Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mar. 13, 2017

        Incident Date:
                            Monday, March 13th, 2017

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held at the San Francisco Police Academy Community room located at 350 Amber Drive on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 7 p.m. There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting. All are welcome to attend.

         We hope to see you there!



5:00pm       Unit Blk. 29th St.                     Burglary
A coordinated effort involving officers from several district stations, including Ingleside, resulted in the arrest of a serial burglar. Evidence found near the scene of the arrest, near Crisp and Palou Streets in the Bayview, linked the suspect to a burglary of a restaurant on 29th Street. The suspect was linked to burglaries of various businesses throughout the City. He is also a parolee who was on felony probation for burglary. He was taken into custody by Bayview officers and booked for the crimes at the County Jail. Report number: 170066178

Serious Incidents:

11:50am     100 Blk. Bocana                     Hot Prowl Burglary
A woman watching television in the family room heard a noise from the front of the home. She told Ingleside Officers Vong and Foltz that she was expecting a mattress delivery and got up to investigate. Instead of a delivery she found two unknown men walking down the hallway toward the rear of her home. The homeowner yelled, “Get the …out of my home”. The suspects, seeing and hearing the homeowner, ran to a front bedroom and escaped out of the home. Shortly, thereafter, the victim heard tires screeching as a vehicle sped away. The victim said she didn’t discover anything missing from the home. The officers determined the burglars entered and exited the home through an unlocked front bedroom window. Report number: 170206744

3:00pm       600 Blk Faxon                        Burglary
A citizen, on his way home, decided to stop by another house he owned that was under construction. When he arrived he found two suspects, a man and woman, attempting to leave the home through the front door. However, they were unable to remove the lock on the front door. The homeowner told the suspects to stay in place while he called police. The two suspects turned around and exited out a back window with the homeowner following them. Dispatch, concerned for the homeowner’s safety, advised him to stop following the suspect and return to the home where he was met by Ingleside Officers Cagney, McCall, Lozano, and George. The officers broadcast a description of the suspects and searched the home for evidence accompanied by the homeowner. The homeowner was unsure what was taken by the burglars, although he did find several construction items stacked near the front door. Report number: 170208916

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

06:00am           Unit Blk McCarthy                   Vandalism to Vehicle
08:53am           500 Blk Gates                            Vandalism to Property
09:00am           Unit Blk Mansfield                    Burglary
10:00am           600 Blk Andover                       Burglary
11:46am           5000 Blk Mission                      Theft from Vehicle
12:19pm           5200 Blk Diamond Heights       Fraud
01:00pm           1200 Blk Alemany                    Burglary
01:07pm           Unit Blk Gladstone                   Recovered Vehicle
01:38pm           1800 Blk Alemany                    Warrant Arrest
02:00pm           4100 Blk Folsom                       Theft
05:00pm           600 Blk Cambridge                   Stolen Vehicle
06:00pm           200 Blk Baden                           Stolen Vehicle
09:45pm           500 Blk Gates                            Threats