Friday, April 29, 2011


Incident Date:
Tuesday, April 26th, 2011


11:15 am   200 blk Rey                 Threats Arrest
Officers Altamirano and Thompson were sent to investigate a threats call. The victim told the officers that he is a property manager at this location. Today a tenant came in to the office drinking wine and was asked to leave. The suspect returned later and asked the manager (Victim) to open his door. The victim was on the phone and asked the suspect to wait. The suspect became angry and told the victim that he would return with a gun to kill the victim and left. The suspect returned yet a third time. The victim was with another resident.  The suspect demanded the victim to unlock his door now. The suspect left once again angry. The victim pointed the suspect out to the officers and he was arrested and then booked for the threat. Report number 110338028

11:51 am   Cesar Chavez/Bryant      Driving with Suspended DL
Officer Bear was on patrol working alone, when she noticed a car that the registration looked like it had been tampered with. The officer stopped the car and discovered that the registration has not been paid since 2008! The officer spoke to the driver to get his information. The driver did not have a license on him. The driver told the officer that his license had been stolen. The officer checked DMV and discovered that the driver had a suspended license since 2007 for drunk driving. The driver was arrested and cited for the misdemeanor and his license suspended for a third time. The car was towed. Report number 110337547

4:45 pm     Mission/Persia           Warrant Arrest
Officers Johnson and Bernard started their tour of duty by studying the wanted posters and warrants pending in the district. During the day they drove by Mission and Persia and observed a suspect that was wanted on a $20,000 for assault. The officers were able to quickly take the suspect into custody without incident. The suspect didn’t know what happened because they were so fast. Report number 110338749

Other incidents:        

1:30 am     900 blk Ellsworth       Robbery/Gun
Officers Hopkins and Uang prepared a report regarding a robbery with a gun. The victim told the officers that she was at home sleeping in her living room when she was awoken by a knock at her back door. The victim told the officers that she went to open the door and was met with a forceful push that cause her to open the door all the way and a suspect with a gun in her home. The victim told the officers that the suspect demanded her purse and money and eventually saw her purse on the table. The suspect grabbed the purse and fled. The victim said that a short time later a known person came to her door and gave her the purse back saying that he found it. The victim said that what she really needed was an un-cashed check that was in the purse. The subject left and returned with the check. This case is under investigation. Report number 110339349

9:00 am     100 blk Rutland          Burglary
Officer Campion-Healy responded to a burglary in progress call. When the officer arrived she interviewed the witness. The witness told her that she was at home when she saw a suspect running through her backyard. The witness then walked to the front of the house and saw another suspect sitting on the steps to the home that was being burglarized. The witness called the police 20 minutes after the suspects were seen. The owner of the house arrived at the scene and, after inventorying his home, told the officers there that his weapons were gone. A shotgun and a .22 cal handgun along with ammunition were taken. CSI was called and will respond to process the scene.

11:35 am   100 blk Hahn              Arson
Officers Padilla and Sullivan were sent to investigate an arson incident. SFFD, Lt Jackson, was on scene when the officers arrived and informed them that the fire was arson. The case will be assigned to arson investigators.  Report number 110338363       

2:15 pm     50 Phelan                   Theft
SFCCPD officer Ramirez prepared a report regarding a theft. The victim told the officer that she went to the library and put her backpack on the floor in front of her between her legs. The victim told the officer that when she woke up her backpack was gone. There are no suspects. Report number 110338379

3:30 pm     200 blk Arlington       Theft  
Police Services Aide Zabarte prepared a report regarding a theft incident. The victim told the PSA that she parked and left her car un-locked. When she returned she discovered that someone had gone into her car and taken her property. Report number 110337218

4:15 pm     Girard/Ward              Vandalism
Police Services Aide Cato prepared a report regarding a Vandalism incident. The victim told the PSA that he parked his car un-damaged. When the victim returned he discovered that someone had scratched the car from end to end. There were no suspects observed. Report number 110339242

5:30 pm     50 Phelan                 Theft
SFCCPD Officer Wong was sent to investigate a theft incident. the victim told the officer that after a workout and a swim he discovered that someone had broken the lock off the locker and taken his property. There were no witnesses or suspects observed. Report number 110338987

8:30 pm    100 blk Bonview       Theft
Officer Frisk and Reserve Officer Banta were sent to investigate a theft. The victim told the officers that she forgot to close the garage door. The victim told the officers that he boyfriend’s bike was missing. Report number 110337365

10:00 pm 100 blk Holladay        Theft
Police Services Aide Tolibas of Park Station prepared a report regarding a theft. The victim told the PSA that he parked his car un-damaged only to discover someone had broken a window and removed his property. Report number 110332456

10:30         1500 Diamond            Vandalism
Officer Kobold prepared a report regarding a vandalism incident. The victim told the officer that an unknown suspect broke the back window of his car. Report number 110323182


  8:30 am        800 blk Huron                      Stolen Auto
  9:00 am        Ingleside Station                 Stolen Plate
  9:45 am        50 Phelan                             Stolen Auto
12:00 pm       Prague/Rolph                       Stolen Auto
  5:01 pm        Unit blk Ottawa                 Stolen Truck
  5:11 pm        100 blk Delta                       Recovered Auto
  5:21 pm        3500 blk Mission                 Recovered Auto
10:00 pm       200 blk Coleridge                 Stolen Auto