Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Incident Date:
Monday, January 23rd, 2012


1:43am       San Jose & Randall      D.U.I.
Officer Dominguez responded to a well being check.  The officer arrived and found a vehicle on the Muni tracks.  The vehicle was moving slowly forward and then attempted to reverse.  The officer approached the vehicle and contacted the driver.  The officer immediately noticed that the driver smelled strongly of alcohol.  The officer asked the driver to remove the keys from the ignition.  The driver had difficultly doing so and seemed to have impaired coordination.  The driver talked with a heavy slur.  The officer asked the driver to exit the vehicle, and as he did, he stumbled and was unsteady on his feet.  After further investigation, the officer determined the driver was under the influence of alcohol and he was arrested for a D.U.I.  Report 120061162

10:50pm     Circular & Hearst         Vandalism
Officers Seavey, Padilla, Chew and Lim had all responded to a report of two suspects breaking into vehicles.  Officer Chew had one suspect detained while the other was outstanding.  A witness told the officer that he was in his residence when he heard glass breaking.  The witness looked outside and saw two suspects fleeing the area.  Several other witnesses and victims came forward regarding their vehicles being broken in to.  The detained suspect was positively identified and was arrested.  Report 120060960

Other incidents:  

3:15am       100 Blk Schwerin St     Vandalism
Officer Padilla was dispatched to a report of vandalism.  The victim was asleep when she heard a loud noise that caused her to wake up.  She walked out of her room to investigate and discovered that the front window of her residence had been shattered.  She then found a rock on her living room couch, which appeared to have caused the damage.  Report 120061247

9:10am       200 Blk Monterey         Fraud
PSA Cato took a report regarding fraud.  The victim received a phone call from her bank regarding charges made to her account.  The victim informed the bank that these charges were not authorized by her.  Report 120063823

9:45am       4200 Blk Mission St      Assault
Officer Bernard was on patrol when he was flagged down by a victim.  The victim was on a roof installing a satellite dish when he suddenly heard several noises that sounded like metal hitting the satellite dish.  The victim looked down and saw three pellets lying on the roof next to him.  The victim did not see who had shot the pellets at him.  Report 120061736

11:55am     Geneva & San Jose       Robbery
Officer Bernard responded to the BART station to meet with a victim who had her purse snatched.  The victim was walking while talking on her cell phone.  The victim was carrying her purse on her shoulder.  Suddenly, she felt a tug on her purse.  The victim attempted to keep control of the purse as she turned around and saw the suspect.  The suspect told the victim to give her purse up.  The victim feared for her safety and handed over her purse.  The suspect fled.  Report 120062126

12:00pm     100 Blk Prospect           Burglary
Officers Sanchez and Curry were dispatched to a report of a burglary.  The reporting person told the officers his had been taking care of the victim’s house while he was out of town.  The reporting person arrived to check on the house and discovered the front door unlocked, even though he had locked it when he had left the prior day.  There was also a window found open that is normally closed and locked.  The reporting person was not sure what was taken from the home since he does not live there.  Report 120062449

3:00pm       700 Blk Foerster St       Theft
PSA Cato took a report regarding theft.  The victim said that she had evicted the suspect from her home.  A neighbor saw the suspect slide under the front gate of the home one day while the victim was out.  Several days later, the victim realized some of her personal belongings had been stolen from her residence.  Report 120063099

6:45pm       Persia & Paris St           Theft
Officer Gonzalez was dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim was on the bus when a suspect grabbed her cell phone from her.  The suspect fled with a second suspect.  Several officers responded to the scene and detained six possible suspects.  The suspects could not be identified and they were all released.  Report 120063356

7:05pm       1800 Blk Sunnydale       Battery
Officers Peregoy and Hopkins responded to a report of a verbal argument.  The victim said she was inside her residence with the suspect.  The victim went upstairs and turned off the lights in the living room as she left.  The suspect grew angry that the victim turned the lights off, and an argument ensued.  The suspect punched the victim twice in the face and then threw an unknown object at her.  The object struck the victim in the jaw.  The suspect grabbed the victim’s medication and clothing and threw it out of the front door.  The suspect fled.  Report 120063431

10:45pm     500 Blk Monterey         Vandalism
While responding to the above call regarding vandalism, Officer Seavey was approached by a victim.  The victim told the officer that an unknown suspect had broken a window on his house.  The victim did not see who had broken the window.  This incident is likely connected to the above incident considering its proximity to Circular and Hearst Ave.  Report 120061009      

10:50pm     300 Blk Hearst St          Vandalism
Officer Frisk was dispatched to a report of vandalism.  The victims owned two vehicles whose windows had been smashed.  A third victim came forward while the officer was speaking with the first two victims who also had her vehicle damaged.  Because of the location of the damaged vehicles, Officer Frisk was able to link these incidents to the incident that occurred initially at Circular and Hearst Ave where a suspect was taken into custody.  Report 120060960


  3:00am          1000 Blk Munich         Stolen vehicle
  7:30am          200 Blk Blythdale        Stolen vehicle
  8:00am          400 Blk Edinburgh       Stolen vehicle
10:00am          1400 Blk Diamond       Recovered vehicle
10:00am          1600 Blk Diamond       Recovered vehicle  
10:46am          200 Blk Chenery St      Recovered vehicle
11:48am          200 Blk Brookdale       Recovered vehicle
  2:15pm          200 Blk Prospect         Recovered vehicle  
  4:21pm          600 Blk Naples St        Recovered vehicle
  4:45pm          200 Blk Blythdale         Recovered vehicle
  7:00pm          Excelsior & Moscow    Stolen vehicle