Monday, July 10, 2017

Jul. 4, 2017

Incident Date:
Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held at Ingleside Police Station in the community room on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017, 7pm.  Light refreshments will be provided.  All are welcome so we hope to see you there!




July 4th is one of the busiest days for police officers.  2017 was no exception.

5:00pm                     500 blk Madrid St                        Aggravated Assault
A dispute between several tenants living in a home prompted dispatch to send Ingleside officers Vong , Paras, Ocreto, and Archilla to investigate. When they arrived the victim told the officers that he and another tenant got into an argument over where and when the tenant could travel outside the common areas of the building. The victim said the tenant pushed him and then took out a folding knife and threatened the victim. The victim and suspect fought and, during the fight, tumbled down a flight of stairs. The officers found the suspect in his room. After the victim signed a citizen’s arrest form, the suspect was taken to Ingleside Station and booked for aggravated battery. Both combatants refused medical attention. Report number: 170543314

7:25pm                     200 blk Niagara Ave                                       Warrant
A dispute over a vehicle prompted dispatch to send Ingleside officer Hoge to investigate. When he arrived he found a man and woman standing outside a Honda with a damaged windshield. The woman told officer Hoge that both were sitting inside the Honda when her companion demanded to drive the vehicle. She refused because he was unlicensed. That angered him and he got out of the car, jumped on the hood, and kicked the windshield. A records check revealed a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest out of San Mateo County. He was transported to Ingleside Station and booked for the outstanding warrant. The woman refused to press charges. Report number: 170546766

7:36pm                     Castillo/Velasco Sts                       Destructive Device

A young 11 year old boy was injured from debris after a celebrant lit an illegal barrel bomb. Ingleside officers Siracusa and Quinlan interviewed the suspect who admitted that he was lighting illegal fireworks, including an M1000 barrel bomb several feet away from the victim. He was arrested and transported to Bayview Station for booking. The young boy was taken to UCSF Benioff Hospital for treatment of bruises and cuts.  Several witnesses and neighbors told the officers they asked the suspect to stop setting off the devices during the day but he refused. Report number: 170543580

7:47pm                          Brazil St/La Grande Ave                          Warrant
Ingleside officers Jensen and Carew were on routine patrol when they spotted an older Nissan parked without a front license plate. The officers stopped their patrol vehicle and got out to talk to the driver. He told the officers he thought the vehicle was abandoned and was just sitting in it. The officers ran a computer check on the driver which revealed he was wanted on a warrant for vehicle theft out of San Mateo County. He was placed in custody and transported to Ingleside Station for booking. The vehicle registration showed it belonged to a bank in Chula Vista California. It was not registered as stolen. Report number: 170546841

11:15pm                          4100 blk Mission St                                 Warrant
Ingleside officers Archilla and Barajas were on routine patrol when they decided to visit an address where there had been several arrests for illegal activity. Inside they found a man they recognized from previous police contacts. A records check revealed a felony warrant for his arrest out of San Mateo County. He was placed in custody and transported to Ingleside Station of booking. Report number: 170543994

Serious Incidents:

6:00pm                             Mission/Ottawa Sts                  Terrorist Threats
A man walked into Ingleside Station and told officer Labson he wanted to make a report. He told the officer that a man who he suspected of taking a laptop belonging to his son last week approached his three children outside of McDonalds on this day, brandished a gun, and threatened his children. The children ran home and told him what happened. Report number: 170543568

6:10pm                             700 blk Moultrie St                                Robbery
Another man walked into Ingleside Station to report a robbery. The victim told officer Anton-Buzzard that he was standing on the steps to his home, looking at his phone, when a suspect got out of a vehicle, holding a gun. The suspect racked a round into the chamber of the gun and walked up to the victim demanding his property. Fearing for his life, the victim surrendered his backpack containing identification along with his phone. The suspect then ran back to the car, which sped away. Report number: 170543358

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

1:00am                                    Brewster/Faith St                                Hit & run collision
1:47am                                    200 blk Laidley St                              Theft from vehicle
9:45am                                    Brazil Ave/Mansell St                         Theft from vehicle
10:00am                                  200 blk Ney St                                    Hit & run collision
10:29am                                  Cotter St/San Jose Ave                       Theft from vehicle
11:39am                                  100 blk Bella Vista Wy                       Theft from vehicle
11:45am                                  Delano/Ocean Ave                              Stolen vehicle
2:50pm                                    Mission St/Amazon Ave                     Theft from vehicle
4:00pm                                    100 blk Cotter St                                Theft from vehicle
4:15pm                                    400 blk Franconia St                           Burglary
6:30pm                                    300 blk Park St                                   Theft
6:20pm                                    500 blk Paris St                                   Recovered vehicle