Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jan. 3, 2017

        Incident Date:
                           Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held at the Boys & Girls Club-Visitacion Valley Clubhouse located at 251 Leland Avenue on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 7 p.m. There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting. All are welcome to attend.                                                                

        We hope to see you there!



12:35am     Excelsior & Mission                           Warrant Arrest
This report proves once again in police work nothing can assumed to be routine. Officers Carew and Jensen were on patrol when they spotted a white Lexus 300 driving northbound on Mission near Excelsior without a rear license plate. The officers pulled the car over after the driver made an eastbound turn onto Brazil Street. In the passenger seat was an unneutered pit bull dog. In the back seat were two passengers, a man and woman, one of which, the man, was not wearing a seat belt. The driver was asked to remove the ignition keys, but he told the officers he couldn’t because he was using a screwdriver to operate the car. Inside the driver’s side door panel was a quantity of methamphetamine. There were also screwdrivers, crowbars, and other burglary tools in the passenger area. He was arrested for possession of burglary tools. The woman passenger was removed and released at the scene. However the male passenger in the back seat was a whole different story. He refused commands to exit the car calling Officer Jensen several profane names. When Officer Jensen tried to physically remove him from the car he became combative. He was finally subdued with pepper spray. A records check revealed he had a $100,000 warrant for his arrest in San Francisco for numerous crimes involving weapons. He was transported to the county jail for booking. The pit bull was removed by Animal Control and taken to their facility. Report number: 170005427

1:39pm       John F. Shelley & Mansell                 Narcotics
A blue Pontiac parked on the side of the road caught the attention of Ingleside Officers Hopkins and Laokwansathitaya. The plates on the car were expired. The driver had a record and was on probation, with a search condition, for being a felon in possession of a firearm. When he exited the vehicle he spontaneously blurted out, “I ain’t gonna lie. I have a meth pipe in the car”. And indeed he did along with a quantity of meth to use in the pipe. He was cited for the narcotics, the pipe, and the expired registration and released at the scene. Report number: 170006431

Serious Incidents:

There are no serious incidents to report.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

07:15am           Unit Blk Tucker                        Stolen Vehicle
08:00am           400 Blk Colon                          Vandalism to Property
09:23am           Ocean/San Jose                         Stolen Vehicle
10:30am           Unit Blk Newton                      Stolen License Plate
03:58pm           1500 Blk Sunnydale                 Warrant Arrest
04:00pm           Unit Blk Newton                      Hit and Run
05:59pm           Congdon/Maynard                   Traffic Collision
06:00pm           Unit Blk Arleta                         No Driver’s License Issued
11:23pm           500 Blk Raymond                     Recovered Vehicle