Thursday, October 7, 2010


Incident Date:
Tuesday, October 5th, 2010


06:38 pm                   Alemany/Geneva                 Drug Arrest

Sgt Lozada was on patrol when he noticed a car with expired registration driving in front of him. Sgt Lozada verified the registration was expired via his computer. Sgt Lozada stopped the vehicle and as he approached his olfactory senses were overwhelmed by the pungent odor of Marijuana. Sgt Lozada requested a back up and numerous Ingleside units responded. Two out of the three suspects in the car had drugs. Both suspects were cited. The car was towed. The third suspect was released. Report number 100930305

09:53 pm                   400 blk London    Drug Arrest/Possession of Stolen Property

Officers Hurwitz and Daggett were on patrol in an undercover capacity. The officers observed a car go through a red light. The officers followed the car until the occupants noticed the officer and tried to lose them. The officers kept them in sight and eventually the car stopped. The occupants of the car were evasive and nervous. The officers later discovered that both suspects were on probation and had a search condition as a result. The officers found drugs, stolen property and credit cards in the car. The officers were able to rid two more career criminals from the streets of San Francisco. Report number 100931159

Other incidents:

 05:44 am                  100 blk Russia                     Hot Prowl Burglary

Officers Dilag and Henry-Garcia were sent to investigate a burglary where the suspect broke into the house while the victim and family were sleeping. The victim told the officers that she was sleeping when her bedroom door swung open. The suspect sew that the victim as home and fled into the bathroom and locked himself in. the police was called and responded. After an intensive search the suspect was not located. Report number 100927875

06:20 am                   Unit blk Farragut                  Attempted Auto Theft

Officers Rosaik and Smethurst were sent to investigate an attempted auto theft. The victim told the officers that he was awoken by a car alarm. The victim peered out his window to investigate and saw two suspects. Both of the suspects were inside the victim’s car. The victim began to yell police, police! The suspects got into a station wagon that was double parked next to his car and fled. The case is still under investigation. Report number 100927932

09:30 am                   Unit blk Leland                     Hot Prowl Burglary

Officers Ng and Hintzen were sent to investigate a burglary where the suspect broke into the house while the victim and family were sleeping. The victim told the officers that by noise from another room in her apartment. When the victim went to investigate she saw a known suspect packing her sons Xbox and games. The victim confronted the suspect and grabbed her phone to call her son. The suspect fled the scene. This case is still under investigation. Report number 100928805

11:40 am                   4900 blk Mission                  Fraud Case

Officer Morrow was sent to investigate a fraud case. The victim told the officer that the suspect attempted to purchase merchandise with a fake $100 bill. The suspect acted surprised and stayed calm. The victim told the suspect that she was calling the police. The suspect agreed and walked out when the victim stepped away to use the phone. The video in the business will be checked. Report number 100928849

07:45 pm                   Alemany/Ellsworth              Vandalism to Auto

Officers Padilla and Morse were sent to investigate a vandalism case. the victim told the officers that she thought that someone had shot at her car while driving. The officers investigated and found the damage to have been cause by another means. No bullet holes were located. The dent was not consistent with a bullet. Report number 100930822

06:38 pm                      1600 blk Sunnydale         Shooting into Dwelling

Officer Hom and numerous Ingleside units responded to a call of “Shots Fired”. The officer interviewed the victim and was told that they were in another room when they heard the shots. No one was injured. The victim was reluctant to give the officer information. The case is under investigation. Report number 100930662

Vehicle Incidents:

08:30 am       Brazil/Madrid                         Traffic Collision H/R
10:15 am       5200 blk Mission                   Unlicensed Driver
04:05 pm       Circular/Monterey                 Traffic Collision
04:06 pm       San Jose/San Juan             Traffic Collision
05:47 pm       Excelsior/Naples                   Traffic Collision H/R
06:00 pm       Monterey/Baden                   Traffic Collision H/R