Thursday, February 18, 2016

Feb. 10, 2016

                                              Incident Date:
               Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held at the Jewish Home located at 302 Silver Avenue in the Rosenberg Building on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 7 p.m. (Enter through the Silver Avenue entrance and check-in with the security guard at the kiosk). There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting.  All are welcome to attend. Thank you.

Listening Session
Open to the press and public

Help us enhance and improve the San Francisco Police Department by participating in this important, interactive community event.
The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) wants to hear your perspectives, concerns, and suggestions regarding the San Francisco Police Department and its interaction with the San Francisco community.
Your participation in this open forum will help guide our efforts to advance the operations, staff, policies, procedures, accountability systems, and training of the San Francisco Police Department.
At this listening session, representatives from the COPS Office will introduce the Collaborative Reform Initiative and hear from community members.
Perspectives, concerns, and suggestions regarding the San Francisco Police Department and the department’s interaction with the San Francisco community are welcome.
Help us enhance and improve the San Francisco Police Department by participating in this important, interactive community event.
For more information about the Collaborative Reform Initiative, please visit the COPS Office website at If you would like to contact the CRI-TA core assessment team, you may e-mail us at
Take an active role in your community and the future of public safety in San Francisco
Wednesday, February 24th
6 p.m.-8 p.m. PST
Thurgood Marshall High School auditorium45 Conkling StreetSan Francisco, CA, 94124

12:55am   300 Blk Campbell         Battery of a Police Officer
A resident of an apartment building called police about a suspicious vehicle located in the complex’s parking lot. Ingleside Officers Glenn and Zhao responded and cleverly parked their patrol car at the street entrance to the parking lot blocking any possible escape by a driving suspect. The officers walked through the darkened lot with their flashlights and found the suspicious vehicle parked near a wall. When the flashlights illuminated the vehicle a head popped up in the driver’s seat and another in the passenger seat. When the driver saw the officers, he immediately started the vehicle’s engine, threw the transmission into reverse, and started backing out of the parking space. The officers yelled “Stop police”, but the driver ignored the command and backed into a nearby concrete pole. The officers again commanded the driver to stop and again, he continued his escape. Glen and Zhao called for additional units and broadcast a description of the vehicle which turned out to be stolen. The officers also began pursuing the vehicle on foot as it weaved through the parking lot until it reached the blocked entrance. The driver attempted to negotiate around the parked police car but failed several times, colliding with the police car and a metal pillar. The driver, realizing that he wasn’t going to escape in the stolen car, exited the vehicle and ran away eastbound on Campbell Street with Officer Glenn in pursuit. Officer Zhao stayed behind and placed the passenger in custody before joining Glenn in his pursuit of the driver. When Zhao caught up, he found Officer Glenn and the suspect on the ground with Glenn holding the car thief’s leg. The suspect kicked Glenn in the head causing an abrasion and forcing Glenn to release control of the suspect’s leg. The suspect then jumped over a fence in the 1400 Block of Somerset with several recently arrived officers in pursuit. He was finally captured in the backyard of a home and placed in custody. Officer Glenn was treated by medical personnel for abrasions to his left hand, left forehead, and right knee sustained during the struggle with the suspect. The suspect was also treated for injuries sustained when he jumped over the backyard fence. Inside the stolen vehicle officers discovered shaved keys which were used to operate the stolen car. The suspect was taken to the county jail and booked on a variety of felonies including resisting arrest, possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tools, battery on a police officer, and traffic violations.  Report number: 160111959

11:50pm   500 Blk San Jose   Theft/Battery of a Police Officer
A woman inside her apartment noticed a man jumped over a fence and into her courtyard. The woman and suspect made eye contact prompting the suspect to turn around and jump back over the fence onto the sidewalk. The woman called police. The suspect, now on the street, found a vehicle with an open window. He reached in and took a wallet and phone from the center console awaking the driver who asleep in the truck. The thief then ran away with the driver of the truck in pursuit. He finally caught the thief at 27th and San Jose where he held him down until Ingleside Officers Carew and Stark arrived on scene. During the arrest the suspect violently resisted being placed in custody injuring Ingleside Officer Villalozano. The suspect was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where he was placed on a 72 hour mental health hold pending the filing of charges. Report number: 160123700

Serious Incidents:

01:30am   100 Blk Precita          Hot Prowl Burglary
A couple turned in for the night and woke up to find their front door open and valuables missing. The victim’s told Ingleside Officers Cuenca and Campos that a laptop and a purse containing cash, credit cards, and a driver’s license was stolen from the front room of their apartment. The thief tried to use the stolen credit cards at several nearby businesses and one online retailer. All purchase requests were denied. Report number: 160124849

4:10pm   1700 Blk Sunnydale    Aggravated Assault
Two young women left their Daly City apartment to pick up a friend at her home on Sunnydale Avenue. When the women arrived the friend walked out of her apartment just as a red van, with up to 10 young women inside, arrived and stopped in front of their car. The suspects in the van exited their vehicle and immediately began punching and kicking the woman who had just exited her apartment. She was stuck several times in the face and torso and sustained several stab wounds to her body. The suspects then got back in their van and escaped while the victim’s family called police and paramedics. The victim was taken to San Francisco General for treatment of her injuries. Ingleside Officers Tom and Alday were dispatched to the scene of the crime and later to the hospital to interview the victim who was listed in stable condition. She declined the Officers request to talk about the incident. The officers did find video of the attack on social media. The case has been turned over to the Station Investigative Team. Report number: 160122605

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:01am          100 Blk 29th Street                  Burglary
08:30am          3300 Blk Mission                    Theft from Vehicle
11:00am          200 Blk Oneida                       Battery
11:07am          Unit Blk Brookdale                 Recovered Vehicle
12:29pm          Holladay/York                        Warrant Arrest
04:00pm          50 Phelan Avenue                   Vandalism to Vehicle
04:24pm          400 Blk Ellington                    Restraining Order Violation
04:45pm          3300 Blk Mission                    Battery
06:03pm          Elk/Bosworth                          Battery
06:15pm          Cielito/Parque                         Hit and Run
07:00pm          100 Blk Richland                    Stolen Vehicle
07:44pm          Unit Blk Richland                   Theft form Vehicle
08:00pm          Unit Blk Edna                         Trespassing
10:00pm          200 Blk Raymond                   Theft

Burglaries with suspect description:

No Incidents to Report.