Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dec. 27, 2016

        Incident Date:
                         Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held at the Boys & Girls Club-Visitacion Valley Clubhouse located at 251 Leland Avenue on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 7 p.m. There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting.  All are welcome to attend.                                                                

         We hope to see you there!



2:08pm       Unit Blk. Ridgewood              Aggravated Assault
Ingleside Officers Hopkins, Laokwansathitaya, and several other units were dispatched to a report of “shots fired” in the vicinity of Ridgewood and Flood. When the first officers arrived they found the suspect standing on the sidewalk by himself. He was placed in custody without incident. A victim told the officers he went to the home on Ridgewood to visit a resident. When he arrived the suspect was angry and told the visitor to leave, which he did. The visitor went to his car and was driving away on Flood Street when he noticed the suspect standing in the middle of the street holding a firearm. The suspect fired a shot at the victim which fortunately missed. The suspect was taken to Ingleside Station and booked on a variety of serious charges. Report number: 161050473

Serious Incidents:

3:00am       3400 Blk. Mission                  Attempted Robbery
A man walked into a store holding a four foot long bicycle handlebar. The suspect waved the handlebar at the store clerk asking for money. The clerk told the suspect to leave and when he didn’t, the clerk called the manager from the back of the store. At that point, the suspect left the store. The victims told Ingleside Officers Garza and Cubas the suspect visits the store several times a week and threatens employees. He’s been told over and over again not to come back, but he still does. Report number: 161051619

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:42am           Unit Blk Winfield                      Recovered Vehicle
07:00pm           Hahn/Leland                              Stolen Vehicle
08:30am           San Jose/Mount Vernon             Stolen Vehicle
09:29am           1100 Blk Alemany                     Recovered Vehicle
10:10am           2000 Blk Alemany                     Recovered Vehicle
10:36am           700 Blk Visitacion                     Threats
12:31pm           Unit Blk Niagara                       Battery
01:27pm           100 Blk Talbert                          Battery
05:14pm           Highland/Mission                      Warrant Arrest
07:46pm           5200 Blk Diamond Heights       Burglary
08:00pm           Justin/Genessee                          Hit and Run
10:00pm           Unit Blk Montezuma                 Theft from Vehicle