Friday, September 28, 2012

Sept 21, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday, September 21st, 2012

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12:27am     400 blk Justin               Aggravated Assault
Officers Contreras and Hermosura responded to an aggravated assault incident. The officers located several subjects bleeding and called for medics. The officers were able to learn that the subjects were involved in a physical fight that culminated in both of them bleeding. The subjects told the officers that they got into a wrestling match and that when they were on the ground one of them felt a finger in his mouth, so he bit it! The officer’s were able to ascertain who started the fight and booked him for aggravated assault. The suspect was treated at the scene and then booked at Ingleside station. The victim was transported to the hospital for non life threatening injuries.  Report number 120757402

9:37am       Lyell/Still                       Burglary Arrest
Officers Almaguer and Hom were dispatched to an auto burglary that was in progress. Dispatch broadcast the description of the suspect for other responding units. Officers Villaruel and Reserve Officer Martinez located a subject that matched the description and detained. The officers soon learned that the subject being detained was in fact the suspect in this case. The officers found money from the car as well as other property on the suspect. The officers conducted a warrant check and also learned that the suspect was on parole for…you guessed it! Auto burglary! The suspect was booked at Ingleside Station and a parole hold was placed on him. This suspect will now spend this October in prison! Trick or treat? Report number 1207576402. Because of the coordination between Ingleside officers and dispatch this felon is back in prison. This is the ***Best Arrest of the Day***

Serious Incidents:

2:14pm       Unit blk Bannock            Robbery
Officers Park and Chang were sent on a robbery call. The officers located the victim and learned that the victim was walking on Geneva when a car pulled into a driveway in his path. Three suspects in the car began asking for directions. At one point the suspects said “we want what you got!” the victim said that he felt was about to get robbed so he ran. The suspects chased and took his backpack. The suspects got back into the car and fled. The officers searched the area but were not able to find the suspect. The victim was not injured. Report number 120758262

4:50pm       100 blk Leland                Robbery
Officers Leong and Cassinelli were sent to investigate a commercial robbery case. The officers spoke to the victim that told them the following: Two suspects walked into the pet store and began to look at the fish. While one suspect walked around the other suspect stayed at the front door. One of the suspects grabbed merchandise and brought it to the counter and asked for an item that the victim went to show him. The suspect grabbed the victim in a headlock and dragged him into the back of the store where he was pushed into a room and pepper sprayed. The suspects locked the victim in the room. The suspects did not wear gloves but did pick up numerous things that would hold a print. CSI was notified and an ambulance was called for the victims eyes. The suspects fled the scene. Unfortunately there is no surveillance system in the store. The loss was $1000 in cash. Other than the pepper spray the victim was not injured. Report number 120758892

8:45pm       Virginia/Winfield              Robbery
Officers Peregrina and Benavidez were dispatched to a robbery with a gun incident. The officers spoke to the victim for the events. The victim was walking on the street when she felt someone grab her purse from behind. The victim told the officers that she struggled with the suspect over the purse when she heard the suspect say ”give it up, I will shoot you”. The victim turned and saw the suspect holding a gun! The struggle for the purse continued for two more minutes with the suspect finally snatching the purse and fleeing the scene. The victim was uninjured. The total loss of cash and property was over $1000

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  8:15am          600 Blk Powhattan      Burglary
  9:00am          50 Phelan                    Theft
  9:00am          600 Blk Joost              Fraud
10:04am          50 Phelan                    Theft
10:13am          Geneva/Tara                Traffic Accident
  2:30pm          500 Blk Paris               Fraud
  3:00pm          Unit Blk Peralta           Theft
  5:00pm          1200 blk Eugenia        Stolen Auto
  6:20pm          Mission/30th                Traffic Accident
  8:00pm          300 Blk Allison            Recovered Auto
  9:00pm          Unit Blk Cstl Manor    Stolen Auto
10:00pm          900 blk Moscow         Vandalism
10:00pm          Unit Blk Cotter            Stolen Auto
11:00pm          900 Cayuga                 Stolen Auto
11:00pm          200 Blk Ward             Stolen Auto
11:30pm          Harrington/Alemany     Auto Boost
11:49pm          Geneva/Mission           False Registration/Arrest