Saturday, March 26, 2011


Incident Date:
Thursday, March 24, 2011


3:53pm          1900 Blk Sunnydale Ave       Warrant Arrest
Sgt. Lozada and Officers Archilla, Pereira and Gonzalez responded to the 1900 block of Sunnydale Ave in an attempt to locate a known suspect with a warrant.  The suspect was contacted and taken into custody without further incident. Report 100242479

4:45pm          Unit Blk Pasadena St            Warrant Arrest
Officers Yuen, Dudley, Antonian and Paras responded to the unit block of Pasadena Street in an attempt to locate a known suspect with a warrant.  The suspect was contacted and taken into custody without further incident. Report 110242639

5:17pm          5000 Blk Mission St                           Battery
Officers Hom and Gomez responded to a call of a battery.  The victim told the officers that a suspect had punched her in the sternum and pulled her hair.  A witness confirmed the victims’ story.  Officers located the suspect and arrested him for battery. Report 110242708

8:52pm          Unit Blk Brookdale Ave      Stay away order
Officers Antonian, Dudley and Pereira were on patrol when they noticed a known suspect who had an active stay away order from housing authority property.  The suspect was also on felony probation.  The officers took the suspect into custody without further incident.  Report 110243336


2:17am          5700 Blk Mission St      Discharging firearm
Officers Pedersen and Lozano responded to a call of gunshots being fired.  Several casings were located outside of a Mission St bar.  No one was injured.  Several officers responded to the scene to search for a suspect or witnesses.  Report 110243803

12:50pm       1300 Blk Cayuga St        Theft, vehicle strip
Officer Thompson took a counter report at Co. H regarding a theft from a vehicle.  The victim stated that the catalytic converter from his vehicle had been taken sometime in the evening hours when he slept. Report 110241904

4:02pm         100 Blk Vienna St                            Burglary
Officers Deguzman and Altamirano responded to call of a burglary.  The victim stated that he had left a back door to his residence open upon leaving the residence.  When he returned, the victim saw wet footprints on the floor and realized that several items had been taken from the residence. Report 110242457

8:14pm        San Jose Ave/Cotter St                    Robbery
Officers Shugars and Barajas were responded to a call regarding a robbery.  The victim stated that she was approached by a suspect who grabbed her purse and tried to forcible remove it from her shoulder.  The victim held on to her purse until the suspect punched her twice in the forehead.  The suspect fled on foot with her purse.  The officers searched the area for the suspect with negative results. Report 110243160

8:50pm        200 Blk Trumball St                          Burglary
Officers Barajas and Shugars responded to a call of a burglary.  The victims stated that when they left their residence, they locked and secured the door.  When they returned, they found the door slightly ajar.  The victims said some of their items had been disturbed but that it did not appear anything was missing. Report 110243267

10:42pm     Unit Blk Raymond Ave        Theft from vehicle
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel responded to a report of a theft from a vehicle.  The victim stated while in his residence, he noticed flashing lights coming from the front of his house.  He looked outside and saw that the emergency lights on his vehicle were on.  The victim went down to his car and found the right front window had been shattered and the contents of the glove box were scattered in the car. Report 110229126


 6:10am                  Geneva Ave/Mission St                   Vehicle accident
 7:52am                  Unit Blk Vienna St                            Recovered vehicle
 8:30am                  Unit Blk Vienna St                            Stolen vehicle
 9:30am                  Unit Blk Seminole St                        Stolen vehicle
 9:40am                  100 Blk Holladay Ave                       Recovered vehicle
10:30am                 Unit Blk Topaz Way                          Stolen vehicle
12:55pm                 Unit Blk Topaz Way                          Recovered vehicle
 3:00pm                  Unit Blk Naylor St                              Stolen vehicle