Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jun. 28, 2016

        Incident Date:
                            Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held at the St. Mary’s Recreation Center, located at 95 Justin Drive, on Tuesday, July 19th, 2016.  Light refreshments will be provided.  All are welcome to attend. 
We hope to see you there!

There have been reports of a telephone scam going around recently.  An individual will call requesting personal information from you.  DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE.  Please alert the police by going to your nearest police station or calling the non-emergency dispatch line (553-0123) if you are contacted by any of these individuals.  Thank you.


12:00pm                        Raymond & Elliot Streets             Stolen Property
A man, using “ride sharing” tracked down his stolen car and called police. The victim told Ingleside officers Dungca and Calupad that he parked and locked his car on the 300 Block of Alabama Street on the previous Sunday. When he went out to use his car at 6pm on this date he couldn’t find it. He turned on his “Get Around” app and found the vehicle as it was driven around the Bayview and Ingleside Districts. He called police and with his help, officers Dungca and Calupad located the vehicle, with two occupants, at Raymond and Elliot Streets. The driver was arrested for possession of stolen property, vehicle theft, and parole violation. Report number: 160525435


6:08pm                    Alemany & Onondaga                        Warrant Arrest
A man walking on Onondaga with an open can of beer caught the attention of Ingleside officers Elliston and Zasly. The officers stopped the man and asked if he had any weapons on him. He told the officers “yes” and pulled a toy realistic looking handgun from his waistband. A check of computer data bases revealed he had a ten thousand dollar arrest warrant. He was taken to Ingleside Station and arrested for the outstanding warrant. Report number: 160525231


6:30pm                                  Mission & Brazil                False Registration
Two sharp eyed Ingleside officers nabbed a man driving a vehicle with false registration tabs. Ingleside officer Tupper and Sgt. Ly were on routine patrol when they spotted an older Cadillac Escalade stopped in a bus zone. A computer check revealed the vehicle’s registration had expired in August of last year but the license plate had a 2016 “red” registration tag. The officers stopped the driver who told them that he hadn’t renewed the registration because his vehicle couldn’t pass a smog test. The vehicle was towed to impound and his license plates were seized for evidence. The driver was cited for displaying false registration. Report number: 160525184

Serious Incidents:

9:30am                        3300 Blk. Mission                                         Robbery
Officers Fulgado and Christ responded to a robbery call. The victim told Ingleside officers that the suspect entered the store, grabbed some M&M’’s, placed them on the counter, and instead of paying, removed a handgun from his backpack and pointed it at the clerk. He then reached over the counter and took the cash drawer from the cash register, turned around, and ran out of the store. Report number: 160523649


6:06pm                           4100 Blk. Mission                                      Robbery
A man and his very pregnant wife stopped at a service station to get gas. While filling up their car, the husband placed a bag in the truck and the wife retrieved her purse from the truck. The couple noticed a black 4-door sedan parked at the next row of pumps. What caught their attention is that none of the occupants were pumping gas. The husband and wife got back in their car and noticed one of the occupants of the adjacent car had walked to the back of their vehicle, opened their trunk, took their bags out, and ran back to the adjacent car. The husband, acting on adrenaline, ran to the suspect’s car in an attempt to prevent their flight. He reached into and open door as the suspect’s car pulled away and was dragged a few feet before dropping to the ground. The loss was a computer, garage door opener, and a library book. The victim declined medical attention. Report number: 160525247   


Vehicle and Other Incidents: 

1:19am                                                Mission/29th St                                    Robbery, Attempt
1:30am                                                400 Blk Munich St                              Stolen vehicle
6:00am                                                Unit Blk Ney St                                  Stolen vehicle
7:30am                                                1600 Blk Diamond St                         Burglary
7:45am                                                300 Blk Congo St                               Theft from vehicle
7:45am                                                300 Blk Congo St                               Stolen vehicle 
8:45am                                                100 Blk Benton Ave                           Recovered vehicle
9:00am                                                400 Blk Silver Ave                             Threats
11:15am                                              400 Blk Capistrano Ave                     Fraud
1:31pm                                                Unit Blk Cayuga Ave                         Recovered vehicle
1:31pm                                                Unit Blk Cayuga Ave                         Recovered vehicle 1:31pm                                                Unit Blk Cayuga Ave                         Recovered vehicle
3:27pm                                                3100 Blk Harrison St                          Recovered vehicle
3:39pm                                                Unit Blk Chenery St                           Fraud
7:59pm                                                Diamond St/Diamond Heights           Vehicle collision