Thursday, February 9, 2017

Feb. 3, 2017

        Incident Date:
                            Friday, February 3rd, 2017

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held in the Ingleside Police Station Community room on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 7p.m.  There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting.  All are welcome to attend.

         We hope to see you there!



5:05pm       1200 Blk. Alemany                 Trespassing
It was a frightening episode for a woman and her children. She told Ingleside Officers Johnson, Naser, Campos, and Sgt. Riskin that she was making dinner for her kids in the second floor kitchen of her home when she noticed a man climbing over a fence from a neighbor’s yard and into her backyard. The trespasser told the woman he had done something bad and was running from the police. He asked if he could hide in her home. The woman said no and the suspect ran around her home and fled by jumping over fences into neighbor’s back yards. Ingleside Officer Campos and Sgt. Riskin found the suspect on the 4000 block of Mission Street. He was wanted for trespassing in backyards on the 4000 Block of Mission and was arrested for that crime as well as the trespassing incident on Alemany. Report number: 170096937

Serious Incidents:

11:20am     100 Blk. Edinburgh                Hot Prowl Burglary
A woman asleep in her bedroom heard banging on the wall between her bedroom and kitchen. She yelled out;”What’s up? I’m calling the police”. She told Ingleside Officers Paras and Malatesta the suspects fled on foot from the home breaking a glass door on the way out. She told the officers nothing was missing from her home and the suspect were there only a few minutes before leaving. Report number: 170096727

4:09pm       900 Blk. Geneva                     Aggravated Assault 
An intoxicated victim, lying on his back, was brutally attacked by another man. The victim’s wife told Ingleside Officers Marshall, Filamor, Debellis, Hardy, Calupad, Ahern, Garza, Luiz, and Sgt. Riskin that an unknown suspect walked over the victim and she commented that what he did was “rude”. The suspect kept walking and disappeared around the corner on Geneva Avenue. He returned a few minutes later with three accomplices and the suspect kicked the victim’s wife in the stomach and then punched and kicked her husband several times before all four men ran away northbound on Geneva. The victim was transported to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment. Report number: 170096755

10:22pm     300 Blk. Naples                      Robbery & Burglary
Four men lounging in the garage of their home were suddenly confronted by four violent robbers. The victims told Ingleside Officers Hardy, Scott, and half a dozen of their colleagues that four armed suspect, holding several firearms, walked into the open garage door and demanded valuables. The suspect duct taped the victims’ mouths and zip tied their hands and struck them several times with their fists and weapons. The suspects then ransacked the garage and took jewelry, cash, credit cards, identifications, and cell phones before fleeing in an unknown direction.  Report number: 170097747

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:00am           300 Blk Maynard                     Stolen Vehicle
02:00am           4600 Blk Mission                     Theft from Vehicle
02:45am           Mission/30th Street                   Hit and Run
04:34am           Ocean/Cayuga                          Hit and Run
06:00am           1000 Blk Capital                      Stolen License Plate
07:15am           400 Blk Gold Mine                   Burglary
08:00am           1600 Blk Alemany                    Stolen Vehicle
08:05am           Bayshore/Hester                       Traffic Collision
10:00am           100 Blk Del Monte                   Theft
10:46am           100 Blk Raymond                    Vandalism to Vehicle
01:51pm           4900 Blk Mission                     Warrant Arrest
03:00pm           1000 Blk Cayuga                     Battery
03:50pm           Unit Blk Theresa                      Fraud
04:30pm           Seneca/San Jose                       Hit and Run
04:56pm           4000 Blk Mission                     Trespassing
05:00pm           100 Blk Prentiss                       Stolen Vehicle
05:59pm           Mission/Castle Manor              Traffic Collision
06:00pm           Unit Blk Harrington                  Stolen License Plate
06:03pm           400 Blk Prentiss                       Recovered Vehicle
06:37pm           Unit Blk Cassandra                   Battery
07:20pm           Geneva/Alemany                      Hit and Run
09:43pm           900 Blk Madrid                        Restraining Order Service
10:15pm           4400 Blk Mission                     Vandalism to Property