Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oct. 25, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday, October 25h, 2012

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6:04am       200 blk San Juan           Warrant Arrest
Officers Mario and Kathy responded to a call of a male wearing only his underwear attempting burglary. When the officers arrived on scene, the suspect shivering in the cold, approached their vehicle. Officers noticed the suspect had an injury on the right side of his forehead. When the suspect was asked how he obtained the injury and was unable to give a clear answer. The officers requested an ambulance to assess suspect’s injury. Officers then asked for some identification and the suspect provided them verbally; however, he was unable to provide information about his current residence. The officers then conducted a computer check with the suspect’s name and discovered he had no bail parole warrant for his arrest. It was determined that he needed to be taken to the hospital for further assessment. After being released from San Francisco General Hospital the suspect was transported and booked for warrant at Ingleside Station. Report Number 120861304

3:39pm       600 blk Andover           Arson Arrest
Officers Hauscarriague and Pederson were requested to respond to assist Insp. Levine of the Arson Task Force on a search warrant. The warrant stemmed from a fire that started in one house, then engulfed neighboring homes. At the original scene the alleged victims of where the fire started told officers that they were boiling something in the yard and that the extension cords over heated and caught on fire.
The officers became suspicious and notified the arson inspectors.  Arson investigators were able to find evidence that the reason for the fire was the illegal production of hashish. Two suspects were taken into custody and numerous bags of drugs and drug indicia were confiscated.
The suspects were booked at Ingleside Station for the drugs and the illegal lab setup that caused several homes to burn. Thanks to the alert and keen observation skills of the original officers, two suspects that had set up an illegal drug lab have been sent to jail. Although there were injuries, none of them were life threatening. Report number 120861118. This is why this is the ***Best Arrest of the Day***

Serious Incidents:

1:21am       900 blk Ellsworth           Shots fired
Officers Hopkins and Steven responded to a call regarding a shooting on Ellsworth.
When the officers arrived the officers met with three witnesses that stated they heard gunshots that woke them up. One witness said they heard six to seven shots and shortly after heard the sound of a vehicle driving off. Another witness looked out the window didn’t notice anything wrong at the time. Then later noticed her car was full of bullet holes. The bullet holes appeared to be recent and wasn’t there when she parked it last night. A team of Ingleside officers then gathered all the evidence around the crime scene and booked at Ingleside Station. Report Number 120860754

10:20am     Unit Blk 28th St             Burglary
Officers Sanchez and Curry responded to a possible burglary in progress on the unit block of 28th Street. The victim stated that an unknown suspect just left her apartment on foot headed down San Jose Avenue carrying a piece of the door frame in his hand. The officers arrived and searched the area looking for the suspect but were unable to locate him. They then spoke to the victim who said she was inside her apartment when she heard a noise. She heard the front door to her apartment, which was unlocked at the time, open and shut right away. She thought this was strange, so she went out of her apartment and saw the unknown suspect walking away, down the hallway that leads to the outside door that exits to the sidewalk. The victim immediately called the police. She said the unknown suspect never stepped inside her apartment because she was playing loud music, which might have spooked the suspect away. The victim said nothing was taken and that she would be able to recognize the suspect if she saw him again. Report Number 120860174.

7:30pm       900 Blk Geneva            Robbery
A victim arrived at Ingleside Station and wished to make a robbery report. He spoke to Police Service Aid Cato and told her that he was walking on Geneva Avenue near Mission Street when an unknown suspect approached him from behind and demanded his property. The victim said he understood that to specifically mean his phone because it was the only thing he had to give. The suspect then stood in front of the victim pointing a Black handgun in his direction. The victim feared for his life and handed his phone over to the suspect. The suspect then ran away headed down Geneva Avenue. Unfortunately, the victim’s phone did not have any tracking software installed. Report Number 120862017

7:33pm       Chenery/Lippard           Robbery
Officers Bernard and Chew responded to a robbery near the intersection of Chenery and Lippard Street. They met with the victim who was in the process of tracking her stolen Iphone using her husband’s phone. She was able to track her Iphone to the area of Addison near Farnum Street. Officer Chew obtained the suspect’s description and the current location of the stolen phone. The victim said she was walking home on Chenery Street when she noticed two suspects walking towards her. When the suspects passed her, One of them placed his hand over her mouth from behind and pulled her on to Lippard Street. She attempted to scream for help but was unable to do so because of the suspect’s hand over her mouth. The second suspect then took her briefcase, containing her phone and other items, from her hands. The first suspect then released her and they both ran away down Lippard headed towards Bosworth Avenue. The victim then ran home and called the police. Officer Bernard responded to the area of Addison and Farnum and located the victim’s stolen briefcase and Iphone. The suspect made off with her laptop, wallet, Ipod and numerous credit cards. Officer Bernard returned back to the scene and gave the victim back her briefcase and Iphone. Report Number 120861978.

11:10pm     4200 blk Folsom           Robbery/Gun
Officers Carrasco and Dominguez were sent to investigate a robbery incident. The officers located the victims that told them the following: the victims were walking home from a friend’s house when they were taken by surprise by two suspects. One of the suspects grabbed the purse of one of the suspects. The victims’ husband came to her aide only to be met by suspect number two who produced a gun. The suspect struck the husband on the head with the gun causing the victim to fall.  The suspects were able to get the purse and wallet. Both suspects then fled. The victims were treated at the scene for the injuries. Officers searched the area for possible suspects with negative results. Report number 120862471

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  6:30am          300 29th Street           Burglary
  7:35am          3100 Blk Alemany      Recovered Vehicle
  8:30am          Unit Blk Delta             Burglary
  8:31am          Alemany/Carter           Traffic Collision
  9:50am          600 Blk Moscow        Recovered Vehicle
12:47pm          800 Blk Brazil             Recovered Vehicle
12:49pm          200 Blk Detroit           Recovered Vehicle
  1:20pm          3300 Blk Mission        Theft
  2:20pm          200 Blk College          Recovered Vehicle
  3:00pm          3300 Blk Mission        Theft
  3:15pm          100 Blk Brookdale      Threats
  5:00pm          San Jose/John Young  Battery
  6:45pm          500 Blk Rutland          Theft
  7:30pm          100 Blk Leland           Theft