Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sept. 16, 2016

       Incident Date:
                        Friday, September 16th, 2016

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held on Tuesday, October    18, 2016 at 7p.m.   (Location still being determined).


9:50pm       Mission/Park                          Battery
A cab driver and his fare got into a dispute over the best route to the Lucky Chance Casino. The cab driver told Ingleside Officer Washington that he was flagged down by a customer near Mission and Park Street. The customer told the cab driver to take him to the Casino. The driver was driving on southbound #280 freeway when suddenly the passenger accused the driver of not taking the correct way to the Casino. An argument ensued and the driver said he would not take him to the Casino and instead would drive him back to the location where he first entered the cab. He did that and the passenger, when exiting the cab, punched the cab driver in the shoulder. The suspect then walked to a nearby tavern where he was arrested for battery and other crimes by Officer Washington. Report number: 160753868

Serious Incidents:

There are no serious incidents to report.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

07:54am           2600 Blk Mission                     Recovered Vehicle
10:00am           100 Blk Trumbull                      Stolen Vehicle
10:00am           50 Phelan Avenue                     Battery
04:36pm           600 Blk Hearst                          Recovered Vehicle
07:59pm           900 Blk Ellsworth                     Assault
09:11pm           San Jose/Sickles                       Hit and Run
10:00pm           200 Blk Congdon                     Stolen License Plate
10:00pm           700 Blk Morse                          Theft from Vehicle
11:30pm           1800 Blk Alemany                    Theft from Vehicle
11:35pm           Mission/Ruth                            Traffic Violation Arrest