Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sept 18, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

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10:10am     Sunnydale/Rey             Warrant    
Officers Obot and Hart were on patrol when they observed a known suspect with an active warrant. The officers took the suspect into custody and booked him at Ingleside Station. Report number 120644310

Other Incidents:

0:15am       Unit Blk Cortland        Battery
Officer Andreson and Ferronato responded to a call regarding a battery. The officers met with the victim who stated she and a known suspect got into an argument. The suspect threw a bottle of lotion at the victim which hit her arm. The suspect grabbed her belongings and walked down the street. Officers searched the area for the suspect with negative results. The victim was given a case number, Follow Up form and a Victim of Violent Crime form. Report number 120750804

3:00pm       Ocean/Onondaga          Battery      
Officers Shugars and Paras were dispatched to a call regarding a battery. The suspect stated he was walking down the street when he noticed two unknown suspects following him. Suspect 1 pushed the victim to the ground and began punching his face; as suspect 2 was standing around as a lookout for police. The victim stated that the suspects stopped assaulting him and the two suspects took off in an unknown direction. The victim stated that the suspects did not say anything before, after, or during the incident. The victim was treated for his injuries and photographs were taken. The victim was given an SFPD Follow Up form, Victim of Violent Crime form, and a Marcy’s Card form. All evidence was booked at Ingleside Station. Report number 120750064

4:00pm       Cayuga/Naglee              Vehicle Strip       
Civilian Police Service Aide Flynn was working station duty at Ingleside Station when a victim came in to report an auto strip. The victim stated he had parked and locked his vehicle over night.  Upon returning the next morning he noticed the running boards were missing. The victim did not see anybody near his vehicle and did not give anybody permission to remove his property. The victim wanted the incident documented for insurance purposes. The victim was given a Follow Up form, and a Marsy’s Resource card. Report number 120749330

7:00pm       500 Blk Campbell           Vandalism
Officers Antonian and Chan were dispatched to a call regarding a vandalism. The victim informed the officers that she had parked two of her vehicles and upon returning, she realized they both had damaged windshields. The victim did not see anybody near her vehicle. The officer took photographs of the damage and booked all evidence at Ingleside Station. The victim was given a Follow Up form. Report number 120750672

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

2:14am            Mansell/Visitacion      Traffic Collision
7:10am            Unit Blk Esquina         Burglary
7:45am            300 Blk Virginia         Recovered Vehicle
8:30am            Rolph/Newton            Traffic Collision
9:55am            200 Blk Athens           Recovered Truck
10:30am          100 Blk Blythdale        Burglary
12:59pm          700 Blk Vienna           Recovered Vehicle
1:00pm            Sunnydale/Santos        Stolen Vehicle
5:00pm            Unit Blk Towerside     Theft
6:00pm            100 Blk Rae                Stolen Vehicle
6:00pm            1700 Blk Geneva        Auto Boost
6:26pm            Mission/Harrington      Traffic Collision
6:30pm            Unit Blk Brookdale     Recovered Vehicle
7:00pm            900 Blk Geneva          Burglary
8:00pm            France/Moscow          Stolen License Plate
10:20pm          Sunnydale/Talbert        Stolen Vehicle