Friday, May 27, 2011


Incident Date:
Thursday, May 26th 2011


9:30 am     900 blk Ellsworth             Aggravated Assault
Officer Jude and was sent to investigate a dispute between neighbors. The victim in the case told the officer that she has had an ongoing feud regarding garbage. Today the Vitim told the officer that she watched the suspect sweep garbage onto her property, and went to confront the suspect. the suspect started yelling and got so mad that she pulled the broom back in a batters stance and half swung at the victim that was holding her baby in her arms. The suspect stopped short but put fear in the victim and the baby. The victim called the police and the suspect was located and arrested. Report number 110424417

 1:30 pm    Unit blk Leo                          Trespassing
Officers Phillips and Jones responded to a call of a burglary in progress. The officers arrived and located the home in question. The officers looked over the fence and saw two suspects walk out of the backyard door. The officers ordered the two to "Freeze". On suspect took off running w, while the other complied. Other Ingleside officers had already arrived and were assisting. The suspect that ran was caught immediately after jumping the first fence. In all there were 4 suspects in the home. The person in control of the property arrived and refused to neither identify themselves nor sign a citizen’s arrest for any of the trespassers. The detainees were transported for identification and were released except for one suspect that had an outstanding warrant for...Trespassing! Report number 110424990
****The Best Arrest of the Day**** 
6:43 pm     3300 blk Mission                 Warrant Arrest
Officer Gomez responded to investigate a theft case. The victim told the officer that she saw the suspect walk to the freezer isle and removed merchandise. The suspect then moved to the coffee isle and removes two cans of coffee and hides them on his person. The victim watched the suspect walk out of the store without any attempt to pay. The suspect was stopped by the victim and the police notified. The officer discovered that the suspect had a $10,000 outstanding warrant for the same thing! The suspect was booked on the warrant and admonished for the current activity. Report number 110425932

6:18 pm     100 blk Madrid                     Vandalism
Officers Archilla and Gonzalez were sent to investigate a vandalism incident. The victim told the officers that he had video of the suspect the vandalized his car and wanted him arrested. The video showed the suspect walking out of his house then damaged the victim’s vehicle. The suspect then calmly walked back home.   The officers knocked on the suspect’s door and were greeted by the suspect. The suspect was very nervous and evasive. The officers told the suspect why they were there. The suspect was read his rights and confessed to the vandalism. The suspect was arrested and booked for the vandalism. Report number 110425879

Other incidents:        

9:00 am     900 blk Madrid                   Turned in Firearm
Officer LaRocca was sent to meet with a citizen that wanted to turn in a gun. The citizen told the officer that she was not comfortable having the gun in the house. The citizen told the officer that she feared for the safety of anyone that came to her home while the gun was there. The officer took custody of the gun and gave the caller a receipt. The gun will be booked for safe keeping. Report number 110424348

9:45 am     Monterey/Congo                  Burglary
Officers Barajas and Shugars were sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officers that he received a call from his bank telling him that there were some suspicious activities on his account. The victim told the officers that he became suspicious because his cards are kept at home.  The victim went home and discovered pry marks on the door and once inside, several things missing. Including his wallet with his ATM card. Because of the lack of physical evidence CSI was not contacted. Report number 110426764

10:00 am   Ocean/Howth                       Robbery
Officer Giannini was sent to investigate a robbery incident. The officer met with the victim and learned that two suspect got on the same bus he was on and sat surrounding him.  The suspects told the victim to put his phone in their pocket. The victim ignored the suspects. The suspects then told the victim to give them the phone again, then started to count down 5, 4,3,2,1. When the suspects reached zero, they forced the phone out of the victims hand and exited the bus. The video from the bus was retrieved and booked for evidence. Report number 110424382

10:15 am   Unit blk Towerside              Burglary
Officers Duffin and Hart were sent to investigate a burglary incident. The victim told the officers that he was at home on his laptop in the living room. The victim told the officers that he had to go out to run errands and left his home. His father was upstairs on his computer. The victim left and when he returned he noticed his laptop missing. When he asked his father upstairs about his computer, they both went downstairs to investigate. The chain on the back door in the kitchen was broken and the door unlocked. The suspect made off with over $2000 worth of electronics. Report number 110424661

5:08 pm     Niagara/Cayuga                  Dog Bite
Officers Sullivan and Padilla were sent to check on a dog bite incident. The officers located the victim that told the following information. She was on her bike, riding when a dog jumped up and bit her on the arm and elbow. The dog was on a leash held by a woman. The woman gave her contact information to the victim.  The dog has had all his shots and the owner gave the Vets name to the officers. The officers were not able to contact A.C.C. the victim refused medical attention. Report number 110425562

5:53 pm     100 blk Los Palmos            Dog Bite
Officers Shugars and Barajas were sent to check on a person that had just been bitten by a dog. The officers located the victim and discovered that the victim was walking by a home when the garage door opened and a dog came out and jumped on and bite the victim. The owner of the dog put it in her car, told the victim that nothing happened and drove away. The officers located a witness that told them they observed the dog bite the victim. The witness also told the officers that this was not the first time this dog has done this. The witness told the officers that the owner hides inside the home and refuses to open her door. The officers knocked on the door, but the resident that was inside refused to open. Report number 110426156

7:27 pm     Geneva/Santos                    Robbery
Officers Park and Chang were sent to investigate a robbery incident. The officers located the victim who told them that he was on the bus listening to his Droid X cell phone. the victim was sitting near the exit . The victim told the officers that when the bus stopped to let passengers off, a group of suspects started to exit. The last two turned to him and without notice punched him in the face and tried to pull the Droid out of his hands. The victim did not let go. The suspect left without the Droid and fled.  Report number 110426106

7:45 pm     Leland/Schwerin                 Battery
Officers Antonian and Dudley were sent to investigate a battery report. The victim told the officers that a known suspect was waiting outside her door. When the victim exited the suspect attacked her hitting her numerous times on the face. The victim did not lose consciousness but required medical clearance. Report number 110426510

10:00 pm  Unit blk Lisbon                    Vandalism
Officers Contreras and Hermosura were sent to investigate a vandalism incident. The victim told the officers that an unknown suspect had slashed the 4 tires on his car while he was at work. The victim told the officers that he had to borrow his bosses’ car to get home only to discover the tires slashed on that car too and sprayed over width paint. Report number 110426805


  2:09 am        San Jose/29th St                  Traffic Accident
11:00 am       Cuvier/Mirando                       Stolen Plate
  3:19 pm        900 blk Geneva                    Traffic Accident
  7:59 pm        29th St/Church                      Found Auto
  8:00 pm        San Jose/Valley                   Stolen Auto