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Apr. 27, 2015

       Incident Date:
                            Monday, April 27th, 2015
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01:54pm     1200 Blk Girard                    D.U.I
After a morning of drinking, the suspect reportedly awoke from a day nap at a family friend’s home and decided to head out in his truck for more alcohol.  Family members familiar with the suspects drinking problem attempted to deter him verbally and physically from operating a vehicle but were unable to stop him.  Once the suspect was on the road, family members immediately followed in their own vehicle and called police.  Once police had located the suspect driving in his vehicle an initial attempt was made to stop and detain the suspect.  Officer Leong exited his vehicle and approached the suspect, ordering him to turn off his engine and step out of his vehicle.  Upon being confronted, the suspect refused to cooperate and sped off at a high rate of speed.  Officers on the scene immediately pursued the suspect until the suspect was eventually cornered, stopped and detained.  After being handcuffed and questioned, officers were quickly able to detect the strong smell of alcohol and observe that the suspect had slurred speech and blood shot eyes.  After failing three field sobriety tests, officers searched the suspect’s vehicle and found a ¾ full opened bottle of vodka in the console.   A records check was conducted and showed the suspect had two driving suspensions in addition to being on a Court Probation for another D.U.I out of San Mateo County.  The suspect was arrested and brought to Ingleside Station for booking.  Report Number 150366067

Serious Incidents:

12:15am     Prospect/Cortland                  Robbery
As the victim was walking along Cortland approaching Prospect he looked up to see a suspect standing on the corner wearing a black mask covering half of his face and all black clothing holding what appeared to be a semi-automatic pistol.  Fearing he was about to be robbed, the victim turned and fled at which point the suspect chased him down aiming the gun at the victim’s head.  In an attempt to throw of the suspects ensuing attack the victim turned and rushed the suspect knocking both of them to the ground.  The suspect then proceeded to punch the victim and took his back pack.  During the scuffle, the victim had an opportunity to feel and identify that the weapon was only an air pistol and not a real gun.  Once the victim freed himself from the suspect he ran in the opposite direction and began shouting “Man with a gun! Man with a gun!” As the suspect fled, the victim then decided to chase and pursue his attacker only to see him enter the passenger side door of an awaiting car which immediately fled the scene.  Officer Noble and McMilton responded to the call and met the victim at the hospital where he reported pain to his neck and back of head. Officers checked the area for evidence or video surveillance   to no avail.   Report Number 150367770

11:35am     Unit Blk Phelan                       Battery of Police Officer
After having been previously notified earlier in the week that she was not permitted on the City College school campus due to a former admonishment, “Mama Bear” as she is known, returned to campus and was identified partaking in drug activities outside one of the college buildings.    As Officer Lopez and Officer Lopez responded to the call and confronted the young women violating campus rules, the one known as “Mama Bear” refused to leave and yelled at officers that she wasn’t going anywhere causing a scene.  As repeated demands were made to leave campus, officers noticed an additional male suspect nearby who was also not permitted on campus.  Officers approached the male suspect and asked for his reasons for being on campus.  With no valid reasoning, he was instructed to leave.  The suspect refused saying that the officers had no rights to tell him what to do.  After three attempts to verbally command the suspect to leave and warning of an arrest for trespassing, the suspect blatantly refused to cooperate and reportedly mocked the officers.  As the officer went to handcuff the suspect, the suspect resisted arrest, pushing the officer against a concrete wall.  With additional support, the suspect was detained and taken to County Jail for booking. Report Number 150365611

11:30pm     Unit Blk Pueblo                       Robbery
Officers reported to a robbery call off of Pueblo Street where the victim had been attacked from behind, choked and beaten unconscious.  As the victim walked home from exiting the bus, the first of three suspects came up from behind and threw his arm around the victim’s neck choking him and forcing him to the ground.  As he went down, two other suspects came from across the street and punched him in the face causing a bloody nose and cut upper lip.  Once down, the victim felt the suspects going through his pants pockets and a final blow to his head causing him to lose consciousness.  When he awoke he noticed his wristwatch and shoulder bag were missing.  Witnesses came to the victim’s aid after he regained consciousness.  Officers DeFillippo and Kikuchi responded to the call where upon they interviewed the victim and witnesses.  The victim was transported to UCSF Hospital where his injuries were deemed non-life threatening. Video footage from the MUNI coach is being located in an effort to identify potential suspects exiting the bus after the victim. Report Number 150367394

11:40pm     3300 Blk Mission                      Assault
After having drinks, two men appeared to have engaged in a fight, leaving one with a broken nose after having a bicycle thrown on his face.  Upon arriving on the scene, Officer Mc Milton and Noble interviewed the suspect and witnesses who explained that the two men had engaged in an argument on the sidewalk.  The victim was pushed to the ground hitting his head on the pavement at which point the suspect proceeded to lift his bicycle over the victim’s head and throw it down on his face, breaking his nose.  The suspect then kicked and stomped the victim in the face then hopped on his bike and fled the scene.  Medics transported the victim the SFGH where officers continued their investigation.  The suspect was not found although the victim claimed he would be able to identify him again if he saw him.  Report Number 150367689

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:27am           Mission/France                         Warrant Arrest
02:15am           Unit Blk Miguel                        Burglary
03:40am           300 Blk London                        Stolen Vehicle
10:25am           1400 Blk Noe                           Recovered Vehicle
11:44am           Silver/Cambridge                     Warrant Arrest
12:50pm           100 Blk Brookdale                   Warrant Arrest
01:20pm           100 Blk Ney                             Recovered Vehicle
01:59pm           Diamond/Bosworth                  Traffic Collision
03:00pm           500 Blk Duncan                        Theft from Building
06:25pm           100 Blk Brompton                    Recovered License Plate

Burglaries with suspect description:

No Incidents to Report.