Saturday, March 26, 2011


Incident Date:
Friday, March 25, 2011


11:08am            Mission/30th Streets                    Robbery
Officers Deguzman and Altamirano responded to a call of a robbery.  The victim was on a MUNI bus when a suspect grabbed her purse and attempted to pull it away from her.  The victim and the suspect got off the bus while struggling over the purse.  The victim fell to the ground and the suspect repeatedly hit her in the head with closed fists.  The victim was able to maintain control of her purse while the suspect fled with several other subjects.  Officer Wilson responded to the scene and detained several possible suspects.  The suspect was positively identified and was subsequently taken into custody without further incident. Report 110244663  ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY***

2:41pm            3300 Blk Mission St                   Shoplifting
Sgt. Miller and Officer Murphy responded to a call regarding shoplifting.  Store security had witnessed the suspect conceal items on his person and leave the store without any attempt to pay for the items.  The suspect was being detained by store security.  Officer Murphy arrested the suspect for theft.  Report 110245188

4:51pm           1700 Blk Geneva Ave           Warrant Arrest
Officers Aslam and Ocreto were on patrol when they were flagged down by a citizen regarding subjects smoking marijuana near a children’s playground.  The officers made contact with several suspects.  A records check revealed one suspect had outstanding warrants. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident. Report 110245489


12:45am        100 Blk Sears St                            Burglary
Officers Dilag and Lundy were dispatched regarding a burglary.  The victim stated he left his residence for a short period of time.  He said he locked his door but left a bedroom window open.  When he returned, he found that his laptop was missing.  Report 110247021

1:45am          3200 Blk Mission St       Theft from building
Officers Barajas and Shugars responded to a call of a theft.  The victim stated while in a bar, she placed he purse on a barstool while she went dancing.  When she returned to the barstool, her purse was gone. Report 110247015

9:30am         100 Blk Winding Way       Theft from vehicle
Officer Campion-Healy took a report of a theft from a vehicle.  The victim stated that the rear passenger side window of his vehicle had been shattered and that items in his vehicle had been rummaged through.  The victim did not believe anything was missing at the time he reported the incident.  Report 110244594

10:11am       5200 Blk Diamond Hghts Suspicious Occ.
Officers Chew and Lim responded to call of an abandoned suitcase.  The officers contacted the SFPD Bomb Unit who also responded to the scene.  The suitcase was rendered safe.  Report 110244447

12:33pm      Rolph/Naples Streets                          Graffiti
Sgt. Miller responded to a market regarding a call about graffiti.  A community mural was damaged with graffiti.  A community group was able to clean the graffiti from the mural.  The incident was captured on security cameras.  The incident is pending further investigation. Report 110244732’

2:00pm       1500 Blk Hampshire St                         Battery
Officers Martinez and Morgante responded to a battery call. The victim stated he had left some clothing at the bottom of his stairs for a charity to pick up.  The suspect approached the clothing and said he needed some pants.  The victim told the suspect not to take anything and he pushed the suspect away from the clothing.  The suspect then punched the victim in the eye and fled.  A search for the suspect yielded negative results.  Report 110245047

9:00pm       600 Blk Bosworth St                           Robbery
Officers Chan and Guzman were dispatched to a report of a robbery.  The victim said she was leaving the BART station to go meet her ride.  The victim said she noticed the suspect standing on the corner.  The victim walked past the suspect and sat down to wait for her ride.  The suspect approached the victim and demanded she give him her money or he would shoot her.  The victim was wearing headphones that the suspect grabbed along with her iPod.  He also patted her pockets down before fleeing on foot.  Report 110246164

10:46pm    300  Blk La Grande Ave           Broken window
Officer Pedersen was dispatched to a call regarding broken windows.  The reporting party had found a broken window and believed someone could possibly be in the building.  Several other officers responded to the scene and searched the premise for suspects with negative results. Report 110246556


6:00am                      Andover/Crescent St                     Hit & Run accident
7:00am                      200 Blk Precita                               Stolen vehicle
7:35am                      300 Blk Buckingham Wy               Recovered vehicle
12:00pm                    Geneva Ave/Mission St                Stolen vehicle
12:44pm                    400 Blk Holly Park Cir                    Recovered vehicle
2:33pm                      Unit Blk Nebraska                          Recovered vehicle
6:00pm                      Flood/Foerster St                           Stolen vehicle
11:00pm                    300 Blk Pioche St                           Stolen vehicle