Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oct. 24, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

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There were no arrests to report on today’s date.

Serious Incidents:

3:00am       Paulding/Circular         Robbery
Officers Chew and Bernard responded to assist the victim of a robbery.  The victim stated that he was walking on Paulding and texting on his cellular phone when a vehicle stopped alongside him and three male suspects exited.  The suspects approached him and told him to give them his cellular phone.  The victim refused, and the suspects blocked his path.  One of the suspects told him he would “pop him” if he didn’t give up his phone.  Out of fear, the victim handed the suspect his cellular phone and the suspects fled the area on foot.  The victim was not injured and was unsure if he could recognize the suspects.  Officers searched the area unsuccessfully for them.  Report Number 120858618

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

 12:01am         300 Blk 29th                Fraud
   7:13am         Unit Blk Santa Rosa   Recovered Vehicle
  8:00am          1200 Blk Geneva        Theft
  9:01am          Hearst/Edna                Traffic Collision
  9:59am          200 Blk Alemany        Recovered Vehicle
11:30am          5200 Blk Mission        Burglary
11:30am          Alemany/Santa Rosa   Stolen Vehicle
12:30pm          2900 Blk Alemany      Recovered Vehicle
  1:00pm          3300 Blk Mission        Battery
  1:30pm          50 Phelan                    Theft
  4:10pm          1900 Blk Sunnydale   Recovered Vehicle
  5:30pm          Unit Blk Raymond     Auto Boost
  7:00pm          3800 Blk San Bruno   Vandalism
  7:24pm          300 Blk Edinburgh     Battery
  9:00pm          200 Blk Rey                Vandalism
  9:51pm          3700 Blk Mission        Battery
10:30pm          700 Blk Brazil             Arson
10:45pm          Unit Blk Seneca          Battery
11:30pm          700 Blk Holly Pk        Stolen Vehicle