Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 27, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 2012


5:11pm       400 Blk Cortland Ave         Forgery
Officers Leong and Castillo responded to a report of a fraud.  Several other Ingleside officers also responded.  Upon the officer’s arrival, Officer Preston had detained the suspect.  The suspect had entered the bank and attempted to cash a check.  The suspect used the victim’s name.  The victim’s account had an alert on it due to fraudulent activity.  The photograph from the identification that the suspect used to try to cash the check did not match the suspect.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120247895

9:16pm       300 Blk Brazil Ave              Battery
Officers Morse and Cassinelli were dispatched to a report of a dispute. The first suspect told the officers that she was in a dispute with the second suspect, which turned physical. She claimed the second suspect grabbed her shirt and yanked on it, scratching her chest in the process.  The suspect said she ran away.  The second suspect told the officers that he was in his residence when he heard loud banging on his door.  He did not answer the door.  Next, he heard banging on his window and on his sliding glass door.  The first suspect threw a brick at the sliding glass door, causing it to break.  Both suspects wanted to press charges against the other.  The first suspect was arrested for vandalism, the second suspect was arrested for battery.  Report 120248382

9:21pm       100 Blk Santa Rosa Ave     Robbery
Officers Yuen and Gonzalez responded to a report of robbery involving two victims.  The victims told the officers that they were walking together when they saw a suspect run towards them.  The suspect stopped in front of the first victim and took out a handgun.  The suspect pointed the handgun at the first victim and racked a round, causing the gun to be loaded and ready to fire.  The suspect told the victim not to move or he would shoot him.  The victim feared for his life and complied.  A second suspect walked behind the victim and removed his wallet and cell phone from his pockets.  The same suspect then searched the pockets of the second victim, but the victim did not have anything of value in his pockets.  The suspects fled with the first victim’s property.

Approximately two hours later, Officers Yuen and Gonzalez were notified that Officer Hui from a downtown unit had a suspect in custody who was possibly involved in the robbery.  The officers transported both victims to the location of the suspect.  The suspect was positively identified by both victims as the suspect who had the gun during the robbery.  Some of the victim’s personally property was also recovered from the suspect.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120246132

11:15pm     Silver & Mission St            Weapon
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were on patrol when they noticed a suspect boarding a MUNI bus.  The suspect entered through the front door and passed by the driver without paying him the bus fare.  The officers approached the driver and asked him if anyone had not paid the bus fare.  The driver pointed out the suspect and told the officers that he did not pay.  The officers boarded the bus and contacted each passenger, asking for their bus fare.  They noticed the suspect was holding a container that appeared to be an alcoholic beverage.  The suspect attempted to conceal the container in his jacket lining.  The officers approached the suspect and seized the container, which was in fact liquor.  The officers detained the suspect and exited the bus with him.  The container was emptied, and the officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol.  For safety reasons, the officers conducted a brief pat down search for weapons.  Officer Apodaca felt a long, narrow object in the suspect’s pants pocket, consistent with a knife.  The officer asked the suspect if he could remove the object, and he agreed.  The officer removed the object and discovered that it was a switchblade.  A records check of the suspect revealed that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120248570

Other incidents:  

8:00am       300 Blk 30th St                  Burglary
Officer Frisk responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim told the officer that an unknown suspect somehow gained entry into the apartment.  The suspect located a garage door opener that was concealed in an unlocked closet.  The suspect gained entry into the garage and cut the lock that had been securing a bicycle.  The bicycle was taken.  Report 120246778

2:30pm       Unit Blk Blythdale           Burglary
Officers Trail and Peregoy were dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim returned home and discovered that an unknown suspect had pried open the security gate covering one of the windows of the residence.  The suspect was able to gain entry through the window.  A two by four board that secures the back door was missing, and was suspected to be the point of exit.  Several personal items were missing from inside the residence.  Report 120247663

3:00pm       100 Blk Blythdale             Burglary
Officers Peregoy and Trail were dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim told the officers that she had locked and secured her residence upon leaving it earlier in the day.  Upon her return, she discovered a broken window.  The only thing missing from inside was the victim’s library card.  Report 120245225


12:14am          Santos & Blythdale                 Vehicle accident   
  8:00am          300 Blk Tompkins St              Stolen vehicle
  8:43am          Unit Blk Benton Ave                Recovered vehicle  
11:00am          Unit Blk Wilder St                  Recovered vehicle
12:24pm          Winding Wy & Drake             Stolen vehicle
  2:30pm          Ocean Ave & San Jose           Stolen vehicle
  3:00pm          Sickles & Mission St               Vehicle accident (H&R)
  5:45pm          Unit Blk Seminole Ave            Recovered vehicle
  6:40pm          Mission & Virginia Ave           Vehicle accident
  6:45pm          Alemany & Onondaga St        Vehicle accident (H&R)
  8:36pm          100 Blk Brookdale Ave          Recovered vehicle
  9:30pm          700 Blk Brazil St                    Stolen vehicle
10:36pm          Silver & San Bruno Ave          Recovered vehicle