Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July. 24, 2015

      Incident Date:
                             Friday, July 24th, 2015
The next Ingleside community meeting will be held at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church on Tuesday, August 18, 2015 at 7p.m. The church is located at 101 Gold Mine Drive cross of Diamond Heights Blvd. Refreshments will be provided, please attend. Thank you.

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1:30pm       4900 Blk Mission                   Stolen Vehicle                        Sgt. Alvarez, Officers Lustenberger, and Quintero were on routine patrol when they received a call from a Daly City detective who spotted a possible stolen vehicle parked on the 4900 block of Mission. The Ingleside officers went to the address and observed the stolen vehicle was occupied by a man who had been arrested several times for car theft. The Ingleside officers, with assistance from the Daly City detective, surrounded the vehicle and arrested the occupant. The vehicle, a late model Audi SUV, was reported stolen on July 22nd.   The officers found shaved keys, construction tools, debit and credit cards, a cell phone, and several clothing items. The suspect was taken to Ingleside Station and booked for car theft and other crimes. Report number: 150644001

6:30pm       4100 Blk Mission                   Burglary Tools                    Ingleside Officer Hackard, joined by two probation officers, went to an address on the 4100 Blk. of Mission to check for illegal activity. At the address they contacted an individual who was on probation with a search condition out of Napa County. The suspect had a cell phone that didn’t belong to him along with shaved car keys used for Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, and other vehicles. He also had several bike lock keys. The suspect was taken to Ingleside Station and booked for possession of burglary tools. Report number: 150644794

Serious Incidents:

12:31pm          Persia/Athens                    Evading A Police Officer
An older Acura failing to halt at stop signs caught the attention of Ingleside Officers Macaulay and Lucia. The officers tailed the Acura as it continued driving on Persia Street ignoring several more stop signs. The officers tuned on their emergency lights when the vehicle reached Persia and Sunnydale. The driver temporarily slowed, then sped up and tried to escape the pursuit until it stopped in the 1700 block of Sunnydale where the driver and occupants exited the car and ran off. Report number: 150642334

10:11pm    700 Block of Moscow               Weapon
Soccer team members turned to violence after the score went against them at the Crocker Amazon Park Soccer Field. The victim, who plays for the other team in the match, said a member of the losing team threw a soccer ball at him which knocked him to the ground. The suspect then kicked him several times while he was off his feet. Another suspect then approached the fallen player and pulled out a folding knife. The victim got to his feet and ran away while being chased by 8 suspects. He managed to escape their pursuit and called police. He went back to the playground and waited for police to arrive. The suspects ran westbound on Geneva toward Mission Street. Report Number: 150645548

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

01:44am           300 Blk Elsie                           Vandalism to Vehicle
04:00am           400 Blk Capistrano                  Stolen Vehicle
05:00am           100 Blk Madrid                        Stolen License Plate
08:00am           100 Blk Britton                        Vandalism to Property
09:15am           100 Blk Lippard                       Burglary
10:29am           100 Blk Park                            Vandalism to Property
10:32am           900 Blk Moscow                      Theft from Vehicle
11:00am           4600 Blk Mission                     Fraud
11:30am           1900 Blk San Jose                   Vandalism to Vehicle
12:14pm           Unit Blk Leese                         Recovered Vehicle
01:40pm           4900 Blk Mission                     Recovered Vehicle
03:00pm           100 Blk Lundys                        Stolen Vehicle
03:16pm           Cambridge/Stoneybrook           Traffic Collision
03:36pm           200 Blk Vienna                        Fraud
04:00pm           700 Blk Naples                        Theft from Vehicle
04:38pm           500 Blk Portola                        Recovered License Plate
04:38pm           500 Blk Portola                        Recovered Vehicle
05:00pm           Andover/Crescent                    Attempted Stolen Vehicle
05:30pm           Unit Blk Santos                        Vandalism to Vehicle
06:14pm           400 Blk Arlington                    Warrant Arrest
07:45pm           300 Blk Alpha                          Vandalism to Vehicle
09:00pm           Unit Blk Lyell                           Stolen Vehicle
11:30pm           100 Blk Naglee                         Stolen Vehicle

Burglaries with suspect description:

No Incidents to Report.