Monday, November 15, 2010


Incident Date:
Thursday, November 11th, 2010


11:35 am       Unit blk Alpha                      Municipal Code Violation
A man was cited for an off-leash dog after the small animal approached a man walking nearby.  Officer Hornstein and Goldsborough determined that a dog bite had not occurred.  Report number 101048654

12:37 pm       800 blk Sunnydale             Firearm, Loaded, in Vehicle
Officers Uang and Hopkins observed a driver commit a vehicle code violation and conducted a traffic stop.  The officers smelled the odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle.  The occupants stated that the smell was from marijuana that had been consumed by the passenger who had a medical marijuana card in his possession.  The officers felt that the smell was too pungent and believed there was additional marijuana in the vehicle.  They searched the vehicle and located marijuana in a back pack.  That same backpack contained a loaded revolver, which was later determined to have been reported stolen.  The officers located a stun gun in the glove box and other illegal prescription narcotic medication.  One passenger in the vehicle was released, the driver was cited for the traffic offense and the other passenger was booked.  Report number 101048820

Other incidents:

01:11 am       100 blk Colon                      Theft from Locked Auto, Att
Officer Ferronato prepared a report for three roommate who all had their vehicles broken into.  Though an unknown suspect broke out a window in all three vehicles, no property was stolen.  Report number 101047719

06:40 am       200 blk Naglee                    Theft from Locked Auto, Att
Officer Giannini  investigated an auto boost incident.  The victim showed the officer that the right front window of her vehicle had been smashed while parked, locked and unattended overnight.  The victim found that nothing was missing from the vehicle. Report number 101047913

07:00 am       200 blk Naglee                    Theft from Locked Auto, Att
Officer Giannini met with an auto boost victim that showed him that her parked, locked and unattended vehicle had been broken into overnight.  The victim did not find anything missing from her vehicle.  Report number 101047929

10:00 am       400 blk Foerster                  Vandalism to Vehicle
Officer Trujillo met with a victim who told him that the front passenger side window of her vehicle had been smashed while it was parked, locked and unattended.  Report number 101048814

10:10 am       Unit blk Phelan                   Battery
A man and woman were seen fighting and a call went out for SFCCPD to respond.  Both parties were located and had somewhat differing accounts of the incident.  Both claimed the other was the aggressor.  The two combatants made complaints of battery on the other and both were cited and released by Officers Smith and Ngoi.  Report number 101048494

10:55 am       Mt. Vernon/Ellington          Robbery w/Force
Officer Giannini, assisted by Officer Martinez investigated a robbery incident.  They met with the victim who stated that she was walking  and passed the suspect who bumped her then ran at her and grabbed her purse from her shoulder.  The suspect ran from the scene, south on Ellington.  The victim was not injured. Report number 101048535

11:50 am       Girard/Wilde                       Theft, Purse Snatch
Officers Martinez and Larocca responded to a purse snatch call.  The victim told the officers that her purse was grabbed from her shoulder by an African American male, 17-18 years old, 6’0, 160 lbs, wearing a black jacket with writing on the back, and dark blue jeans.  The suspect ran from the area and was not located.  Report number 101048682

06:30 pm       1400 blk Visitacion             Robbery w/ Force
Officer Dudley responded to a robbery call.  Officer Fung responded to assist in Cantonese translation.  The officers met with the victim who told them that while walking to her home with her two year old daughter by the hand, three African American males, 18-22 years old, ran up behind her and one of them grabbed her purse.  She struggled to retain her belongings so one of the other suspects picked up her young daughter.  The woman feared for her daughters’ safety and let go of the bag.  The suspects placed the child on the ground and ran away into a housing complex.  A search for the suspects was conducted to no avail.  Report number 101049674

 8:10 pm        600 blk La Grande              Aggravated Assault
A man appearing to have been beaten up in a fight, refused to provide any information to Officer Dudley regarding the incident.  The man was heavily intoxicated and was taken via ambulance to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.  Report number 101050110

Vehicle Incidents:

08:00 am       200 blk Blythdale                            Recovered Auto
09:30 am       100 blk Casitas                               Recovered Auto
01:44 pm       1700 blk Cayuga                             Recovered Auto
03:00 pm       Alemany/Leo                                   Stolen Auto
03:50 pm       100 blk Mangels                             Traffic Collision
05:30 pm       Tiffany/Duncan                               Stolen Auto
06:45 pm       100 blk Naglee                               Traffic Collision H/R
11:13 pm       Geneva/Brookdale                        Suspended Driver
11:19 pm       Guerrero/Duncan                          Recovered Unfounded Auto