigate a commercial burglary incident. the victim told the officer that she locked and secured her business the previous night only to discover from her alarm company that someone had broken in. the suspect had damaged the business and taken $280 in cash. No suspects were observed. Report number 101056748                  

Vehicle Incidents:

No Incidents to report