Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Jul. 5, 2017

Incident Date:
Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

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8:32pm                     400 Naples St                                               Marijuana
Officers learn that two of the best tools in their arsenal is their memory and their instincts. This case was an example of both. Earlier this month, Ingleside officers Lee and Archilla were called to a verbal altercation involving two people. One of the parties ran away when the officers approached. He is a man on active felony probation for DUI. The escapee was now in the officer’s memory bank which came into play on this evening. Lee and Archilla were on routine patrol when they spotted a car double parked in front of an address in the 400 block of Naples. As they officers passed the vehicle, the escapee, from days before, got into the passenger side of the car before it drove away. Lee and Archilla pursued the vehicle for a short distance before stopping it. The suspect was served with a restraining order from the previous event and given a citation for possession of a large amount of marijuana before being released. Report number: 170546926

Serious Incidents:

5:30pm                 San Jose/Geneva Ave                           Robbery w/Force
Muni passengers are warned to be aware of your surroundings when using their cell phone. Most cell phone robberies occur when a fellow passenger grabs the device and jumps off the train to escape. But this robbery didn’t fit that usual pattern. The victim told Ingleside officers Hardy, Scott, Siracusa, and Quinlan that she was standing inside an outbound Muni LRV “M”, near the front seat, stopped at San Jose and Geneva.  A passenger in a car next to the LRV suddenly exited the vehicle, ran onto the streetcar, and grabbed the victim’s phone.   The suspect fled back to the vehicle, which drove on the wrong side of the road on San Jose to Geneva Avenue.  The vehicle was last seen headed Westbound on Geneva Ave. Report number: 170546346

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

4:22am                        100 blk Chaves Ave                            Theft from vehicle
7:00am                        700 blk York St                                   Vandalism
1:00pm                        29th/Church St                                     Vandalism
2:53pm                        Mission/Amazon St                             Vehicle collision
3:38pm                        Unit blk Santa Barbara Ave                Fraud
4:00pm                        San Jose/Geneva Ave                         Vandalism
4:20pm                        Bernal Heights/Anderson St               Theft from vehicle
4:41pm                        5000 blk Mission St                            Suspended license
5:00pm                        Foerster St/Joost Ave                          Recovered vehicle
5:00pm                        900 blk Saddleback Dr                       Vandalism
5:36pm                        Cambridge St/Silver Ave                    Traffic violation
5:56pm                        San Jose/Geneva Ave                         Vehicle collision
6:30pm                        400 blk Alemany Blvd                        Fraud
9:10pm                        Anderson St/Cortland Ave                 Vehicle collision
9:40pm                        400 blk Geneva Ave                           Battery