Friday, April 27, 2012

April 24, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, April 24th, 2012


1:00am       4900 Blk Mission                    Shoplifting
Officer Jones responded to the report of a shoplifter.  The reportee advised that he saw a male enter the store, place several bottles of alcohol in his cart, along with other items, and proceed to the cashier.  The suspect then paid for several items but not the alcohol.  He exited the store and the reportee detained him.  He asked him about the alcohol and the suspect said he emptied the alcohol in the bathroom and poured it into the bottle of soda that he had paid for.  The reportee smelt the open soda bottle and noticed it had a strong odor of alcohol.  The suspect was then escorted back into the store and the reportee located the empty bottles of alcohol in the bathroom.  The reportee signed a citizen’s arrest to have the suspect cited for the violation.  A record check revealed no prior convictions or warrants.  The suspect was cited and released at the scene.  The reportee was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120323605

Other incidents:  

0:30am       1600 Blk Burrows                  Vandalism
Officer Sugitan was sent to a vandalism call.  He met with the reportee who advised that she was sleeping and heard her doorbell ring several times.  She woke up and noticed damage to her doorbell, but no one was at the door.  She wanted the incident documented.  She could provide no suspect information and there were no witnesses.   Report Number 120324976

2:30am       Mission/Geneva                      Extortion
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Cato that he was waiting for the bus when a male approached him and began yelling at him.  The victim thought he was being robbed and began telling the man he would comply with him.  The man took the victim to an ATM where the victim withdrew money and gave it to the suspect.  The suspect demanded more money and the victim ran away.  The suspect did not physically hurt the victim and he refused medical assistance.  The victim said he could identify him if he saw him again.  Report Number 120325639

7:00am       200 Blk Cordova                    Vandalism
Officers Padilla and Sullivan responded to a vandalism report.  The victim said that she heard a commotion outside and then noticed damage to her window and the screen.  She did not see anyone damage the window and there were no witnesses.  She said that entry was not made into the house.  She was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120324700

9:30am       400 Blk Goldmine                  Burglary
Officer Sugitan was dispatched to a burglary.  The victim advised that he locked and secured his home and when he returned found the front gate damage and the door pried open.  The house had also been ransacked and several items were missing.  SFPD’s Crime Scene Investigations Unit was contacted and advised they would be responding to process the scene.  The victims were provided with follow up information.  The officers took pictures at the scene and booked them into evidence.  Report Number 120324807

1:00pm       100 Blk Allison                       Fraud
A victim came to Ingleside station and told PSA Zabarte that she was shopping and attempted to use her debit card and learned it had been suspended.  She called the bank and the representative told her there appeared to have been some fraudulent charges made.  Therefore, they placed a hold on the card.  The bank requested she file this police report.  She was provided with follow up and identity theft information.  Report Number 120323928

4:00pm       Geneva/Mission                      Robbery
Officers Rodriguez and Reyes responded to a robbery.  The victim advised that he was parked in his vehicle when he was approached by several male suspects.  One of them put a gun to his neck area and told him to give him the car keys.  They then instructed him to sit in the back seat while one of the suspects kept the gun pointed at him.  The suspects emptied out the victim’s pockets and dropped the victim him off in McLaren Park.  They drove away with his vehicle.  The victim was not injured and refused medical assistance.  He was provided with follow up information.  Several officers searched the area for the suspects and the vehicle to no avail.  Report Number 120316553

5:00pm       Leland/Rutland                      Fraud
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Cato that he lost his wallet and was later notified by his bank that suspicious charges had been made on his debit card account.  He told the bank that he did not authorize the charges and they requested that he file a police report.  He was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120325162

6:00pm       1100 Blk Alemany                 Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Zabarte that she parked and secured her vehicle and when she returned found a window smashed and items missing.  She was unable to provide any suspect information.  PSA Zabarte processed the vehicle for fingerprint evidence to no avail.  Report Number 120324512

8:00pm       4700 Blk Mission                   Battery
Officer Trujillo responded to St. Luke’s Hospital to interview the victim of a battery.  The victim advised that she was drinking with a friend of hers and they started walking down the street.  Suddenly, the male companion began hitting her repeatedly causing her to fall to the ground.  She lost consciousness and when she awoke called 911.  She said she would be able to recognize the suspect if she saw him again.  Officer Trujillo provided her with follow up information.  He took pictures of the injuries which he booked into evidence.  Report Number 120323837

9:57pm       Unit Blk Phelan                      Agg. Assault
Officers Pederson and Jones were dispatched to a fight over a traffic accident.  They met with the victim who advised he pulled out of a parking spot when a vehicle approached him rapidly from the rear. The suspect vehicle pursued him continually until it hit him from behind and caused him to hit a pole and a cement wall.  The victim was afraid, exited his vehicle and began running.  He said that three male suspects began chasing him until he was able to find a house where he sought shelter.  He then called the police.  The victim would not be able to recognize the suspects and had no idea why they were following him.

The victim complained of pain to his neck, head and ankle and the officers summoned an ambulance to treat him.  He was provided with follow up information.  Officers searched the area unsuccessfully for the suspects.  Report Number 120326148

   9:30am         200 Blk 27th               Stolen vehicle
 11:00am         1800 Blk Dolores        Recovered vehicle
 11:00am         San Jose/Theresa        Stolen vehicle
   2:00pm         100 Blk Lippard         Stolen vehicle
   3:27am         3900 Blk Mission        Recovered vehicle
   8:15pm         300 Blk Leland           Stolen vehicle