Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sept. 26, 2016

       Incident Date:
                       Monday, September 26th, 2016

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held at St. John’s Elementary School, located at 925 Chenery Street, on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 at 7:00pm.   Light refreshments will be provided.  All are welcome to attend. 

We hope to see you there!



11:30am     4700 Blk Mission                   Warrant Arrest
Two citizens flagged down Ingleside Officers Ocreto and Neuerburg to say they spotted a man passed out on the sidewalk. The officers exited their patrol car and found the man asleep. After being awakened, he provided the officers with a hospital ID. A computer check revealed two warrants for his arrest out of Illinois and another $25,000 arrest warrant from a San Francisco court. A search of his clothing revealed a quantity of heroin in one of his pockets. He was transported to Ingleside Station and booked for the warrants and possession of narcotics. Report number: 160781063

6:16pm       100 Blk Richland                    Stolen Property
An older Ford Taurus, double parked, blocking the street, caught the attention of Ingleside Officers Hill, Devlin, and Sgt. Riskin. The trio ran the rear license plate, which belonged to Honda Insight stolen in Westminster, California. The front plate on the Taurus belonged to a Chrysler SUV. The driver provided a Florida ID but did not have a driver’s license. The officers cited the driver for being unlicensed and possessing stolen license plates. Report number: 160782588

Serious Incidents:

2:00pm       100 Blk Dublin                       Hot Prowl Burglary
A man and woman returned home, parked their car in the garage, and noticed a man standing in the entry way of their home. The intruder was standing between the normally locked front gate and the home’s front and garage doors. The couple exited the car and confronted the intruder, a man familiar to them, who told them that he was looking for a place to stay. The couple told the man he couldn’t stay at their home and he left. Later that afternoon, the couple discovered several sets of car and house keys were missing from the garage. The couple called police and Ingleside Officers Labson and Rissetto arrived to investigate the case. Report number: 160782895

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:15am           300 Blk Moscow                      Vandalism to Property
12:22am           Persia/Ocean                             Suspended Driver’s License
02:00am           500 Blk Alemany                      Vandalism to Vehicle
02:51am           900 Blk Peralta                          Recovered Vehicle
06:00am           200 Blk Winfield                       Theft from Building
07:00am           Unit Blk Robinson                    Graffiti Vandalism to Property
10:00am           Miguel/Beacon                          Hit and Run
03:18pm           100 Blk Delta                            Recovered Vehicle
04:30pm           Holly Park/Park                        Dog Bite
05:00pm           Mission/Russia                         Theft from Vehicle
06:00pm           Athens/Geneva                         Stolen License Plate
06:16pm           Richland/Mission                      Recovered Vehicle
07:30pm           600 Blk Portola                         Theft
09:35pm           2800 Blk Diamond                    Theft from Vehicle