Friday, August 12, 2016

Aug. 7, 2016

      Incident Date:
                          Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Note change: There will be NO Ingleside Community meeting on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at 7p.m.  The next meeting will be on September 20, 2016. There will be more information to follow.


4:40am       Sanchez/Day                              Stolen Vehicle
Ingleside Officers Carew and Jensen were on routine patrol on 30th street when they spotted a motorcycle being driven without its lights on. The officers followed the motorcycle a short distance and then stopped the driver at 30th and Day Streets. The motorist provided a suspended driver’s license and when asked who owned the vehicle he said, “a friend”. A warrant check revealed that the driver was on probation for theft and other crimes with a warrantless search condition. He had also been arrested numerous times for vehicle theft. Along with those facts was the issue of the motorcycle being driven with a “shaved” key and not the regular ignition key. The officers contacted the registered owner who was out of the county and he told Carew and Jensen that he left his bike locked and secured in front of his San Francisco residence a month before. He did not know the driver and he did not give anyone permission to use his motorcycle. The driver was arrested for vehicle theft and taken to Ingleside station for booking. Report number: 160635335

Serious Incidents:

3:40am       100 Blk Blythedale                    Robbery
Ingleside Officers Phillips, Mackenzie, and Tien were dispatched to investigate a report of a robbery that occurred hours before. When the officers arrived on scene they found the victim with multiple bruises and lacerations to head. The officers requested medical help and interviewed the victim while the ambulance was in route. The victim said he was at a party the night before at Geneva and Ocean when an unknown man suggested they leave to get some food. The two left and drove to Blythdale Street, got out, and walked up a hill. During the walk the victim heard someone yell, “Give me your wallet”. He was pushed against a fence, while surrounded by 7 other men, then punched and kicked several times. He was able to escape but without his wallet and keys. Report number: 160635711

 11:40am     100 Blk Alemany                      Robbery
A woman attempting to leave the weekly flea market was assaulted during an attempted robbery. The victim told Ingleside Officers Hornstein, Christ, and Felix that she tried to leave the parking lot but couldn’t because a truck blocked the exit. She asked the two men in the truck to move so she could leave. Instead of complying the driver exited the truck, walked up to her window, swore at her and grabbed her cell phone from her hand, She was able to retrieve her cell phone but the suspect then ran around to the passenger door of her car, entered, and grabbed her purse. She again successfully fought to keep her purse and the suspect exited the car, ran around to the driver’s window, and punched her several times in the face. The suspect then warned the woman not to call the police or she would be hurt again. Ingleside officers Hornstein and Christ broadcast a description of the suspect and his vehicle. The officers called for medical assistance which arrived to treat the victim for her injuries. Report number: 160635909

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

02:20am           Alemany/Ellsworth                    Hit and Run
11:59am           1400 Blk Shotwell                    Stolen Vehicle
12:06pm           Diamond Heights/Arbor            Theft from Vehicle
02:35pm           4900 Blk Mission                     Shoplifting
04:00pm           300 Blk Silver                          Theft from Vehicle
04:18pm           Kern/Diamond                          Stolen Vehicle
05:10pm           Alemany/Putnam                       Traffic Collision
08:00pm           200 Blk Delta                           Stolen Vehicle
08:46pm           100 Blk Anderson                    Stolen Vehicle
08:50pm           200 Blk Blythdale                     Stolen Vehicle
10:30pm           200 Blk Blythdale                     Recovered Vehicle