Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oct. 2, 2016

       Incident Date:
                           Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held at St. John’s   Elementary School, located at 925 Chenery Street, on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 at 7:00pm. Light refreshments will be provided. All are welcome to attend. 

                                      We hope to see you there!


4:39pm       4100 Blk Mission                              Narcotics
Ingleside Officers Seavey, Archilla, and Sgt. Lopez were on patrol when they went to the front door of a business where police have made several previous arrests. Inside they found a woman working who had a $10,000 warrant for her arrest on narcotics charges out of San Mateo County. She was also wanted for burglary out of Alameda County. The officers placed her in custody and conducted a search of her clothing. Around her neck was a lanyard with, among other items, was keys to an Oldsmobile parked outside. The Oldsmobile had license stickers for 2017 although the registration had expired earlier this year. Inside the suspect’s purse was a package containing a significant amount of methamphetamine along with currency. The suspect was taken to Ingleside Station and booked for the warrants and narcotics violations. Report number: 160801188

Serious Incidents:

12:29pm     Sunnydale/Santos                             Robbery
A man driving home stopped at a stop sign behind a white BMW. Suddenly, four men exited the BMW, opened his driver’s door, and began punching him in the face. One of the suspects grabbed the victim’s cell phone from the car before getting back in the BMW and speeding away. Ingleside Officers Naser and Williams arrived soon, thereafter and called for medical assistance for the victim. Report number: 160800544

2:09pm       Santa Ysabel/Delano                       Robbery
A man walking home from work on Delano Street passed a parked white Mercedes Benz. The victim told Ingleside Officers Suguitan and Hill, that after he walked past the car the driver of the vehicle started it and drove up to him. Two armed suspects got out and one of them said, “I don’t want to shoot you. Empty your pockets”. The suspects then went through the victim’s pockets taking his wallet, cell phone, and necklace before getting back into the car and speeding away. Suguitan and Hill broadcast a description of the vehicle and later spotted the car on San Jose Avenue. The officers attempted to stop the car, but the driver sped away at a high rate of speed and the officers, fearing for the safety of the public, terminated the chase. Report number: 160800889

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:00am           Brazil/La Grande                      Recovered Vehicle
03:40am           600 Blk Persia                          Vandalism to Vehicle
07:55am           3300 Blk Mission                     Vandalism to Vehicle
08:45am           4100 Blk Mission                     Theft from Building
09:30am           1500 Blk Sunnydale                 Battery
12:28pm           200 Blk Baltimore                    Recovered Vehicle
06:00pm           Unit Blk Montcalm                   Stolen Vehicle
07:30pm           1200 Blk Geneva                     No Driver’s License Issued
07:50pm           800 Blk London                       Hit and Run
08:30pm           300 Blk Naples                        Stolen Vehicle
11:00pm           400 Blk Monterey                    Burglary
11:40pm           Sickles/Alemany                       Hit and Run