Friday, September 28, 2012

Sept 22, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

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There were no arrests to report on today’s date.

Serious  Incidents:

11:40pm     Santos/Geneva              Robbery                                            
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca were sent to assist the victim of a robbery.  The victim told them that he was standing on a corner waiting for a friend who had gone to the liquor store across the street. While waiting, He was surprised and tackled from behind by two unknown suspects.  The suspects threw him to the ground, pointed a handgun at him and proceeded to empty out his pockets, and taking his wallet.  The two suspects headed down Santos running away with four hundred dollars.  The victim immediately flagged down a Daly City Police officer who happened to be driving by the area. The victim then provided a description of both suspects. The victim was not injured and refused medical assistance. Both Daly City and San Francisco Officers canvassed the area for the suspects to no avail.  Report number 120762570

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  3:00am          200 Blk Hahn              Stolen Vehicle
  7:28am          Ney/Congdon             Traffic Collision
10:00am          100 Blk Lundys          Fraud
12:00pm          500 Blk 29th St          Burglary
  2:58pm          1300 Blk Goettingen  Recovered License Plate
  3:07pm          Parque/Cielito             Traffic Collision
  3:19pm          Geneva/Lisbon            Traffic Collision
  4:00pm          300 Blk Paris               Theft from vehicle
  6:00pm          Unit Blk La Grande    Stolen Vehicle
  7:03pm          Drake/Munich             Traffic Collision
  7:30am          200 Blk Hahn              Stolen Vehicle
  8:30pm          Unit Blk of Wool        Theft from vehicle
  9:00pm          Unit Blk of Arago       Stolen Vehicle
  9:30pm          Paris/Persia                  Vandalism to auto