Monday, November 15, 2010


Incident Date:
Wednesday, November 10th, 2010


07:45 am       Monterey/Edna                   Traffic Violation Arrest
Officers Curry stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation.  The driver was unlicensed and did not have any form of identification.  The officer was unable to make a positive identification of the driver in order to cite him for the offense; therefore he was booked at County Jail.  Report number 101044254

02:59 pm       300 blk Sawyer                   Stay Away Order Violation
A woman called for police assistance and Officer Sugitan and Fung responded.  The officers found that a family member with mental health issues was causing the elderly woman to feel fearful.  The man subject was found to have a valid restraining order from the caller and was aware of the order.  The subject was booked at County Jail.  Report number 101077934

03:21 pm       Unit blk Montcalm              Warrant Arrest
During a Fugitive Recovery Enforcement Team operation Officer Hauscarriague responded to the address of a man with an outstanding warrant for his arrest.  The officer located the man and took him into custody without incident.  The man was booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101045917

07:31 pm       400 blk Monterey                Warrant Arrest
Officer Almaguer, working a FRET operation, located and took into custody a man with a warrant for his arrest.  Report number 101157765

08:46 pm       500 blk Ellsworth                Narcotics for Sales
Officers Tam, Hurwitz and Daggett went to the residence of a man with a search condition as part of his probation agreement.  The officers located the man in his home and searched the home and his vehicle.  The officers found live ammunition in the bedroom and hallucinogenic mushrooms in the closet.  The officers found a large amount of marijuana in the subjects vehicle.  He was taken into custody and later booked at Ingleside Station.  Report number 101047151

Other incidents:

06:30 am       Unit blk Justin                     Vandalism to Vehicle
Officer Najarro met with a Park and Rec employee who stated that a city truck was broken into overnight, though nothing was stolen.  Report number 101044185
09:45 am       San Jose/Geneva               Robbery w/Force
Officer Giannini responded to a robbery call and met with the victim.  The victim stated that an African American male, 5’8, 160 lbs, with red hair hit the victim on the shoulder while she was walking with her phone in her hand. The suspect then grabbed the cell phone and ran away.  A witness reported that the suspect got into a vehicle and provided the license plate.  The vehicle was located shortly thereafter, but the suspect was not located.  Report number 101044561

10:25 am       Avalon/Vienna                     Theft, Purse Snatch
Officer Rand met with a purse snatch victim who stated that she was walking when an unknown race male, 16-18 years old, ran up from behind her and grabbed her purse.  She was completely startled but not injured.  The suspect ran away on Avalon.  Report number 101044793

11:30 am       Unit blk Phelan                   Vandalism to Vehicle
A student reported to SFCCPD Officer Gaytan that her vehicle had been maliciously scratched all around by an unknown suspect while she attended her class.  Report number 101045707

11:40 am       Bosworth/Still                     Robbery w/ Force
A woman flagged down officers Ng and Hintzen and told them that she had been robbed.  The victim stated that she was walking when an African American male, 25-27 years old, 6’0, 180 lbs, wearing a zip up black hooded sweatshirt, ran up beside her and forcefully yanked her purse off of her shoulder.  The suspect then fled on foot on Still St.  The victim was not injured.  Report number 101045644

11:40 am       Unit blk Phelan                   Theft from Building
Two students reported to SFCCPD Officer Smith that property of theirs had been stolen from the locker room in the Wellness Center.  A witness identified a woman as a possible suspect.  The woman was detained and it was determined that she did not have and of the missing property.  Report number 101045202

03:57 pm       4700 blk Mission                 Battery
Officer Gomez responded to a battery call.  The officer met with the victims who stated that a class mate of theirs had borrowed a pair of headphones from one of the victims.  When the victim asked for the headphones to be returned the suspect refused and then began beating the victim.  The other victim attempted to assist his friend and was also struck by the suspect.  The suspect ran from the bus with another suspect who assisted him in beating the victims.  Report number 101046216

09:56 pm       200 blk Holly Park              Robbery w/Force
Three women were walking on Holly Park Circle when they were approached by three African American males in mid to late teens.  One of the victims was robbed of her cell phone.  The suspects then ran away from the scene.  Report number 101047327

10:30 pm       Alemany/Silver                    Robbery w/ Force
Officers Morgante and Martinez responded to a robbery call.  The victim told the officers that she was walking home from a restaurant when she was shoved down from behind and her tote style shopping bag was stolen.  The suspect was never seen.  The victim was taken to the hospital as she believed that she had been unconscious.  Report number 101054300

Vehicle Incidents:

08:10 am       100 blk Paris                                   Recovered Auto
11:10 am       Guerrero/27th St                             Traffic Collision
11:30 am       1700 blk San Jose                         Stolen Truck
12:40 pm       Unit blk Surrey                                Recovered Auto
12:54 pm       Unit blk Brookdale                         Recovered Auto
03:22 pm       Dolores/30th St                              Traffic Collision
04:54 pm       Unit blk Wilder                                Recovered Auto
09:15 pm       Geneva/Naples                              Suspended Driver